Nutcracker Road Race

Arendtsville, PA

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Nutcracker Road Race
Presented by
Yellow Breeches Racing and South Mountain Velo Club
Arendtsville, PA
Sunday, September 12, 2004

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

CAT 1-2-3
Position  LAST NAME        FIRST NAME     TEAM                                            STATE
1         Erdelyi          Jonathan       Ofoto                                           NJ
2         Voight           Michael        Cycling Center                                  Va
3         Sandberg         Colin          ESSM/GPOA Cycling Team                          PA
4         Reidenbach       Fred           Artemis                                         MD
5         Hacker           Rob            Team Land Rover                                 PA
6         Miller           Mike           K2 Shirk's Bike Shop                            PA
7         Benitez          Ramon          Artemis                                         MD
8         Nelson           Thomas         Bike Doctor                                     MD
9         Whitaker         Michael        Green Mountain                                  PA
10        Deibert          Nathan         G.D. Campos Lorca                               PA
11        Eliston          Bill           Ideal Tile                                      PA
12        Uhler            Darryl         Unattached                                      PA
13        Charles          Aidan          ACT                                             CT
14        Lindsay          Ben            Ideal Tile                                      PA
15        Dodson           Craig          FUJI                                            MD
16        Yost             Tim            World Cup Cycling of Mechanicsburg              PA
17        Williams         Casey          Yellow Breeches Racing                          PA
18        Westover         Kevin          ESSM/GPOA                                       PA
19        May              Steve          World Cup Cycling of Mechanicsburg              PA
20        Graff            Ryan           Cadence                                         PA
21        Blake            Russ           World Cup Cycling of Mechanicsburg              PA
22        Kong             Yong           Guy's BIcycle Club                              NJ
23        Bednash          Steve          VBV                                             VA

CAT 4-5
Position  LAST NAME        FIRST NAME     TEAM                                            STATE
1         Blackman         Steven         Peddler                                         NJ
2         Gerrits          Adrian         Penn Cycling                                    PA
3         Milinkovic       George         Unattached                                      VA
4         Moyer            Eric           Cadence                                         PA
5         Kopanski         Kevin          Unattached                                      PA
6         Gantz            Jonathan       Gung Ho Bikes                                   PA
7         Pharr            Thorr          Susquehanna Bicycle/Dutch Wheelman              PA
8         Boardman         ED             Yellow Breeches Racing                          PA
9         Krause           Eric           All American Bicycle Club                       MD
10        Swanger          Stephen        Quaker City Wheelman                            PA
11        Opria            George         Unattached                                      VA
12        Saidel           Eric           Unattached                                      MD
13        Freese           Jesse          Unattached                                      DC
14        May              Johnny         LSV/Kelly                                       MD
15        Furia            John           Big Ring Velo                                   PA
16        Burchett         John           Unattached                                      MD
17        Touchinsky       Bob            Susquehanna Bicycle/Dutch Wheelman              PA
18        Best             James          Unattached                                      PA
19        Berger           Brian          Brooklyn Velo Force                             NY
20        Schofer          Stephen        LWA                                             PA
21        Stutts           Matt           NCVC/Edge Technologies                          DC
22        Gutzeit          Andreas        Unattached                                      DC
23        Kemper           Derick         First Capitol Velo                              PA
24        Hines            Philip         Unattached                                      PA
25        Gery             Yoav           Unattached                                      MD
26        Hartpence        John           Yellow Breeches Racing                          PA
27        Stoner           Brian          White Rose                                      PA
28        Lowe             David          Ardmore Bikeline                                PA
29        Linder-Hess      Ryan           Unattached                                      PA
30        Reeder           Keith          Bike Doctor                                     MD
31        Sauder           Luke           First Capitol Velo                              PA
32        Van Wagner       Greg           Unattached                                      PA
33        Lev              Corey          Bikery/Shebell Shebell                          NJ
34        Thompson         Scott          Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                           VA
35        Kator            Zachary        JRVS/MWC                                        VA
36        Fick             James          Unattached                                      PA
37        Handy            Marcus         MLC-Bikyle                                      Unknown
38        Ciurlino         Rich           Quaker City Wheelman                            PA
39        Blocher          Jeremy         Unattached                                      PA
40        Rosenzweig       Tony           Unattached                                      PA
41        Chilton          Brian          NCVC/Edge Technologies                          VA
42        Baumbach         Stephen        Unattached                                      PA
43        Hoddinott        Gary           Old Man Racing Club                             PA
44        White            Jeffrey        Route 1 Velo                                    MD
45        Carmichael       Callum         Team BBC                                        MD
46        Shanaman         Jason          Unattached                                      PA
47        Schneider        Carl           LSV/Kelly                                       MD
48        Hise             Craig          Yellow Breeches Racing                          PA
49        Harris           Ted            Baysdale INc/Bike Doctor                        MD
50        Walsh            Tim            UMW                                             VA
51        Rennels          Kelly          Yellow Breeches Racing                          PA
52        Dever            John           Unattached                                      PA
53        Rinehart         Eric           Unattached                                      PA
54        Love             Daniel         MWC Cycling                                     VA
55        Croneberger      Mark           Unattached                                      PA
56        Kelly            Gary           South Mountain Velo Club                        PA
57        Bowman           John           Bean's Bicycles                                 PA
58        Yanavitch        Mike           Unattached                                      PA
59        Stoner           Brian          Unattached                                      PA
60        Maisto           John           Bicycle Place Velo Club                         MD
61        Yanavitch        Nick           Unattached                                      PA
62        Appel            Bryan          Unattached                                      PA

Position  LAST NAME        FIRST NAME     TEAM                                            STATE
1         Care             William        ERA Cycling                                     PA
2         Haverstick       Scott          ERA Cycling                                     PA
3         Rumsey           Barry          Lateral Stress Velo/Kelly                       MD
4         Free             Barry          ERA Cycling                                     PA
5         Bain             Thomas         Matrix Cycle Club                               TX
6         Mitchell         Daniel         Skylands Cycling                                PA
7         Cox              John           King Pawn/Chesapeake Wheelman                   MD
8         Hill             Michael        King Pawn/Chesapeake Wheelman                   MD
9         Gussman          Neil           MainLine Cycling                                PA
10        Sleeman          Peter          LWA/Bikeline                                    PA
11        Hartnett         James          South Mountain Velo Club                        PA
12        Lorenz           Martin         Guy's Racing                                    PA
13        Mudambi          Shreeram       LWA/Bikeline                                    PA
14        Sheck            Ken            Winchester Wheelman                             VA
15        Apfelbaum        Bruce          Mainline Cycling                                PA
16        Tuttle           Kevin          Mainline/Bikyle                                 PA
17        McHugh           Arthur         Morgan Stanley                                  PA
18        Mathews          Mark           Unattached                                      PA
19        Senechal         Philip         Guy's Racing                                    PA

Position  LAST NAME        FIRST NAME     TEAM                                            STATE
1         Gilliam          Alex           Unattached                                      VA
2         Spittal          John           GS Lancaster                                    PA
3         Kembery          William        Multisport Massage                              MD
4         McGill           John           NCVC Edge                                       MD
5         Thome            Jim            Unattached                                      PA
6         Russell          Raymond        Sette Nove                                      PA
7         Zban             Michael        GS Lancaster                                    PA
8         Routledge        Bryan          Sette Nove                                      PA
9         Singletary       Pat            Allen Street Athletic Club                      PA
10        Schreier         Garett         GS Lancaster                                    PA
11        Nelmes           John           Bicycle Place Velo Club                         VA

Position  LAST NAME        FIRST NAME     TEAM                                            STATE
1         Kolodziejski     Kevin          Tri-State Velo                                  PA
2         Snyder           Glenn          SciFit Dirty Harry                              PA
3         Ober             Brad           GS Lancaster                                    PA
4         Southern         Curtis         NCVC Edge                                       MD
5         Clinton          Dwayne         GS Lancaster                                    PA
6         Malone           Michael        VCB/Legg Mason Race Pace                        MD
7         Lightburn        Curtis         Artemis                                         MD
8         Hachadoorian     Robert         Main Line Cycling                               PA
9         Cramer           Keith          Quaker City Wheelman                            PA
10        Saylor           Bryan          Tri-State Velo                                  PA
11        Lapp             Douglas        GS Lancaster                                    PA
12        Greene           Kevin          Quaker City Wheelman                            PA
13        Barber           David          Unattached                                      MD
14        Harriott         George         LWA Bikeline                                    PA

Women's Open
Position  LAST NAME        FIRST NAME     TEAM                                            STATE
1         Saraceni         Chrissy        Verducci Racing                                 PA
2         Sosnowski        Diana          East Coast Velo                                 PA
3         Hacker           Caroline       Evolution Racing                                PA
4         Grabowski        Barbara        Big Bank Bikes/ACA                              PA
5         Hanchin          Dana           Sturdy Girl Cycling                             PA
6         Neal             Laura          Yellow Breeches Racing                          PA
7         Klinger          Julie          Tri-State Velo Amoroso/Victory Brewing          PA
8         Royce            Roxanne        Unattached                                      VA
9         Spada            Becky          Team BBC                                        MD
10        Latzgo           Nichola        Vortex                                          PA
11        Castor           Diane          Tri-State Velo Amoroso                          PA