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Northampton Youth Cycling Series #3

Northampton, MA

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Northampton Youth Cycling Series #3
Look Park
Northampton, MA
August 17, 2004

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

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5-6 yr olds                      13 Starters / 3 Heats

Heat 1
1st       Gabrielle Petlock         Easthampton
2nd       Bailey Gordon             Springfield
2nd       Ryan Wall                 Florence
3rd       Henry Domnarski           Ware
4th       Colin Rudolph             East Windsor, CT
5th       Cobie Masso               Northampton

Heat 2
1st       William Bass              Redding, CT
2nd       Nick Dapointe             E. Longmeadow
3rd       Ruben Swenson             Leeds
3rd       Bryce Wall                Florence
4th       Zev Bromberg Seltzer      Northampton

Heat 3
1st       Shyamli Matchett          Northampton
2nd       Kapil Matchett            Northampton

7-8 yr olds                      11 Starters / 2 Heats

Heat 1
1st       SamGordon                 Springfield
2nd       Ben Davis                 Northampton
3rd       Davis Rioux               Easthampton
4th       Maddie Cirino             Springfield
5th       Josiah McBarry            Greenfield
6th       Theo Merrill              Amherst

Heat 2
1st       Samuel Walker             Northampton
1st       Anna Moore                Northampton
2nd       Emily Stamm               Florence
3rd       Lindy Crowley             Pelham
4th       Lior David                Northampton

9-10 yr olds                     12 starters / 2 heats

Heat 1
1st       Keenan Ryan               Leeds
2nd       Patrick Crowther          Northampton
3rd       Cooper Wall               Florence
4th       Duncan Crowley            Pelham
5th       Devon Martin              Feeding Hills
6th       Laura Hegsteffer          Red Hook, NY

Heat 2
1st       Willie Swyers             Florence
2nd       Wilona Ryan               Leeds
3rd       Austin Rioux              Easthampton
4th       Max Swenson               Leeds
5th       Jamie Yor�                Leeds
6th       Forest McBarry            Greenfield

11-12 yr olds                    2 starters

1st       Zack Meyer                Greenfield
2nd       Maggie Yor�               Leeds