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2nd annual Tour de Drumore

Lancaster County, PA

Sunday, May 23, 2004

2nd annual Tour de Drumore
Presented by
Red Rose
Drumore, Lancaster County, PA
Sunday, May 23, 2004

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Cat. 1,2,3
1         Awaro          Tardaguild      NY      America'scycling Team
2         Robert         Hacker          PA      Team Land Rover
3         Ward           Solar           Md      America'scycling Team
4         Christopher    Beck            Md      LSv/Kelly
5         Michael        Miller          PA      K2/Atlantic Racing
6         Josh           Beck            PA      world cup mechanicsburg
7         Greg           Marini          MD      Bike Doctor
8         Gerardo        Castro          NY      America'scycling Team
9         Darryl         Uhler           PA      Worldcup Ski & Sport
10        David          Black           PA      Red Rose Imports/ Lancaster Brewing
11        Mateo          Sasso           NY      America'scycling Team
12        kris           Amer            Md      LSV/Kelly
13        Tim            Yost            PA      World Cup Cycling of Mechanicsburg
14        Brian          trdina          Pa      Green Mountain
15        James          Wagner          MD      No Club
16        Mark           Warno           VA      Evolution Cycling
17        Chris          Hardee          DC      LSV/Kelly
18        John           Knotts          CA      Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club
19        Peter          Stewart         MD      LSV/Kelly
20        Paul           Taner           Md      LSV/Kelly
21        mike           hebe            PA      K2/Atlantic Racing
22        Steve          Speaks          pa      team landrover
23        Keith          Wilson          PA      GS Lancaster

Cat. 3,4 Men
1         Michael        Whitaker        PA      Green Mountain
2         Peter          Hufnagel        VA      Bike Stop/Mountain's Edge
3         Jon            Orcutt          NY      Kissena
4         Ryan           Sohmer          PA      Faulkner Honda Racing
5         Jeff           Dolan           PA      Team Land Rover
6         Joseph         Piccillo        PA      Evolution Racing
7         Gregory        Vadas           DC      DC VELO
8         John           Spittal         PA      GS Lancaster
9         Justin         Waynick         PA      Green Mt.
10        dan            bonora          PA      World Cup Ski & Cycle
11        Ben            Landers         MD      Rockville Harley-Davidson / Bicycle Pro Shop
12        Dan            Fry             PA      Red Rose Imports/ Lancaster Brewing
13        John           Cameron         PA      Faulkner Honda Racing
14        Christopher    Johnson         PA      Nittany Velo Club
15        Mark           DonTigny        PA      Nittany Velo Club
16        glenn          turner          PA      Main Line Cycling
17        Adam           Fung            MD      University of Maryland MCCT
18        Nick           Pakulla         MD      Maryland Collegiate Cycling Team
19        Chris          Sawyer          NY      Kissena
20        Scott          Sanderson       PA      Faulkner Honda Racing
21        Steven         Kale            PA      World Cup Cycling Team of Mechanicsburg
22        Brian          Fouche          MD      AVC-Clif Bar-Blue Ridge Schwinn

Cat. 4,5 Men
1         Joern          Diedrichsen     MD      LSV/Kelly
2         Emils          Schnore         PA
3         Alvaro         Arnal           PA      Team Ardmore Bike Line
4         Thorr          Pharr           PA      Susquehanna Bicycle Racing Team/Dutch Wheelmen
5         Tim            Scesney         VA
6         Peter          Buck            PA      Mt. Nittany Wheelworks
7         Patrick        Walter          PA
8         Todd           Hesel           MD      BBC racing
9         John           Burchett        MD      N/A
10        chad           totaro          PA      Breakaway Endurance Sports Club
11        Kenny          King            PA      Team Bicycle Therapy
12        Ryan           Guttridge       MD      LSV/Kelly
13        john           furia           PA      Big Ring Velo
14        Stefan         Miltchev        PA      Quaker City Wheelmen
15        Scott          Nye             PA
16        Ian            Sandberg        PA      Team Cadence
17        Tomas          Quijano         DC      Squadra Coppi / IM Saab
18        Eric           Moyer           PA
19        Gerald         Hinnershitz     PA      Dynaflo/Technocycle BRC
20        Ronald         Ziemian         PA
21        Jeffrey        Kralik          PA      Quaker City Wheelmen/Bike Addicts
22        ryan           elliott         VA      Monticello Velo Club
23        Judd           Milne           VA      Squadra Coppi/IM Saab
24        Joel           Speakman        DE      First State Velo Sport
25        Thomas         Moen            MD      Team BBC - Baltimore Bicycling Club
26        Ed             Krall           PA      Red Rose Imports/ Lancaster Brewing
27        Timothy        Norejko         PA      Green Mountain Cyclery
28        Mike           Connair         MD      First State Velo Sport
29        Jason          Schiltz         PA      Shirks

Cat 5
place     FIRST NAME     LAST NAME       STATE   TEAM
1         Ben            King            PA
2         ryan           callahan        PA
3         Ryan           Linder-Hess     PA
4         Scott          Schlegel        PA      World Cup
5         Daniel         Kane            PA
6         George         Opria           VA
7         Jim            Godshell        PA      MRI Power
8         Joseph         Devine          PA
9         Bob            Touchinsky      PA
10        roger          martin          AZ      knights of menno
11        Alex           Howarth         PA      Malvern Woods
12        Eric           Governo         VA
13        james          fick            PA
14        Karl           Krause          PA      First State Velo Sport
15        jerre          hockenbrocht    PA
17        charlie        payne           PA
18        Rich           Weaver          PA      Tri-State Velo
19        Ben            Smith                   World Cup
20        Daniel         Bikel           PA      Penn Cycling Team

place     FIRST NAME     LAST NAME       STATE   TEAM
1         Kevin          Kolodziejski    PA      Tri-State Velo
2         neal           stansbury       PA      Tri-state velo
3         Desmond        Slattery        Pa      QCW
4         Brad           Ober            PA      GS Lancaster
5         Peter          Phillips        PA      ERA Cycling
6         Bob            McClennan       PA      Tri State Velo/Amorosos
7         david          howes           PA      first capital velo
8         Kevin          Saint Clair     PA      QCW/Bike Addicts
9         Michael        Malone          MD      VCB/Legg Mason RacePace
10        jere           ballard         PA      south mt velo club
11        Paul           Drees           Pa      MSME
12        Mark           Farrell         PA      UpState/Sicklers
13        Jim            Pomeroy         PA      First Capital Velo
14        David          Nesbitt         MD      DC Velo
15        Bruce          donaghy         Pa      MSME
16        Kevin          Greene          Pa      QCW
17        Douglas        Long            PA      ERA Cycling
18        Charles        Olmsted         Pa      triState
19        Chrissy        Saraceni        Pa      Verducci
20        Carl           June            PA      Guy's Bicycle Club

1         Scott          Haverstick      PA      Red Rose Races
2         barry          rumsey          MD      lateral stress velo/kelly
3         Barry          Free            PA      ERA Cycling
4         chip           Berezny         PA      Bike Line/LWA
5         William        Care            PA      ERA Cycling
6         Dana           Ormerod         PA      ERA Cycling
7         Andrew         Buck            PA      unnattached
8         Pete           Sleeman         PA      Lehigh Wheelmen
9         Jerry          Weimer          PA      Guy's
10        art            mchugh          PA      morgan stanley/market edge cycling team
11        Bob            Kehl            PA      Guy's Racing
12        Franklin       Waters          MD      NCVC-EDGE
13        Scott          Olson           MD      Team BBC (Baltimore Bicycle Club)
14        Mark           Matthews        PA      QCW
15        Philip         Senechal        PA      Guy's Racing