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Dick Adamucci Memorial Road Race

Elwood, NJ

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Dick Adamucci Memorial Road Race
Presented by
Pro Pedals-Team Express
Elwood, NJ
Sunday May 23, 2004

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Men 123 -60 miles

1-Roosevelt Martes-Mengoni
2-Randy Smargiassi-Gotham
3-Greg Hodge-Bikyle
4-Eric Wallenburg-Pro Pedals-Team express
5-Ray Alba-Hells Kitchen Cycling
6-Mike Beers-Gotham
7-Yong Kong-Guys
8-Keith Gerber-Bikyle
10-Chris Samuel-Pro Pedals -Team Express

Men 3-4     45 MILES

1-DeWayne Fox----Pro Pedals-Team Express
2-Todd Stodolski-3d
3-Rich Uliana-Gotham
4-Ken Smith-Pro Pedals team Express
5-John Bracchi-3d
6-Gerald Johnson-Guys
7-Jeff Moore-Tri State Velo
8-Gary Keblish-CRCA Conrads
10-Mike Bemt-3d
11-Jed Kornbluh-Bike Therapy

Men 35 plus 45 miles

1-Christian Hunold-qcw
2-Rich Leibfried-K2 Atlantic
3-Christian Sell -qcw
4-John Paproski-K2 Atlantic
5-Tony Siettlie-CRCA
6-Daniel Hoover-qcw
7-Jerry YU-Pro Pedals team Express
8-Joe Wentzel-Breakaway
9-Tim Boasietti
10-Darco Lalevic-qcw

45 plus   45 miles

1-Bob Janssen -Pro Pedals Team Express
2-Peter Breuninger-Mainline
3-Scott Hodder-3d
4-Thadeus Lewaldowski-TSV
5-Joseph Canin-Liberty Cycle
6-John Paproski-K2 Atlantic
7-Mike Cornell-Summit
9-Steve Levine-Cranford
10-Joe Santilly

55 plus    30 miles
1-Rob Lea-Fuji
2-John Cox-Chesapeake Wheelman
3-Mike Slusenski-Pro Pedals Team Express
4-Leon Pizzini-Era
5-Wiiliam Vogler-FSVS
6-Rich Bradley-Atlantic
7-Robert Carlin-Atlantic
8-Charles Elkins-Summit
9-David Dellquist-Mainline

Women     30  miles

1-Giana Robergie-Speed Queen
2-Nannie Howard-Bicycle Jones
3-Tracy Lea-Fuji
4-Karen Crowley
5-Patrich Marzi-Salamander
6-Sherry String
7-Tammy Ebersole-Evolution
8-Nancy Shapiro-Mainline
9-Nancy Hizller-Breakaway
10-Diana Panchyla-Liberty Cycle

men cat 5    30 miles

1-Steve Blackman
2-John Owens
3-Jason Newcomb
4-Chris Yanovich
5-Mike Hempstead
6-Scott Chew-Pro Pedals Team Express
7-Paul Wagner
9-Steve Bowen
10-Ed Peterson-Pro Pedals team express