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How to Create an Account

The first time you register for an event, you are prompted to register with an account or to continue as a guest. If you choose to continue as a guest, your personal information (name, birthdate, etc) will not be saved. (Please note that athleteReg never stores credit card information; you will be prompted for your credit card info each time you register for an event.)

If you choose to register with an account, you will be prompted to either enter your username and password, or to create an account. Creating an account allows you to quickly register for future events, since your personal information such as your birthdate, gender, contact information, club or team name, license numbers and emergency contact information will be saved; all you’ll need to do to register next time is login and enter your payment information.

If you need to update your personal information in the future (for example, change your emergency contact person or team name) click  "edit profile" at the top of your account page.