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How to create a hybrid event

If you are planning on having both an in-person and virtual component to your event, follow the steps below to set up a hybrid event.

1. Once you are signed into your account, click on the “Create New Event” button.

2. You will now be brought to the event setup page where you can enter the basic event details. It is important to choose “Virtual Challenge” as either your event type or secondary event type. This will ensure that you get to enter the virtual event information.

3. Once you have selected “Virtual Challenge” a Virtual Event section will populate on the page. Here you can set up the foundation for the virtual component.

4. To have in-person categories, you will also need to select the checkbox labeled In-Person Categories:

5. Once you have entered the basic details for your event, you will be able to create the registration options, or categories, for the event. The event setup process will automatically take you the category setup page, however, if you want to learn more about in-person and virtual category setup, you can follow the links below for further steps:

6. To set up the in-person category, you follow the same steps outlined on our category setup page here, but you will need to check off the box that indicates this is for an in-person category.

7. To set up the virtual category, you can skip the above step and just enter the details you would like. 


*To learn more about virtual challenges, you can visit our virtual event landing page here.