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How to Print USAC Release Forms

USA Cycling (USAC) requires a “wet” signature on each event release forms. You can collect and print prefilled release forms for participants to sign on the day of the event.

1. Go to Print Release Forms under the “Registration Data” menu.

2. Carefully read the information about font size and scaling and then check the box and click “I Agree”

3. Once you are into the Download Release Forms section, you will need to:

     a. Select the category and date range you would like to generate release forms for

     b. Then select the parameters you wish to sort by

     c. Next, choose your release form template from the following options

     d. Some release forms give you the option of selecting additional border labels such as bib number, last name, first name, category entered, USAC License, Racing Age, and Emergency Contact:

* Consider sorting your release forms by category and then by last name. Print release forms on 3 hole-punched paper and keep them in a binder or binder by category. This method will help participants find their release forms quickly and keep your event check-in process as organized as possible!

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