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Creating Event Passwords and Bypass Codes

Passwords and Bypass Codes restrict access to your event. 


Use the “Password” feature in "Advanced" if you want to restrict access to your event and allow only people who have the password to be able to register.

- Once the event director creates a password, he or she must share the password with prospective participants for them to be able to register. Note that passwords are case sensitive, and do not have an expiration date.

- Use a password to allow early registration for prior year participants, or for club members. Once the early registration date has passed, manually return to the Password section, delete the password, and save your changes. Then anyone can register for your event. 

Bypass Code

If you wish to allow a limited number of such entries, create a "Bypass Code." Bypass codes have a limited number of uses and an expiration date.

- First, password protect your event, then use the bypass code link on the Password page, or click "Bypass Code" under “Advanced

- Event directors can create their own codes, or use randomly generated codes for more security. This feature is useful for events with entry standards such as service or prior results, and also for allowing late registrations to specific participants. 

Passwords and bypass codes are different from coupon codes, in that there is no fee amount tied to bypass codes and passwords. To provide discounts to participants, use Coupon features.