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Category Restrictions

Use Restrictions to keep people who are ineligible for a category from accidentally entering it. An example of this would be a male who falls into the 40-49 age group attempting to register for the 30-39 age group. Restrictions will trigger a warning when participants select a category and don't match the criteria. You can choose to receive an email if someone ignores the warning and registers anyway.

To enable restrictions:

1. Login to your event director area, and click the name of the event you wish to edit.

2. On the left hand menu click Event Setup > then click Category Setup.

3. From here add a category or click "Edit" next to an existing category.

4. Scroll down until you see 'Additional Details'

5. From here you can toggle restrictions 'on' and click the + button to add restriction details. 

6. Manually select to enable restrictions, and enable email updates when a participant does not meet the criteria. 

7. Click "Save", and repeat for other categories.