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Online Registration Deadline: Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 11:59 PM ET

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TSE 5-Day Version
Category Prizes Fee
Open Men $925 Cash $925
Men 40-49 $925 Awards $925
Men 50-59 $925 Awards $925
Men 60+ $925 Awards $925
Open Women $925 Cash $925
Women 40-49 $925 Awards $925
Women 50+ $925 Awards $925
Single Speed Open $925 Awards $925
Clydesdale Open $925 Awards $925
  • 200+ in skivvies (or your cycling kit would suffice) Don't let your weight get too low during race week either! (Drink up!)
Duo Men $1,850 Awards $1,850
  • Team of two, both being male participants
Duo Women $1,850 Awards $1,850
  • Team of two, both being female participants
Duo Co-Ed $1,850 Awards $1,850
  • Team of two, one male and one female participant
Experience $800 No prizes in experience option $800
  • For more information on experience options, go to the notes section of the registration page or send us a message. This option does not race for a podium spot.
TSE 3-Day Version
Category Prizes Fee
Open Men (3-Day) $555 Awards $555
Men 45+ (3-Day) $555 Awards $555
Open Women (3-Day) $555 Awards $555
Women 45+ (3-Day) $555 Awards $555
Open Duo (3-Day) $1,110 Awards $1,110
  • Team of two in any combination (M/M, F/F, M/F). If we have more than 3 teams in M/M, F/F or M/F we will split this into multiple categories.
Experience $555 Awards $555
  • No awards for this category, just enjoy the ride each day.
Deposit Payoff - This is not a category to register in the race. This is for those who have already registered and need to pay their remaining balance from the deposit program.
Category Prizes Fee
Solo Payoff $400 $400
  • This is for those solo racers that got into the deposit program
Duo Payoff $800 $800
  • This is for those duo racers that got into the deposit program

Purchase Event Items

Add event items for purchase to your registration. You can also purchase items without registering.


Gift Certificate

Purchase a gift certificate for a x-mas gift, birthday gift or just because. This [+more]


Meal Plan For Friends/Family

Breakfast and Dinner is included with your registration during each stage. If you [+more]


Lodging Upgrade - Kriner Lodge

The Kriner Lodge is the newest cabin on the property with ten private rooms. Book [+more]


Lodging Upgrade - Kurtz Cabin

The Kurtz Cabin is the second newest cabin on the property. There are four rooms [+more]


Lodging Upgrade - Health Lodge - $450

The Health Lodge is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the dining hall. With [+more]


Lodging Upgrade - RV Field

First off, you need to know that this IS NOT an RV campground. This is a field with [+more]


Lodging Upgrade - Eagle Lodge

The Eagle Lodge has two floors (Upper and Lower). The Upper Floor is reserved for [+more]


Lodging Upgrade - Leopold Cabin - $150

The Leopold Cabin is a pretty basic cabin. It was renovated in 2021 and brought [+more]


Lodging Upgrade - Rimmey Lodge

The Rimmey Lodge has a private room with two beds, open room with 15 beds, kitchen [+more]


TSE MTB Hat from BOCO Gear - $29

We have partnered with BOCO Gear to bring you an amazing hat design. We are very [+more]


TSE Photo Frame - $5

Here is a TSE custom designed frame to hold your favorite 6x4 picture from the race.


2-1 Coaster/Bottle Opener

You ever wish your coaster could open your bottle, well now it can. Choose one of [+more]


Donations to the Local MTB Clubs

Nittany Mountain Bike Association and Bald Eagle Mountain Bike Association do a lot [+more]


Location & Contact

Location address:
227 Sand Mountain Rd, Spring Mills, PA  16875
Event Phone Number:
(843) 421-4177
Event Website
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