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Online Registration Deadline: Wednesday, Jul 10, 2024 at 5:00 PM PT

Total Event Registration Limit: 20

Select Your Category

Category Start Time Field Limit Fee
Intermediate $599 Jul 11-12
10:00 AM
20 $599
  • A rider that has a strong understanding of basic skills and can navigate terrain such as roots, rocks, sand and other small obstacles. Confident in steep climbs and descents.
Beginner $599 Jul 12
10:00 AM
20 $599
  • New to mountain biking, has not raced. Can ride bike on basic gravel roads, but still learning shifting, climbing/descending, cornering, and not confident navigating different types of terrain.
Advanced $599 Jul 12
10:00 AM
20 $599
  • A rider who is confident at high speeds at technical terrain. Cornering skills are excellent. Ability to ride high on apex of berms. Skilled at shifting weight-navigate technical climbs. Bunny hops.

Location & Contact

Location address:
SW West Shore Dr (boat ramp C), Gaston, OR  97119
Event Phone Number:
(503) 867-7274
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