HPC Fall 2018 CompuTrainer Workout Session 1

Leesburg, VA, Tue Oct 2 - Sat Dec 15, 2018

Presented by Hefler Performance Coaching
  • Online Registration Deadline: Friday, Oct 5, 2018 at 5:00 PM ET

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Category Fee
CT Class: Tuesdays (9:30 AM)
CT Class: Tuesdays (9:30 AM) $300
Keeping the cadence with Mike Murray! Performance Class
CT Class: Tuesdays (6:30 PM)
CT Class: Tuesdays (6:30 PM) $300
Rock N Roll Tuesday with Open Structure Workouts, Likely include several time trials
CT Class: Thursdays (9:30AM)
CT Class: Thursdays (9:30AM) $300
This is the combo Performance class to Tuesday
CT Class: Thursdays (6:30 PM)
CT Class: Thursdays (6:30 PM) $300
Come train with the Juniors!
CT Class: Saturdays (9:00 AM)
CT Class: Saturdays (9:00 AM) $300
Part 2 of the Performance Session (matching class is Wednesday)

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