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Watford City, ND, Sat Aug 1, 2015

Presented by Legendary Adventures New Discoveries
  • Online Registration Deadline: Thursday, Jul 30, 2015 at 11:45 PM CT

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Category Distance Start Fee Prizes Field Limit
100 MILES - SOLO 100 miles 7:00 AM $175 Cash 250
Experience the unique challenge of racing the entirety of North Dakota’s awe inspring Maah Daah Hey singletrack trail. This event will push competitive riders to their limits while giving every participant an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. The Badlands provide a truly stunning backdrop for one of North America’s most challenging and rewarding stretches of singetrack.
closed 75 MILES - SOLO 75 miles 8:00 AM $155 Cash 50
Still as serious undertaking, the Maah Daah Hey 75 is the option most “above average” endurance racers should choose if they have never ridden in the Badlands before. It is still a serious undertaking, but definitely more doable for the mere mortals who, for whatever reason, do not commit to the intensive training regiments and disciplined diets of the pros (trust us – it feels better to finish 75 and wish you had done 100 than vice versa).
closed 50 MILES - SOLO 50 miles 9:00 AM $135 Cash 68
Best option for the “average” to “above average” racer that still might want to be able to take the kids on a hike in Theodore Roosevelt National Park the day after the race. Just about any serious mountain biker can ride 50 miles if they really put their mind to it. With no river crossing, this is an awesome option to choose to challenge your skills and push your limits to the max.
closed 25 MILES - SOLO 25 miles 10:00 AM $135 Cash 57
This is our most enjoyable race option for the “average” racer! Do you have a few big mountain bike rides under your belt and are ready to take it to the next level? This is the perfect entry level Maah Daah Hey race to take your confidence and your bragging rights up a notch! This is the easiest and least technical portion of the whole trail, but it is still the rugged Badlands and NOT for beginners or first time racers!

Event Items

Yes, I would like to purchase a MDH100 2015 T-shirt! (shirts are not included in registration) 50% cotton/50% poly T-shirt with the MDH100 Logo!
Options Quantity Price Each
closed SMALL x $20.00
closed MEDIUM x $20.00
closed LARGE x $20.00
closed XLARGE x $20.00
closed 2XLARGE x $20.00
SHOWER IN MEDORA YES, I would like to shower when I arrive in Medora!
Options Quantity Price Each
closed ONE SHOWER x $3.00
Do you need Additional Tickets to the Saturday night Post - Race Meal?Racer's dinner is included in registration fee.
Options Quantity Price Each
closed Extra Ticket x $10.00
Yes, I would like to donate to the MDH100! Donations make this event possible!
Options Amount
closed Donation
closed Donation
Yes, I will need a shuttle on race day! Shuttles are FULL except for one shuttle going back to CCC at the end of the race!
Options Quantity Price Each
Yes, I would like a #SAVETHEMDH T-Shirt All proceeds go to help with trailwork on the Maah Daah Hey trail!
Options Quantity Price Each
closed Small x $25.00
closed Medium x $25.00
closed Large x $25.00
closed XLarge x $25.00
closed 2XLARGE x $25.00
Yes, I would like a #SAVETHEMDH ball cap!All proceeds go to help with trailwork on the Maah Daah Hey trail!
Options Quantity Price Each
closed Men's Small/Medium Ball Cap x $30.00
closed Men's Large/Xlarge Ball Cap x $30.00

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