Presented by The TURTLE Effect Foundation


Online Registration Deadline: Saturday, Jun 10, 2023 at 12:00 NOON ET

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Category Start Time Distance Prizes Field Limit Fee
SLOW & LETHARGIC Lazy Sprinter TURTLE $30 10:10 AM 25 km definitely! $30
  • Lazy Sprinters ride the W&OD to the Ride Sally Ride crit course for a few friendly street sprints.
Westward Ho! TURTLE (self guided) $30 10:05 AM < 90 km $30
  • Ride the W&OD trail out as far west as you like, take in the scenes, be nice to passers by, go as far as Purcellville!
Make it Spicy TURTLE! (self guided) $30 10:00 AM 50 km made up as we go along! $30
  • Part W&OD trail, part road, be careful and obey traffic laws!
Volunteer $0 9:30 AM 20 $0
  • Help us set up a table, take donations, sell t-shirts, lead a ride, or provide patio entertainment for a free registration
IT'S ALL GOOD Ubiquitous TURTLE $30 10:17 AM $30
  • Do your own OFF THE CHAIN ride anywhere, anytime, any distance... and yell, "LIVE OUT LOUD" at some point during your journey.

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11150 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston, VA  20190
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