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Online Registration Deadline: Friday, Apr 29, 2022 at 12:00 NOON PT

Total Event Registration Limit: 50

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Pre-Event Volunteer Tasks
Category Start Time Distance Prizes Field Limit Fee
Packet Pickup: Friday In Waldport $0 3:00 PM 3 hours 3 $0
  • Waldport Community Center: Hand out rider plates and gear and socks and check riders in! Riders participating in the Oregon Triple Crown will be on a special list for a tote bag.
Day of Event Tasks
Category Start Time Distance Prizes Field Limit Fee
Am Venue Set up $0 6:45 AM 2 hours 4 $0
  • Help set up various barricades and tables, ect at the Base area and Start and Finish. Location is the Waldport Community Center in Waldport.
Early Packet Pickup $0 7:00 AM 3 hours 2 $0
  • Assist with Packet Pickup at the Waldport Community Center. Please be on time. Riders sign in and swag is given! May have special instructions for riders participating in the Oregon Triple Crown. 
Aid Station Alpha Green Bike Co Op $0 8:00 AM 5 hours 4 $0
  • Help with aid station with Green Bike Co-op. This space is reserved for Green Bike. 12-mile drive to location. Please leave no later than 8:00 from Waldport to avoid the bikes. (SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES)
Timing Assistant $0 8:00 AM 7 hours 1 $0
  • Meet Misty and go to the actual finish - 4 miles way and assist with set up and riders finishing. Instruct riders to follow rules of the road and when existing to turn left. Dress for the weather.
Sag Support Abomination Course $0 8:45 AM 8 hours 2 $0
  • Start on Eckman Creek Rd at mile 6.7 and wait for Central Coast Fire to pass by. Must have a subaru or 4x4 and a bike rack for 2-3 bikes. (SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES)
Sweep Rider Abomination $0 8:45 AM 8 hours 2 $0
  • Follow the last riders. Course split at aid 1, so collaborate with the Son of Abomination Sweeps and stick to that last rider! 60 Miles (SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES)
Only 1 spot available!
Auxiliary Communications Service $0 9:00 AM 8 hours 12 $0
  • Times vary for this position. Sweep riders on course for this event starting at 9:30am and stage at key aid stations. Watch for Central Coast Fire who is the final vehicle minus the course sag.
Sag Support Son of Abomination $0 9:00 AM 6 hours 1 $0
  • Oregon Coast Bank will follow last rider on Son of Abomination 37 mile course. Course split is at Aid 1 bearing right. (SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES)
Sweep Riders Son of Abomination $0 9:00 AM 6 hours 2 $0
  • Follow the Short Course riders! Meet up at Aid 1 with Abomination at mile 14 at Green Bikes Aid Station and keep going on this 37 mile loop. (SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES)
Aid Station Charlie Yachats River RD $0 10:00 AM 4 hours 6 $0
  • Aid 2 for Short course and Aid 3 Abomination route Waldport to Yahacts and a few miles east to this spot. Dress warm and do not block the farmer's gate. (SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES)
Aid Station Bravo Waldport Junior League $0 10:00 AM 4 hours 4 $0
  • Assist with aid support for the aid station at mile 34 of the Abomination Route. This is aid 2 for the long route. Please dress for the weather and wait for final sweep vehicle.
Mechanic Aid Station Bravo $0 10:00 AM 4 hours 1 $0
  • Off of Five Rivers Rd, bring your work stand and assist riders on the 60 Mile course. This is Mile 34 of the long route at Buck Creek and Five Rivers.
Timing Chip Collection $0 12:00 PM 3 hours 2 $0
  • Cheer riders as they finish and remove the red timing chip from their bike. Riders will want you to take the chip as there is a cost for missing chips. Final details emailed a week before the race.
Only 2 spots available!
Mechanic Aid Station Charlie $0 10:00 AM 6 hours 1 $0
  • Bring work stand and tools for this spot off Yahacts River Rd. Show up at 10:00 and help the others set up. First rider around 11am. Please note final riders at 3:30. Hard Cut off 4pm for all riders.
Only 1 spot available!
Tear Down of Venue $0 4:00 PM 2 hours 3 $0
  • Take down gear and put away at Community Center. Great spot for a rider or anyone wanting a minimum commitment. We appreciate the support!

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