Pedal 2 Pints 2017

South Deerfield, MA, Sat Jun 17 - Sat Oct 14, 2017

Presented by Pedal2Pints
  • Discounted Fee Deadline: Sun, Oct 8, 2017 at 12:01 AM ET. View full fees
  • Online Registration Deadline: Wednesday, Oct 11, 2017 at 5:00 PM ET

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Category Distance Start Fee Field Limit
Big Summer Ride 6/17/17Combined Field Limit: 300
90+ Mile Summer Ride
closed 90+ Mile Summer Ride 90+ miles 8:30 AM $120 40
The BIG ride! All the breweries, all the glory! Gotta keep rolling. 16-17mph average suggested.
75 mile Summer Ride
closed 75 mile Summer Ride 75ish miles 9:15 AM $120 60
Most breweries but skipping Easthampton (or maybe the hop farm later in the day)? Pretty epic! 14-17mph suggested.
50ish Mile NORTH Summer Ride
closed 50ish Mile NORTH Summer Ride 50ish miles 12:00 PM $120 65
5 breweries, a hop yard, river views!
50ish Mile SOUTH Summer Ride
closed 50ish Mile SOUTH Summer Ride 50ish miles 12:00 PM $120 75
7 breweries (including a cidery). bike path fun (be careful)
33 Mile Summer Ride
closed 33 Mile Summer Ride 33ish miles 12:30 PM $120 75
5 breweries. nice mellow ride.
Hop Yard Ride 8/12/17Combined Field Limit: 200
Hop Yard ride (60 mile ride)
closed Hop Yard ride (60 mile ride) 60 miles 8:30 AM $85 100
A hilly, challenging ride visiting 5 breweries and lovely back roads. Average pace 14+ mph
Hop Yard ride (35 miles)
closed Hop Yard ride (35 miles) 35 miles 9:30 AM $85 100
Visit 4 breweries and country roads in 5 towns.
Fall Foliage Ride 10/14/17Combined Field Limit: 200
35 Mile Fall Foliage
35 miles 11:00 AM $80 100
4breweries, nice foliage
62 mile Fall Foliage
62 miles 9:00 AM $80 100
6 breweries, 2-3 states! Suggested pace 15-16+ mph

Event Items

P2P Cycling Socks (from 2015)Technical knit socks with P2P logo.
Options Quantity Price Each
Small (W 6-8) x $10.00
closed Medium (W 8.5-10.5/M 7-9.5) x $10.00
Large (W 11-13/M 10-12) x $10.00
Donation to MassBikeAdditional donation to MassBike- Pioneer Valley to help with bicycle advocacy and development. P2P WILL MATCH THE FIRST $500 OF DONATIONS!
Options Amount
P2P Bike JerseyOrder jerseys by SEPT 15th for delivery at FALL FOLIAGE ride. Or wait until we have next minimum order (25)
Options Quantity Price Each
Men's Small Club Fit x $65.00
Men's Small Race Fit x $65.00
Men's Medium Club Fit x $65.00
Men's Medium Race Fit x $65.00
Men's Large Club Fit x $65.00
Men's Large Race Fit x $65.00
Men's XL Club Fit x $65.00
Men's XL Race Fit x $65.00
Men's 2XL Club Fit x $65.00
Men's 2XL Race Fit x $65.00
Woman's Small Club Fit x $65.00
Woman's Small Race Fit x $65.00
Woman's Medium Club Fit x $65.00
Woman's Medium Race Fit x $65.00
Woman's Large Club Fit x $65.00
Woman's Large Race Fit x $65.00
Woman's XL Club Fit x $65.00
Woman's XL Race Fit x $65.00
Women's 2XL Club Fit x $65.00
Woman's 2XL Race Fit x $65.00
Extra after party mealMeal & beer for extra (non-rider) guests
Options Quantity Price Each
closed SUMMER RIDE: Vegetarian x $25.00
closed SUMMER RIDE: Non-vegetarian x $25.00
closed HOP YARD: Vegetarian x $25.00
closed HOP YARD: Non-vegetarian x $25.00
FALL FOLIAGE: Vegetarian x $25.00
FALL FOLIAGE: Non-vegetarian x $25.00
Additional P2P pint glassEXTRA P2P Pint Glass. (beverages for extra guests)
Options Quantity Price Each
pint glass x $5.00
P2P logo waterbottle Purist 20oz water bottles. [1 FREE with Hop Ride registration]
Options Quantity Price Each
waterbottle x $10.00
P2P musetteLogo feed bag [1 FREE with Fall Foliage registration]
Options Quantity Price Each
musette x $10.00
P2P cycling capLogo cycling cap. 1 FREE with Summer Ride registration
Options Quantity Price Each
One-size (fits most) x $15.00
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