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Thank you for registering for the 1st race in the Pickle Juice Race Series. This has been a rocky week but we are excited to resume racing!

We have stated we would comply with CDC, state, and county regulations. We have not identified a list of "rules" because as you know (you have lived this for the past 3+ months), covid stuff is a moving target.

We are aware of the mandate published on July 1st. In consultation with USAC, we have been informed we may enforce this mask mandate. Thus, ALL racers will be required to wear a mask when racing or when social distancing cannot be performed. Riders will be disqualified if they arrive at the start line without a mask on.

You have a couple more days until racing, play with a facing covering that will work for you. Experiment, McGuire it, try gaiters, bandanas etc. You can make this work.

One important point…there will not be disqualifications for moving your mask aside to eat or drink. In fact, we encourage you to stay fueled and hydrated. Please don’t make more of this then we need to….just use common sense and do what you have to do to race safely.

Multiple tables will be set up for number pick-up and hand sanitizer will be available. A neutral 1st lap of the race will be performed to avoid crowds before the start & close proximity on the start line. Podium winners will be asked to stay on their respective steps & not gather on the top step for photos. Toilets will be available with appropriate sanitation.

IF you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID or have been exposed to anyone diagnosed or experiencing symptoms of COVID in the last fourteen days, PLEASE do not come to the race. We all have to keep each other safe. We ask everyone to be respectful. What is within your risk tolerance may not be compatible with that of others. Please wear a mask when picking up your race number and at any other times when you are not able to maintain social distancing.
We can make this work if we are all considerate. Thank you for helping us all enjoy a small piece of a normal life….even if it is just 1 hour of racing!
Please remember start times are estimates, please be prepared

Wheels in - Wheels out pit across from registration

This event is being held at the Spring-Ford High School, 350 S. Lewis Road, Royersford, PA
Number pick-up will be under the portico of the school main entrance.

Online Registration Deadline: Friday, Jul 3, 2020 at 7:00 PM ET

Select Your Category

Category Start Time Distance Prizes Fee
Masters 55+ (cat 1-4 only) - includes 1x number fee for series $27 9:00 AM 20 miles $325 - 5 places $27
Men Cat 1, 2, 3 - includes 1x number fee for series $27 10:00 AM 30 miles $325 - 5 places $27
Women Cat 1, 2, 3 - includes 1x number fee for series $27 11:15 AM 20 miles $325 - 5 places $27
Women Cat 4, 5 (Novice) - includes 1x number fee for series $22 11:15 AM 15 miles Merchandise - 3 places $22
  • All women will start together with 1,2,3 & 4,5 scored separately
Masters Men 45+ (cat 1-4 only - includes 1x number fee for series $27 12:15 PM 20 miles $325 - 5 places $27
Men Cat 5 (Novice) - includes 1x number fee for series $22 1:15 PM 15 miles Merchandise - 3 places $22
Masters 35+ (cat 1-4 only) - includes 1x number fee for series $27 2:00 PM 25 miles $325 - 5 places $27
Men Cat 3, 4 - includes 1x number fee for series $27 3:00 PM 25 miles $325 - 5 places $27


File Name Description
PJ Race Course.pdf Pickle Juice Race Course
2020 PJ Series Flyer- July 2.pdf Pickle Juice Race Series Flyer - Updated July 2

Location & Contact

Location address:
350 S Lewis Rd, Royersford, PA  19468
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