These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

A Race Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Frank Musil Sugar Cycles
2 Aidan Kane Sacx Junior Devo
3 Jeff Park Sacx
4 Cohen Kinsey Sacx Junior Devo
5 Elias Guerra Unattached
6 Micah Lajeunesse
7 Robert Kane Sacx P/B Bicycle-Heaven
8 Dillon Daskevich Sacx Junior Devo
9 Casey Maron
10 Arnold Haffner Jelly And Jam/ Weaver Technologies Racing
11 Sam Collette
12 David Larrabee Actionbikes
13 Tristan Schwarz
14 Caleb Cunningham
15 Colin Bromley Team $Uper Awesome
16 Christopher Chen Williams Racing Academy
17 Sean Clancy Honor Roll Atx
18 Richard Jennings Sacx
19 Charles Mcguill Blitz Racing
20 Cory Faul Blitz Racing/Action Bikes
21 Emiliano Morales Team 787 Realty
22 Justin Greenfield Night Owls
23 Natalie Smith Ultra Violet
24 Jenny Willhite Colavita
25 Kennedy Cunningham Weaver Technologies Racing
26 Caleb Goyet
27 Daniel Curtin Mellow Johnny'S Bike Shop Masters Elite Single Spe
28 Sean Ziegler Soundpony Triad Bank
29 Emma Calvert Sacx Junior Devo
30 Caroline Daskevich Alamo Heights High School
31 Zuzana Sekerova
32 Cody Allen
33 Garret Hanson Gear Monkey Bike Repair Racing
34 Colin Dunlap Night Owls P/B Loa Construction
35 Christopher Hill Giant - Dnacycling.Com - P/B Dynamicdocs
36 Doug Kennedy Minuteman Road Club
37 Juan Salazar Jelly And Jam Racing / Sacx
38 Joseph Guerra

B Race Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joseph Guerra Weaver Technologies Racing
2 Jonathan Bakke Pig Pen Boys
3 Sean Clancy Honor Roll Atx
4 Matthew Neugebauer Ride Away Cycling Club
5 Moses Centeno Personal
6 William Gonzaba Olmos Park Physio
7 Kennith Ramirez Nemesis 210
8 Jackson Henry Blitz Racing
9 Christopher Villasenor Blitz Racing
10 Ben Olvera
11 Jeff Coyle Team One Million Dreams
12 Isaac Grothe Ride Away Cycling Club
13 Lori Tole Blitz Racing
14 Chuck Grubb
15 Aldofo Gonzales
16 Juan Salazar Jelly And Jam Racing / Sacx
17 Kyle Kunnermann Pig Pen Boys
18 Andrew Larrabee
19 Marcus Whitehead
20 Ruben Dupertuis Smithdish
21 Harry Wallace Smithdish Architecture
22 Caitlyn Mooney
23 David Acevedo
24 Malvin Alexander Nemesis 210
25 Jake Payne
26 Eileen Gaughran Blitz Racing
27 Scott Cartier
28 Cherie Spooner
29 Wyatt Armstrong
30 Brock Curry Smithdish Architecture
31 Vanessa Skerhut Racc
32 Sean Conroy Jessica Erin Ennis
33 Josh Baugh The Strong Maybes
34 Jessica Ennis
35 Mechella Lara
36 Amber Steiriker
37 Victor Williams Jelly & Jam