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Masters 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eirik Schulz Specialized / River City Bicycles
2 Andrew Messer DRT Racing
3 Michael Gallagher C3 Athletes Serving Athletes
4 Murray Swanson Peninsula Velo/Pomodoro
5 Richard Feldman Durance - Colnago
6 Scott Bradway Team S&M
7 Sean Kelsey Evolution Racing
8 Tim Butler River City Bicycles
9 Kristopher Auer C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
10 John Fokkema Pro City Racing
11 Micah Fritzinge Schellers
12 Jon Gallagher Cole Sport
13 Richard Mcclung Hagens-Berman LLP Cycling
14 Michael Gaertner Vertical Earth
15 Matthew Scott ico
16 Michael Benno Veloce Bicycles Racing Team
17 Tom Phillips
18 Tim Jones Team
19 Jerry Long Emde Sports
20 Chad Berg Bicycle Centres - Collision 1
21 John Bravard Cyclepath Racing
22 Brian Frykman GAS / Intrinsik
23 Michael Dicenso NRC/Kona
24 Michael Carroll Durango Wheel Club
25 Jeff Curtes The Vanilla Workshop/SPEEDVAGEN RACING
27 Joshua Liberles Ten Speed Drive Racing
28 Doug Evans
29 Andrew Sargent Alberto's Sport
30 Jared Roy Crossniacs
31 Martin Baker
32 David Karman Hagens Berman
33 Joel Wilson
34 Brian Andriot Louisville Firefighters
35 Todd Meier Broken Spoke Cycling
36 Todd Davis Lenovo
37 Damon Pettinger Hagens Berman Cycling Team
38 David Diviney Cyclepath Racing
39 Chris Snyder
40 Jeff Bannink Team Type 1
41 Paolo Dabbeni Team Filth and Fury
42 Bill Reuss Owens Healthcare
43 Ken Gallardo Peninsula Velo/Pomodoro
44 Jason Crago Yakima Bike Vigilantes
45 Erik Voldengen BBC / Bike N' Hike
46 Sean Howie The Bike Gallery Canada/Specialized
47 Kurt Brown
48 Daniel Porter Cyclepath Racing
49 Todd Dye Pacific Power Blue Sky
50 Kevin Hall Kona Grassroots / Team Indifference
51 Max Clifford HRS RockLobster
52 Paul Brend IRC/Cameron Law
53 Daniel Studley NRC/PEDALMASHER
54 Doug Graver Ragnarok Racing
55 Anthony Rutter Bicycle Centres - Collision 1
56 David Pedersen Altezza 40 Racing
57 Brian Spears Half Fast Velo
58 Niels Steiner Glotman Simpson
59 Sheldon Miller No-C.A.R.S.
60 David Klipper Guinness Cycling
61 Chris Sautter Yakima Bike Vigilantes
62 Michael Mcarthur Glotman Simpson
63 David Prause Super Relax
64 Keith Heinzelman classic cycle
65 Dan Becraft Moots Racing NW
66 Thom Kneeland DeSalvo Custom Cycles
67 Slate Olson HUP UNITED
68 Karl Mikkelson Mountain View Cycles
69 Alec Duxbury Gin Optics
70 John Ericsson Brazen Dropouts(CX)-Wisconsin
71 Brent Wallace Organic Athlete
72 Ray Lachance Glotman Simpson
73 Alex Accetta Team Beer
74 Chris Milliman Embrocation Cycling Journal
75 Keith Williams Williams Cycling
76 Dan Werle Yazoo Brew
77 Derwyn Harris Specialized/River City Bicycles
78 Joe Martin NRC/Kona
79 Ross Copeland ragwarok racing
80 John Gorman Rapha Racing
81 Alex Telitsine IJM.ORG
82 Michael Berg
83 Paul Formiller Portland Velo
84 Eric Lanners Word/RCB
85 Matt Engel BBNS
86 Jeff Lorenzen unattached
87 Dave Drumm Hudz- Subaru
88 Chris Wherity Siuslaw Cycling Team/Planet Hockey
89 Zack Sachen CYCLOPATH
90 Frederick Bottger PAA / SIXTUMED p/b CARE FOR DIABETICS
91 Nathan Kiger Second Ascent
92 Chris Paul IRC/Cameron Law
93 Stephen Cork Escape Velocity / Devo
94 Wilbur Kelly
95 Brian Walburn Hagens Berman LLP
96 Rich Blanco
97 Sean Rogers Bend Bike n Sport
98 Graham Christens NVertical Earth
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