These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 1/2/3 Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bryan Fawley Dallas Racing
2 Shadd Smith KCCX Verge PB Challenge Tires
3 Jonny Sundt Elgato
4 Raymond Hall 918XC
5 Steve Tilford Tradewind Energy
6 Andrew Coe SKC Racing
7 Jason Waddell Dallas Racing
8 Jeff Winkler KCCX Verge PB Challenge Tires
9 Jacob Lasley Team Soundpony
10 Josh Johnson Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing
11 Paul Bonds Oklahoma City Velo Club
12 Nathan Rice Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing
13 Cailean Carlberg Tulsa Wheelmen
14 Brian Jensen Unattached
15 Nicholas Coil TradeWind Energy / Trek Stores
16 Bill Marshall KCCX Verge PB Challenge Tires
17 Cale Mcaninch St John's Cycling
18 Charles Parmain Bicycles of Tulsa
19 Justin Wallace ThinkFinance Racing
20 Bryan Duvall Team Soundpony
21 Pete Ridilla 918XC
22 Jonathan Sebring Dickson Street Cycling Club
23 Austin Roberts CRRC/Canadian River
24 Nathan Leigh Tulsa Wheelmen
25 Daniel Rittler Tom's Bicycles
26 Ben Upchurch Dickson Street Cycling Club
27 Josh Combs 918XC Racing
28 Bruce Dunn Fayetteville Wheelmen
29 Matthew Reynolds Oklahoma Bicycle Racing Union
DNF Ryan Fiddler 918XC Racing
DNF William Gault KCCX Verge PB Challenge Tires
DNF Chris Drummond
DNF Hawke Morgan Team Cross (TCNM)
DNF Robert Newell Dickson Street Cycling Club
DNF Thomas Price KCCX Verge PB Challenge Tires
DNF John Moore Bicycles of Tulsa
DNF Justin Bowes SKC Racing
DNF Marc Bergeron Unattached
DNF William Rader FCS/ Metro Volkswagen
DNF Winfield Gibson Tulsa Wheelmen

Cat 1/2/3/4 Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Catherine Walberg Team Kenda
2 Tammy Wallace ThinkFinance Racing
3 Miranda Long Team Undiscovered
4 Candice Ramsey Bicycles of Tulsa
5 Desiree Margagliano
6 Shelley Egli Team PG13
7 Leah Loggin Team Soundpony
8 Michelle Carr Exfuze Womens Racing
9 Lauren Miller Tulsa Wheelmen
10 Lisa Delozier Tulsa Wheelmen
11 Corie Davis Tulsa Wheelmen
12 Nikki Smith Oklahoma Bicycle Racing Union
13 Lauren Walker Unattached
14 Nicole Beaumont Tulsa Wheelmen
DNF Monica Barczak Bicycles of Tulsa

Cat 3/4 Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Gabriel Team Soundpony
2 Garrett Grow Team Power Train
3 Daniel Rittler Tom's Bicycles
4 Austin Roberts CRRC/Canadian River
5 Peter Krause Cycle City Racing
6 Jess Parker Unattached
7 Cameron Buswell
8 Bradford Gildon Unattached
9 Zachary Pfaff Air Assurance
10 Keith Winn Bicycles of Tulsa
11 Paul Miller Tulsa Wheelmen
12 Joshua Gifford Team Soundpony
13 Brian Metz Tulsa Wheelmen
14 Robert Carr Team PG13
15 Blake Simpson Trek Store
16 Brandon Jackman
17 Peter Sandretto Unattached
18 Michael Franklin Villain CX
19 Casey Wright Team Soundpony
20 Judson Copeland Team Undiscovered
21 Kevin Mcfarland Tom's Bicycles
22 Tommy Willis Team Undiscovered
23 Joshua Thresher Tom's Bicycles
24 Justin Howe Unattached
25 Brent Wiruth Trek Store
26 David Lynch Oklahoma City Velo Club
27 Todd Anderson Unattached
28 Cameron Miller Team Power Train
29 Marty Beal Tom's Bicycles
30 Zachary Earnest Tulsa Wheelmen
31 Chris Barnes Tulsa Wheelmen
32 Christopher Moore Bicycles of Tulsa
33 Jeff Hardin Unattached
DNF Ronnie Cookson Team Soundpony
DNF Jason Pratt Cycle-Smart Inc.
DNF Justin Fox Unattached
DNF Rd Madina Unattached
DNF John Jones My Wife Inc
DNF Dean Stevens Unattached
DNF David Kindred Bicycles of Tulsa


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ethan Gault Team Power Train

Masters 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Stolte TradeWind Energy / Trek Stores
2 Sammy Davidson Team Soundpony
3 John Jones My Wife Inc
4 Bryan Yockers Air Assurance
5 Joey Mesa Team Undiscovered
6 Douglas Anderson Hup United
7 Kenneth Smith Oklahoma City Velo Club
8 B. cole Bewley Broken Films Racing
9 Paul Watkins Pedalers Racing Team
10 Malcolm Mccollam Tulsa Wheelmen
11 Dan Griesse Dickson Street Cycling Club
12 Jeff Metcalf Bicycles of Tulsa
13 Jeff West Tulsa Wheelmen
14 Charles Long Team PG13
15 Scott Posey Tulsa Wheelmen
16 Daren Lowe Bicycles of Tulsa
17 David Hydrick Bicycles of Tulsa
18 Kurt Egli Team PG13
19 Matt Dow 918XC
20 Mark Delozier Tulsa Wheelmen
21 Mike Wilhelm Bicycles of Tulsa
22 Russell Moneypenny Unattached
DNF David Griesse Dickson Street Cycling Club
DNF Michael Farlow Bicycles of Tulsa