These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

A (Men)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dan Miller The Hub
2 Devin Clark The Hub
3 Jonathan Schottler Mich Ultra/Big Shark
4 Jeff Yielding Revolution Cycles
5 Scott Ogilvie Dogfish
6 Mark Murawski Gateway Cycling
7 Tim Kakouris The Hub
8 Anthony Dust Dogfish
9 Casey Saunders Dogfish
10 Brett Heuring Dogfish
11 Sam Moore Canyon Bicycles
12 Paul Quindry Gateway Cycling
13 Rock Wamsley The Hub
14 Mike Bruzina Dogfish
15 Lawrence Simonson CBC
16 Ron Bridal Bloomington Cycle
17 Matt James Mesa
18 Scott Peipert Wild Trak
19 Daniel Williams Lindenwood
20 Robert Brokaw Team Mack
21 Matt Laberta Dogfish
22 Stu Robson Off the Front
23 Justin Bowen Off the Front
24 Trent Donat Mich Ultra/Big Shark

A (Women)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sunny Gilbert Maplewood
2 Britta Siegel Alriicsson Cycelese
3 Stephanie Mccreary Mich Ultra/Big Shark
4 Elizabeth Heller Unattached
5 Amy Berg St. Louis Cycling Club
6 Loreen Matson Mesa
7 Teresa Sedlacek Mich Ultra/Big Shark
8 Cory Redmond Fulcrum
9 Suzanne Johnson Mich Ultra/Big Shark

B (Men)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Greg Lyeki Trek St. Louis
2 Jonathon Schilling Mich Ultra/Big Shark
3 Peter Jensen Unattached
4 Mark Hofmeister Mich Ultra/Big Shark
5 Dennis Koscielski Dogfish
6 Brian Radle Momentum
7 Adam Jablonski Recycled Cycles/Raleigh
8 Tyler Bicknese The Hub
9 Devlin Mcdonough Off the Front
10 Stewart Munson Maplewood
11 Aaron Oakley Unattached
12 Rick George Mesa
13 Doug Nishimura Blind Squirrel
14 Trent Donat Mich Ultra/Big Shark
15 Chris Cleeland Mich Ultra/Big Shark
16 Aaron Koch Metro East Cycling
17 David Smith The Hub
18 Travis Frey Mich Ultra/Big Shark
19 James Nelson Mich Ultra/Big Shark
20 Sunny Gilbert Maplewood
21 James Klages Mich Ultra/Big Shark
22 Karl King Mesa
23 Matthew Dawson Dogfish
24 Darrell Bratton Team Mack
25 Travis Finan Lindenwood
26 Kevin Bonney Mesa
27 Bryan Adams GORC
28 B.j. Keane Momentum
29 Patrick Gribbon Off the Front
30 Alan Christanell Gateway Cycling
31 Larry Klutenkamper Unattached
32 Brian Snyder Kinetic Cycling
33 Tom Valvo Big Shark/Pfoodman
34 David Nelson Mich Ultra/Big Shark
35 Alex Petkus Mich Ultra/Big Shark

B (Women)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Laura Scherff Momentum
2 Nadine Chalmers The Hub
3 Kerri Schewe Off the Front
4 Gina Richard Mich Ultra/Big Shark
5 Emily Korsch Mich Ultra/Big Shark
6 Cindi Inman Mesa
7 Elizabeth Hedrick-moser Unattached
8 Kelly Patty Unattached
9 Susan Kubinak Dogfish
10 Kate Hrubes The Hub
11 Allison Stoll Unattached
12 Dana Goodman Unattached

C (Men)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eduardo Nieuwenhuyzen Mich Ultra/Big Shark
2 Patrick Koetting Cape Bicycle
3 Bernd Faust Dogfish
4 Jason Murphy Momentum
5 Walt Siemens Team Mack
6 Steve Friedman Grand Slam
7 Mike Renieri Quad Tric
8 Jim Moore ICCC
9 Dave Hagen Unattached
10 Erick Hedrick-moser Unattached
11 Larry Klutenkamper Unattached
12 Mike Bobelak Unattached
13 Frank Brummer Team Mack
14 Scott Melies ICCC
15 Leith Carey Unattached
16 Corey Case Team Red Wheel
17 Rudy Schwarz ICCC
18 Adam Hempelmann Team Red Wheel
19 Jim Alseth Velo Force
20 Nick Smith Team Red Wheel
21 Michael Leistner Momentum
22 Duff Yocum Sho-Air
23 Todd Nowlin Off the Front
24 Rob Ballou Unattached
25 Ryan Ellen Mich Ultra/Big Shark
26 Justin Neely Mesa
27 Jeremiah Buckenberger Unattached
28 Tim Obenhaus Unattached
29 Jake Wilson Unattached
30 Shaun Turnbull Dogfish
31 Scott Nelson GORC
32 John Lake c SCCC
33 Derek Legg Unattached
34 Kenneth Vennell Wheel Fast
35 Adam Berkel Unattached
36 Sam Klucker Velo Force
37 Joel Dierks Unattached
38 Loran Cavano The Hub
39 Sean Ross Unattached
40 Bob Huber Unattached
41 Greg Kinstler Unattached
42 Doug Smith Momentum
43 Pete Matschiner Unattached
44 Mark Grumke Unattached


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Benjamin Faust Dogfish
2 Sawyer Cleeland Mich Ultra/Big Shark
3 Mike Bobelak jr. Unattached

Single Speed

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brian Roggeveer Momentum
2 Brian Shoemaker St. Louis Cycling Club
3 Matt Laberta Dogfish
4 Matt Grothoff Unattached
5 Stoney Cranmer Team Red Wheel
6 Al Ebert SCCC
7 T. scott Hoffmeyer Team Seagal
8 Tom Gutmann Wild Trak
9 Eric Damhorst Unattached