These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.
Men 4/5
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Javier Zamarripa Jigawatt Cycling
2 Jonathan Dempsey Jigawatt Cycling
3 Alan Sanfilippo Triangle Velo
4 Paul Vrouwenvelder
5 George Worrell
6 Nate Zellmer Oak City Cycling Project Race Team
7 Eric Domonell Oak City Cycling Project Race Team
8 Keith Vail Crank Arm Brewing / Rouler Sportswear
9 Eli Elk Team HammerCross
10 Stephon Beaufort
11 Tyler Ramer Berger Hardware Bikes
12 Nikolaus Smith Jigawatt Cycling
13 Ian Bundy Constellation Cycling
14 James Reisen
15 Kaden Lohr
16 Josh Hatchell 12th State Cycling
17 Kyle Shannon 12th State Cycling
18 Adam Harris 12th State Cycling p/B Spoke Cycles
19 Alex Casper Constellation Cycling
20 Daniel Dziuban 12th State Cycling p/b Spoke Cycles
21 Eric Schoch Triangle Velo
22 Braxton Wilson 12th State Cycling
23 Adam Koch
24 Garrett Love Spiritual Spinners
25 Joshua Eisner Inland Construction/ C2
26 David Wintermute
27 Tim Nail
28 Jonathan Howell Crank Arm Brewing Cycling Team
DNF Alexander Boyd Bar Hump Warriors
DNF Chris Robbins
DNF Ian Farrell The Spiritual Spinners
DNF Adam Long Constellation Cycling
DNF Darius Jonasch
Men 3/4
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Ian Baun Cyclus Sports
2 Javier Zamarripa Jigawatt Cycling
3 Dylan Lawson Cyclus Sports
4 Christopher Ragland Crank Arm Brewing Cycling
5 Miles Camp Berger Hardware Bikes
6 Tyler Garrard Durham Cycles
7 Mark Jakubowski Jigawatt
8 Paul Mckenzie
Men pro/1/2
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Paul Mesi Jigawatt Cycling
2 Lewis Gaffney Triangle Syndicate
3 John Paul amalong Constellation/Inland Construction
4 Christopher Scallion Jigawatt Cycling
5 Keith Gerarden Happy Tooth Racing
6 Jules Van kempen Tri-cyclists
7 Eddie Jones Berger Hardware Bikes
8 Todd Hunter Get Faster p/b Wenzel Coaching
9 Will Barnes Triangle Cross Syndicate
10 Ted Hopkins Team Spoke Cycles
11 Tony Sigrist
12 Robert Bickerstaffe Team Spoke Cycles
Men Single Speed
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Ross Bowden Oak City Cycling Project Race Team
2 Brian Funk Team Spoke Cycles
3 Andrew Benbow
4 Kevin Walker Evolution Jr Devo
5 Jason Pendse 12th State Cycling
6 Robert Loafman Eliel Factory Team
7 Tanya Harris Team Spoke Cycles
8 Tim Strauss Hammer Cross
9 Mike Thomas Hawleys Bicycle World Race Team
10 George Hatcher Hawleys Bicycle World Race Team
DNF Josh Hatchell 12th State Cycling
Men 12-14 Juniors 13
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Eli Elk Team HammerCross
2 Calvin Hinkle HammerCross
3 Cj Burford
4 William Myers HammerCross
5 Joe Otto HammerCross
6 Evan Elk Team HammerCross
7 Alex Emmons Hammercross
8 Aidan Leggatt HammerCross
9 Luca Kaminski Hammercross
Men 14-18 Junior15
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Paul Vrouwenvelder
2 Jackson Engle HammerCross
3 Klaas Van kempen Tri-cyclists
4 Gour Das Berger Hardware Bikes
5 Nate Myers Hammercross
Men 39+ Masters 40+ ( 4/5)
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 George Worrell
2 Jason Epstein 12th State Cycling
3 Marc Sachdev 12th State Cycling
4 Subal Das Berger Hardware Bikes
5 Bevington Steve Team HammerCross
6 Don Rose Team HammerCross
7 Steven Andreaus Constellation Cycling
8 Tim Riddle Cycleworks
9 Will Gough Team Audi Cary
10 William Langston Triangle Velo
11 Alain Borthayre
12 John Foley
13 Bryan Engle HammerCross
14 Jim Casper Constellation Cycling
15 Adam Long Constellation Cycling
16 Burke Hutcheson
17 Jeff Ward HammerCross
18 Brian Boyle Team CBC
19 Damian Hriciga HammerCross
20 Jim Otto HammerCross
21 Mike Thomas Hawleys Bicycle World Race Team
22 George Hatcher Hawleys Bicycle World Race Team
DNF Stephen Knight Inland Construction/Constellation
DNF Bryan Hoffman Oak City Cycling Race Team
Men 39+ Masters 40+ (1/2/3/4)
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 William Mcdaniel Jigawatt cycling
2 Todd Davis KCOI Boulevard
3 Rod Stanton Team Spoke Cycles
4 Craig Thompson Jigawatt Cycling
5 Todd Berger Berger Hardware Bikes
6 Luis Flores Happy Tooth Racing
7 Kyle Johnston Team Spoke Cycles
Men 49+ Masters 50+ (1/2/3/4)
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Scott Mcallister Bitter Dose
2 Terry Forrest Atomic Cycles
3 Michael Vandenheuvel
4 Lonnie Brooks Cone Health / Cycles DeOro
5 Greg Robitaille Team Audi Cary
6 Bryan Ream AtOmic Cycles
7 Kevin Sigrist
8 Roland Gomez Constellation Cycling
Men 59+ Masters 60+ (1/2/3/4)
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Steve Leonard Team Spoke Cycles
2 Steven Andreaus Constellation Cycling
3 Stephen Knight Inland Construction/Constellation
4 George Hatcher Hawleys Bicycle World Race Team
Men 8-12 Juniors 09
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Asher Strauss HammerCross
2 Jack Newport HammerCross
3 Carter Langston Hammercross
4 Corban Burford Evolution Jr. Devo
5 Bravery Ward Hammercross
6 Caleb Burford Evolution Jr. Devo
7 Bodhi Hriciga HammerCross
8 Tyson Miller HammerCross
9 Madoc Lee HammerCross
10 Nathan Ford Hammercross
11 Ali Otto HammerCross
12 Elias Wintermute
13 Aidan Pendse Constellation Cycling
14 Eliza Elk Team HammerCross
15 Isaac Long
16 Nicole Clamann HammerCross
17 Braxton Walker Evolution Jr Devo
Women 4/5
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Desiree French
2 Paige Bower Team Spoke Cycles
3 Chloe Holzapfel 12th State Cycling
4 Connie Ferrell Team Massage Envy/Crank Arm Brewery
5 Stephanie Taylor
6 Anne Amalong Constellation/Inland Construction
7 Tina Whitfield Velo Bella
8 Susan Pendse 12th State Cycling
9 Kara Gensor
10 Danielle Boniche Berger Hardware Bikes
11 Sara Margaret tulloss
12 Julie Daniels HammerCross
13 Lori Leggatt HammerCross
14 Nicole Benbow
15 Christina Hinkle Hammercross
Women pro/1/2
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Zdenka Worsham Crank Arm Brewing Cycling Team
2 Kelly Mclaughlin Team Hammer Cross
3 Abigail Thiele Jigawatt Cycling p/b Carolina Ale House
4 Margaret Tobey Oak City Cycling Project Race Team
5 Chris Tommerdahl Happy Tooth Women's Racing
6 Lynn Weller Hammercross
7 Jessica Winebrenner
8 Holly Spain
9 Tanya Harris Team Spoke Cycles