These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
2 Elliot Klein Huron Valley United Racing
3 Nicholas Budden Andrie Machine Star Junior Devo Team
4 Hudson Kowalski Huron Valley United Racing
5 Adrian Brokenshire RACING GREYHOUNDS
6 Audrey Brokenshire RACING GREYHOUND
8 Ethan Heist Cycletherapy
9 Leo Savona Morning Cranks

Men's Expert/Elite

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Dillman
2 Rick Wetherald
3 Matt Zandee Freewheeler Bike Shope
4 Simon Bailey Wheels In Motion
5 Frank Janssen Ann Arbor Velo Club
6 Jeremy Meyersieck Cadiuex Bicycle Club / Team O2
7 Benjamin Cook BaseMediaRacing
8 Todd Frerichs KLM / Cold Stone
9 Nathan Sharnas Cadiuex Bicycle Club / Team O2
10 Todd Freidinger North Country Cycle Sport
11 Robert Melton
12 Jeffrey Wood
13 David Manges Affable Hammers
DNF Timothy Saari KLM / Cold Stone
DNF Pete Thompson Team Specialized

Men's Sport

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Adam Roberts Blackwell Cycles
2 Aaron Schicker
3 Brett Beddow
4 Justin Mcnally AAVC
5 Brendon Clover Lucky 13 Racing
6 Mark Kranz
7 Santiago Carral Grand Rapids Bicycle Company
8 Andrzej Brzoznowski Half Acre Cycling
9 Mike Scannell Roll Models Racing
10 Len Fritz
11 Bevin Reith LapDogs Cycling Club
12 Henkel Yeung
13 Cedric Degraux
14 David Bennefeld
15 Jordan Caverly Roll Models
16 Aaron Savona Wolverine Sports Club
17 James Hill
18 Peter Boyse HC Hooligans
19 Linc Wehrly Ann Arbor VEli
20 Terry Carpenter
21 Jeff Patoff
22 Tim Fargo Wolverine Sports Club
24 Matt Stevens Morning Cranks
25 Thomas Lindemann
26 Elliot Klein
27 Kyle Cooper Ann Arbor Velo Club
28 Dave Zatele
29 Michael Mcmahon
30 Alex Burnside
31 Jeff Hencher Kirwin Partners
32 Mike Brokenshire RACING GREYHOUNDS
33 David Clifton Morning Cranks
34 Igor Provod Dark Horse Flyers
35 Neil Simons Cyclepath Markham
36 Charles Hailey MDMB
37 Derrek Beaumount
38 Adam Hallett
39 Jeff Potter Out Your Backdoor
40 Fergus Peacock
41 Paul Mann KLM/Cold Stone
42 David Caracciolo
43 Christopher House RMR
44 Matt Srugis
45 Chris Sliney Ann Arbor Triathlon Club
46 Kevin Laroe
47 Nicolas Nudden
48 Laurens De jong Ann Arbor Velo Club
49 Andy Kem kem3D
50 Roger Mayisolt
51 Matt Macqueen
52 Kirk Ciarrocchi R2R Racing
53 Robert Hair Flying Rhino CC
54 Ted Grossutti MDMB
55 Patrick Ryan Joy Machines racing team
56 Ed Nicholson
57 David Hesano Morning Cranks
58 Mike Barry MDMB
59 Jan Rief
60 Brian Hubbell
61 Adam Solomon Morning Cranks
63 Iko Suzuki
64 Robert Nani
65 Patrick Mcenaney
66 Mike Fry Morning Cranks
DNF Rich Wetherald

Women's Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Melissa Seymour Fuji Cross Crew
2 Nicole Visschedyk Bateman's Bike CO
3 Christina Draijer Ann Arbor Triathlon Club
4 Victoria Cane Clark Logic
7 Heather Maier Team Dayton Cycling
8 Darcie Watson Lapdogs
9 Molly Mccracken Bikes On Wheels
10 Adrian Brokenshire RACING GREYHOUNDS
11 Lillian Ruiz Treefort Bikes