These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Junior 9-18 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Henry Conaway Midwest Devo
2 Max Palmer Midwest Devo
3 Phillip Emmert Midwest Devo
4 Calvin Conaway Midwest Devo
5 Sam Burkle None
6 Kyle Andersen Three Rivers Velo Sport Racing
7 Lunden Olinger Midwest Devo
8 Alec Clements Midwest DEVO
9 Anson Sperry Midwest Devo
10 Sam Elliott Midwest Devo
11 John David wax MidwestDevo
12 William Repenning Midwest Devo
13 L.j. Shrieve Midwest Devo
14 Emma Balding Midwest Devo
15 Katie Smock Midwest Devo
16 William Palmer Midwest Devo
17 Jack Palmer Midwest Devo
18 Audrey Baker Midwest Devo
19 Broden Kelly
20 Jack Helvie MidWest Devo
21 Wyatt Kendall
22 Andrew Parmelee Midwest Devo
23 Warner Shrieve Midwest Devo
24 Ethan Clements Midwest DEVO
25 Ava Shipman Midwest Devo
26 Hadley Caldwell Midwest Devo
27 Spencer Shrieve Midwest Devo
28 Karoline Fairbanks Terre Haute Cycling/J's Bike
29 Callum Lock Midwest Devo
30 Liam Shipman
31 Angus Proctor The Bicycle Station
32 Henry Cummings Midwest Devo
33 Patrina Magers IGOFASNOW
34 Oliver Jones Team Indiebike p/b IU Health
DNF Nolan Cummings Midwest Devo

Men Master 35+/50+ Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
2 Tim Proctor The Bicycle Station
3 Todd Andersen Three Rivers Velo Sport Racing
4 Bryan Boggs Zipp Masters Team
5 William Hallberg Dash Racing Team
6 Stephan Gregoire None
7 Joe Laux Team Indiebike p/b IU Health
8 Larry Lenne Team Heroes
9 Matt Emmert None
10 Tyler Conant Dash Racing
11 Donald Galligher DRT Consulting
12 Ryosuke Baba Sweathogs Racing
13 Jim Jensen Gray Goat Sports
14 Norman Gwaltney p/b Angie's List
15 Dustin Jones Team Indiebike p/b IU Health
16 Randy Witte The Bicycle Station
17 Todd Wingler Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
18 Todd Belanger OrthoIndy
19 Timothy Gavin Team Nebo Ridge
20 Gregory Dyas A Cycling Team
21 Chuck Warren None
22 Frank Kenney Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
23 Mark Newell None
24 Brad Demott Gray Goat Sports
25 Lee Jackson Team Heroes
26 Jerod Kizer J's Bikes Racing
27 Mike Fowler SRAM Factory
28 John Gardner J's Bikes Racing
29 Mike Weimer
30 Ryan Baber None
31 Roger Heldman Gray Goat Dirt Team
32 Wesley Kendall J's Bikes
33 Scott Perry Speedway Wheelmen
34 Michael Lavery midwest masters
35 Ronald Plantz None
DNF Patrick Hirschfeld Dash Racing
DNF Nick Ekstrom InWell
DNF Loren Anderson Team Heroes
DNF Christopher Yeomans Team People's Brewing

Men Senior

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mike Minichiello Dash Racing
2 Zachary Andrews None
3 Zach Bender Cycle-Smart
4 Brett Conaway World Bicycle Relief
5 Patrick Hirschfeld Dash Racing
6 Adrian Ortiz Purdue Cycling
7 Nicholas Allman Dash Racing
8 John Becker First Internet Bank
9 Chris Kellar
10 Shelby Gibbs Dash Racing
11 Miles Johnson Team Indiebike p/b IU Health
12 Mark Zhao Rule 5 Racing
13 John Leachman None
DNF Lewis Henrickson Team Upland Brewery


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eddie Stillman Midwest Devo
2 Ben Herbertz Two Kings
3 Neal Ward None
4 Connor Wingler Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
5 John Leachman None
6 Trey Shepard Gray Goat Sports
7 George Morrison iv The Fitness Lab
8 Kyle Jamison Hashtag Bikes
9 Marc Oleary Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
10 Brian Leathers None
11 Matthew Kartholl Team Neighborlink
12 Eleanor Dyas Midwest Devo
13 Nathan Wyrick Phoenix Fitness & Training
14 Collin Shipman Midwest Devo Support Crew
15 Abel Barrera duran Phoenix Fitness and Training
16 Annajean Dallaire Papa Johns Racing
17 Yi Sun Rule Five Racing
18 Dave Harstad Bloomington Velo
19 Andrew Slightom Gray Goat Dirt
20 Travis Verhoff Phoenix Fitness and Training
21 Michael Vittorio None
22 Derek Groves None
23 Keith Woods
24 Adam Mahomed Team Indiebike p/b IU Health
25 Nate Lake Dash Racing
26 Frank Kenney Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
27 Alan Clements None
28 Jeffrey Parmelee The Bike Line
29 Kiel Lester Team Handmade
30 Doug Shrieve Midwest Devo Support Crew
31 Curtis Prichard None
32 Ryan Baber None
33 Mike Fowler SRAM Factory
34 Marissa Doner Team Neighborlink
35 William Repenning
36 Margaret Barawskas J's Bikes Racing
37 Ryan Robinson
38 Tom Mangia Team Neighborlink
39 Tim Schlegel
40 Pete Johnson None
41 Caroline Shrieve
42 Brittany Root - ekstrom InWell
43 Jacqueline Mooney None
44 Meredith Link Bicycle Station
45 Rena Smock Igo Fasnow
46 Kaitlyn Paris None
47 Clare Burkhart Team Handmade
48 Michelle Dyas None