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Men Collegiate A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Erik Levinsohn Yale University 2:53:30
2 Christopher Welch Union College-NY 2:53:30
3 Michael Landry Yale University 3:02:07
4 Ethan Call Dartmouth College 3:02:14
5 Glenn Ferreira University of Delaware 3:02:30
6 Andrew Borden Castelton University 3:02:54
7 Jack Lynch KMS Cycling-Killington Mountain School 3:03:00
8 Michael Grome Yale University 3:03:05
9 Zachary Berkow Dartmouth College 3:03:05
10 Brian Alba Northeastern University 3:03:46
11 Carlo Quicho Boston University 3:04:19
12 Josh Chu KMS Cycling-Killington Mountain School 3:08:08
13 Leland Grigoli Brown University Cycling 3:09:14
14 Will Greene Middlebury College 3:12:53
15 Jack Greene Dartmouth College 3:16:08
16 Nate Ricketts Juniata College P&P
17 Chris Dsida Bates College P&P
18 William Hubsch Johns Hopkins University P&P
19 Geno Villafano University of Connecticut P&P
20 Eric Loehle Boston University P&P
21 Fisher Curran Boston University P&P
22 James Fox New York University P&P
23 Sam Nussenzweig Columbia University-NYC P&P
24 Oliver Wockner McGill University P&P
25 Dylan Dalgas McGill University P&P
26 Aaron Dunn US Naval Academy P&P
DNF Matthew Owens University of Vermont DNF
DNF Leo Kirkpatrick baird KMS Cycling-Killington Mountain School DNF
DNF William Vickerman Pennsylvania State University DNF
DNF Julian Georg Syracuse University DNF
DNF Nick Kleban McGill University DNF
DNF Anthony Cao New York University DNF
DNF Felix Oestereich McGill University DNF
DNF Danielle Morshead Brown University DNF
DNF Gianni Polhemus unattach (Bentley University) DNF
DNF Riley Joinnides Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute DNF
DNF Caleb Parnell Juniata College DNF
DNF Eli Markworth University of Vermont DNF

Men Collegiate B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Berk Ozturk Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2:17:17
2 Andrew Mergen US Military Academy 2:20:24
3 Patrick White Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2:20:24
4 Hugh Kenny Bates College 2:20:24
5 Travis Wold Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2:21:17
6 Timothy Putnam University of New Hampshire 2:23:59
7 Matthew Wiseman Williams College 2:26:16
8 Rowan Crowley US Military Academy 2:29:28
9 David Shamritsky Cornell University 2:29:36
10 Nick Brocato Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2:30:01
11 Morgan Rockett Northeastern University 2:31:55
12 Matthew Park New York University 2:36:25
13 Arturo Johnson KMS Cycling-Killington Mountain School 2:36:40
14 Eian Prohl Brown University 2:39:08
15 Charles Mandel University of Vermont 2:40:40
16 Ben Farrell Northeastern University 2:42:13
17 Sean Ponce Johns Hopkins University 2:46:07
18 Xiaodi Shen Northeastern University 2:53:15
19 Maximilian Hochschwender University of New Hampshire 3:00:38
20 Eli Bravo Bucknell University 3:00:38
DNF Sam Veggeberg University of Massachusetts Amherst DNF
DNF Nicholas Tveter University of New Hampshire DNF
DNF Keller Balsam US Military Academy DNF
DNF Dustin Weigl Massachusetts Institute of Technology DNF
DNF Zackery Weimer University of Vermont DNF
DNF Evan Twarog United States Coast Guard Academy DNF
DNF Alec Pelton Dartmouth College DNF
DNF Donnie Seib University of Vermont DNF

Men Collegiate C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Liam Fenlon Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1:31:40
2 Evan Arthur Colby College 1:31:41
3 Kyle Hayes Lehigh University 1:32:29
4 Noel Hwang Tufts University 1:32:29
5 Brian Brady US Military Academy 1:32:33
6 Kyle Herschberger US Military Academy 1:35:02
7 Ian Oneil University of Massachusetts Amherst 1:35:10
8 Matthew Mcgauley Bucknell University 1:35:10
9 Messen Timothy Dartmouth College 1:35:33
10 Cole Tamburri Boston College 1:35:35
11 Derek Flynn University of Connecticut 1:36:31
12 Bobby Chambers University of Connecticut 1:36:31
13 Jason Stein Harvard University 1:37:32
14 Farid Noori Middlebury College 1:37:32
15 Kieran Ahern Dartmouth College 1:37:32
16 Aidan Doyle US Military Academy 1:37:54
17 Peter Lugthart Williams College 1:37:55
18 Anthony Depinto Boston University 1:38:22
19 Andrew Schlicht Bucknell University 1:38:34
20 Kevin Seaward US Military Academy 1:39:24
21 Ryan Aittaniemi University of New Hampshire 1:39:33
22 Alexander Wurts Worcester Polytechnic Institute 1:40:48
23 Beckett Nasvik-dykhouse Middlebury College 1:41:16
24 Ian Mccartney Lehigh University 1:42:21
25 Hunter Simpson University of Vermont 1:42:38
26 Sterling Shaner McGill University 1:42:42
27 Steven Lee US Military Academy 1:43:01
28 Daniel Grier Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1:43:45
29 Warren Galloway Middlebury College 1:44:09
30 Lucas Husted Columbia University-NYC 1:52:43
31 Mitchell Joseph Saint Lawrence University 1:55:17
32 Nicholas Fitzsimmons University of Vermont 1:55:52
33 Benjamin Herzberg Northeastern University 2:02:08
34 Raymond Junkins New York University 2:09:59
DNF Wesley Low Boston University DNF
DNF Nicholas Hellmann University of Connecticut DNF
DNF Adan Horta Columbia University-NYC DNF
DNF Jacob Murdock US Military Academy DNF
DNF Yejun Zhu Boston University DNF
DNF Cooper Bates Columbia University-NYC DNF
DNF Sam Cordner Columbia University-NYC DNF
DNF Ian Wallace University of New Hampshire DNF

Men Collegiate D

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Miles Couchman Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1:40:31
2 Connor Koehler Clarkson University 1:40:31
3 Ethan Bull Rutgers University-New Brunswick 1:40:58
4 Jacob Marchman Dartmouth College 1:40:59
5 Chun-ting Liu Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1:41:00
6 Yumeto Shigihara Boston University 1:43:03
7 Colin Fenster United States Coast Guard Academy 1:43:11
8 Jamie Henry University of Massachusetts Amherst 1:43:32
9 Francesco Drake University of Massachusetts Amherst 1:43:32
10 Maxwell Skirpan Bucknell University 1:43:32
11 Carl Betz University of Vermont 1:43:32
12 Tobias Ehrenberger Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1:43:42
13 Nadav Hendel Dartmouth College 1:43:52
14 Riley Frackleton University of Massachusetts Amherst 1:43:57
15 Connor Bauer Rutgers University-New Brunswick 1:44:13
16 Brendan Mullaney University of New Hampshire 1:44:48
17 Julian O'donnell Deerfield Academy 1:45:56
18 Maxon Quas University of Vermont 1:45:57
19 Bruno Korbar Dartmouth College 1:46:45
20 Saen Burgess Rutgers University-New Brunswick 1:47:23
21 Brendon Clover Tufts University 1:48:36
22 Parth Doshi US Military Academy 1:48:45
23 Biswaroop Mukherjee Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1:50:15
24 Andrew Mei New York University 1:50:28
25 Andrew Kary New York University 1:50:28
26 Mitchell Donat Boston College 1:52:17
27 Carlos Petricioli New York University 1:52:38
28 Ariel Koltun-fromm Williams College 1:53:20
29 Liam Gillis Williams College 1:54:16
30 Arun Kabir Boston University 1:57:02
31 Sergio Martinez Harvard University 1:57:41
32 Ethan Foy Boston College 1:58:23
33 Ziheng Wang Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1:58:45
34 Kevin Luo Northeastern University 2:00:58
35 Alvin Leong New York University 2:01:27
36 Samuel Roussel Bowdoin College 2:03:45
37 John Jameson Boston College 2:05:02
38 Jack Von kleeck US Military Academy 2:07:18
39 Alfred Ong New York University 2:09:39
40 David Wiedaseck Boston College 2:16:04
41 Yusuf Kapadia New York University 2:17:52
42 Wenzhao Bai Northeastern University 2:26:14
43 Nate Michno University of Vermont 2:42:19
44 William Marcial University of Connecticut 2:43:38
DNF Andrew Hamilton US Military Academy DNF
DNF Merritt Wurts Deerfield Academy DNF
DNF Nikhil Plouffe Castelton University DNF
DNF Haiyun Xu Boston University DNF
DNF Jacob Gehrung University of New Hampshire DNF
DNF William Seguin University of New Hampshire DNF
DNF Robert Bunker New York University DNF
DNF Andrew Xia Massachusetts Institute of Technology DNF
DNF Alex Weinman Deerfield Academy DNF
DNF Cosmo Grant Massachusetts Institute of Technology DNF
DNF Chris Berry University of Vermont DNF
DNF Xavier Koontzmiller University of Vermont DNF
DNF Michael Hirsahbahl Castleton University DNF
DNF Eric Kuhn University of Vermont DNF
DNF Wesley Bayles US Military Academy DNF
DNF Zachary Weiss Northeastern University DNF
DNF Noah Jenkins University of Connecticut DNF
DNF Brandon Loo University of Connecticut DNF
DNF Maxwell Reed Boston University DNF
DNF Mitchell Morrison Boston College DNF
DNF Rory Mccormick University of Connecticut DNF
DNF Xupeng Zhu Northeastern University DNF
DNF Camron Gosselin University of Connecticut DNF

Men Collegiate E

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gregory Callahan Tufts University 0:55:13
2 Bryan Kim Boston College 0:57:42
3 Andrew Moore Bowdoin College 0:59:34
4 Ricardo Torres-garzon Williams College 1:01:17
5 Harry Huang Bucknell University 1:09:19
6 James Liang New York University 1:09:37

Women Collegiate A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Elizabeth Huuki US Military Academy 2:29:50
2 Emma Edwards Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2:33:59
3 Allison Mrugal Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2:41:24
4 Katherine Rusch Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2:41:30
5 Katie Aman Middlebury College 2:41:57
6 Lizzie Wright Rhode Island School of Design 2:42:09
7 Monte Ho US Military Academy 2:49:58
8 Emily Mailhot Lehigh University 2:55:00
9 Evelyn Korbich Bucknell University 2:59:13
DNF Marjolein Pawlus Northeastern University DNF
DNF Josephine Vanloozen Drexel University DNF

Women Collegiate B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jamie Cohen Harvard University 2:29:09
2 Caroline Folmer Dartmouth College 2:36:29
3 Caroline O'dwyer University of Connecticut 2:43:43
4 Sarah (Sasha) Lansky Tufts University 2:55:00
5 Sarah Nadeau Cornell University 2:56:28

Women Collegiate C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Katherine Ogden Dartmouth College 1:50:35
2 Eleanor Lustig Williams College 1:53:10
3 Margaret Conley Bowdoin College 1:53:11
4 Aileen Bui Brown University 1:53:11
5 Parker Gray University of New Hampshire 1:59:20
6 Gabriela Zimbron University of Vermont 1:59:20
7 Elina Breton Saint Lawrence University 1:59:50
8 Sarah Morrow US Military Academy 2:02:07
9 Camryn Kluetmeier Middlebury College 2:03:27
10 Aiko Takata Dartmouth College 2:04:35
11 Sophia Konanc Middlebury College 2:04:36
12 Christina Strachoff Rhode Island School of Design 2:18:13
13 Phoebe Lee US Military Academy 2:24:00
14 Sophie Connor Dartmouth College 2:28:12
15 Marcy Bardman Lehigh University 2:30:37
16 Ashley Krupa Cornell University P&P
DNF Anne Halverstadt Northeastern University DNF

Women Collegiate D

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Carolina Rabbat Columbia University-NYC 1:59:46
2 Noortje Hagemeijer Harvard University 2:01:47
3 Katie Krauska University of Vermont 2:07:02
4 Lily Edeen University of Connecticut 2:08:28
5 Alexa Thorne Rhode Island School of Design 2:33:58
6 Rebecca Jaroszewski University of Connecticut P&P
7 Julia Sakaulas Tufts University P&P
8 Liesl Magnus Saint Lawrence University P&P
9 Mingxue Su Northeastern University P&P
10 Yijun Zhou Rutgers University-New Brunswick P&P
11 Qiani Zhang Rhode Island School of Design P&P
DNF Helen Gilbert-snyder NU Cycling DNF