These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Junior 10-12

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nathan Sabol Rad Racing NW 0:58:23
2 Benjamin Juracich Liquid Velo 0:58:55
3 Kian Reid Arlberg Sports 1:08:20
4 Levi Rubuliak Red Devils Cycling Academy 1:21:15
DNF Jack Barrett stringham Rad Racing NW #VALUE!

Men Junior 13-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Cucco Liquid Velo 0:56:07
2 Jack Harris Cycle U 0:56:18
3 Isaac Juracich Liquid Velo 0:56:22

Men Junior 15-16

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Noah Rubuliak 2:49:16
2 Andreas Broxson 2:53:25
3 Cooper Waters 3:22:24

Men Master 35+ Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Vincent Marcotte Langlois Brown Racing 6:02:26
2 David Kuhns 6:02:58
3 Aris Sophocles 6:03:06
4 Richard Costello Steed Cycles 6:03:32
5 Kyle Farrell Keller Rohrback Cycling 6:03:51
6 Steve Savage Steed Cycles 6:04:06
7 Andrew Sargent Evolution Racing Team-WA 6:04:12
8 Nicholas Rowe Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club 6:04:28
9 Maikey Lopera Washington State Bicycle Association 6:04:28
10 Joshua Simmons Monton-TM 6:04:42
11 Mark Sherman 6:04:45
12 Leif Olson Monton-TM 6:04:49
13 Dean Broomham 6:05:00
14 John Browning Evolution Racing Team-WA 6:05:02
15 Jeffrey Gaeckle Liquid Velo 6:05:41
16 Jeffrey Werner 6:06:22
17 Curtis Schlossberger Pro City Racing 6:06:23
18 John Wolters Tenspeed Hero 6:06:47
19 Marty Heck Fulgas 6:06:51
20 David Chipchase Liquid Velo 6:07:08
21 Chris Worsfold Tag cycling 6:08:01
22 Brian Smith Audi 6:08:41
23 David Gerth Langlois Brown Racing 6:09:26
24 Maurice Worsfold Tag cycling 6:09:57
25 Nigel Davies Bandit Elite Racing 6:11:16
26 Stuart Ayling Monton-TM 6:13:40
27 Todd Moore Independent 6:14:05
28 William Broeker Este Monton 6:14:46
29 Shawn Howard Washington State Bicycle Association 6:14:52
30 Paul Taylor 6:15:02
31 David Gordon Olympia Orthopaedic Associates 6:16:20
32 Matthew Brown Fulgas 6:17:52
33 James Stangeland Keller Rohrback Cycling 6:22:06
34 Jason Elder 6:30:36
35 Julian Soh Audi 6:36:00
36 Nat Faulkner Watt Riot 6:40:11
37 Chris Sexton Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team 6:40:55
DNF Steve Bleifuhs Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team #VALUE!
DNF Matt Cusack Bandit Elite Racing #VALUE!
DNF Jed Stremel Audi #VALUE!
DNF Christopher Kaiser Monton-TM #VALUE!
DNF Bradlee Haley Liquid Velo #VALUE!
DNF Justin Heinen Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team #VALUE!
DNF Greg Hoglund #VALUE!
DNF Eric Hung Steed Cycles #VALUE!
DNF Larry Jackson #VALUE!
DNF David Lanier Audi #VALUE!
DNF Andrew Martin Tenspeed Hero #VALUE!
DNF Jeffrey Reed Drop Bar Racing #VALUE!
DNF Andrew Shirey Audi #VALUE!
DNF Matthew Van nostrand Fulgas #VALUE!
DNF Jonathan Wood Langlois Brown Racing #VALUE!
DNF Blaine Felton Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team #VALUE!
DNF Neil Evans Rundle Mountain Cycling Club #VALUE!
DNF Travis Dawson Victoria Breakaway Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Matthew Slater Evolution Racing Team-WA #VALUE!
DNF Darren Vogler Independent #VALUE!
DNF Rob Angelo Evolution Racing Team-WA #VALUE!
DNF Leigh Thurgood Tenspeed Hero #VALUE!
DNF William Knudsen Bandit Elite Racing #VALUE!
DNF Alfredo Ramirez Liquid Velo #VALUE!
DNF Paul Beard #VALUE!
DNF Mark Breakspear #VALUE!
DNF Craig Debellefeuille #VALUE!
DNF Dalton Fayad #VALUE!
DNF Paul Krzywicki #VALUE!

Men Master 40+ Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Dejarlais Audi 4:44:44
2 Tim Belding Bearded Monkey Racing 4:44:51
3 Jesse Gough Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club 4:44:55
4 Aaron Jones Apex Racing 4:45:04
5 Ted Buchanan Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team 4:48:37
6 Brett Gaspers Apex Racing 4:48:47
7 Todd Strahm Wenatchee Valley Velo 4:49:35
8 Ryan Hamilton Wildhorse Cycling Club 4:49:39
9 Jim Stefanoff Two Wheeler/Specialized 4:52:43
10 Scott Long Two Wheeler/Specialized 4:54:41
11 Pieter Mulier Tete de la Course Cycling 4:55:29
12 Jeffrey Musser Liquid Velo 4:55:30
13 Chad Eder Chinook Cycling 4:58:47
14 Chris Joosse Tacoma Bike Racing Team 5:02:14
15 Mark Selander Apex Racing 5:03:06
16 Adam Loving Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team 5:05:09
17 Matt Dente Fell Swoop 5:11:54
18 Cory Applebury Hagens Berman Cycling 5:13:40
19 Joe Huber Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team 5:21:34
20 David Mckinnie Apex Racing 5:24:05
21 Scott Napier Bicycle Centres Racing 5:25:53
22 Jeffrey Youde 5:26:14
23 Harry Edwards Liquid Velo 5:26:16
24 Lorne Cross Team Oregon presented by Rodda Paint 5:28:50
25 Frederick Vandiver Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team 5:35:28
DNF Randy Beecham Allegro Cyclery Racing #VALUE!
DNF David Branson Apex Racing #VALUE!
DNF Dale Cook #VALUE!
DNF Duncan Mcintosh Hagens Berman Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Scott Renda Apex Racing #VALUE!
DNF Luther Riley River City Red #VALUE!
DNF Paul Roberts Wenatchee Valley Velo #VALUE!
DNF Todd Smith Apex Racing #VALUE!
DNF Kurt Hubbart #VALUE!

Men Master 50+ Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
6 Greg Inkster VO2 Men 4:45:43
7 Garth Campbell Victoria Breakway Cycling Club 4:46:04
8 Kent Duncan 4:46:07
9 Greg Cote Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 4:46:41
10 Scott Monett Tacoma Bike Racing Team 4:47:12
11 Bob Chew 4:47:45
12 Mark Littrell Audi 4:49:16
13 Denny Bartlett Drop Bar Racing 4:49:35
14 Alex Rosenast Drop Bar Racing 4:50:51
15 Francisco Pons Monton-TM 4:52:12
16 Gregory Luniewski VELOBODY / GERK'S 4:52:21
17 Mark Watson Hagens Berman Cycling 4:52:39
18 Kevin Hall 5:16:49
19 Anthony Pawley 5:41:26
20 Roberto Castro Wenatchee Valley Velo 5:42:53
21 Kevin Andrews Allegro Cyclery Racing 5:53:28
DNF Chris Adolf Fell Swoop #VALUE!
DNF Garth Ferber Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team #VALUE!
DNF Jack Stringham Drop Bar Racing #VALUE!
DNF Bukie Mabayoje Beaverton Bicycle Club #VALUE!
DNF Phil Arnold Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team #VALUE!
DNF Pedro Peraltaelgueta Glotman Simpson #VALUE!

Men Master 60+ Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ritchie Hughes Echapee Victoria Break-Away 4:47:56
2 Mark Clausen Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team 4:59:41
3 David Friedt Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team 6:07:15
DNF J Michael manning #VALUE!
DNF Donald Stimson Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team #VALUE!

Men Senior Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Florenz Knauer Stradalli Cycle/ Safetti 6:44:32
2 Alexander Fraser-maraun Hewdog Racing 6:45:04
3 Nigel Kinney Langlois Brown Racing 6:45:22
4 Will Teal Metier Racing & Coffee 6:45:34
5 Alexander Murison Trek Red Truck Racing 6:46:28
6 Nick Monette Victoria Wheelers 6:46:35
7 Kyle Buckosky 6:46:37
8 Amiel Flett brown North Coast Lumber p/b Giant Whiterock 6:46:52
9 Ian Tubbs Audi 6:47:17
10 Zachary Kovalcik 6:49:34
11 Theodore Schwartz Metier Racing & Coffee 6:50:02
12 Brendan Armstrong Independent 6:50:16
13 Nicholas Zendler Liquid Velo 6:50:45
14 Sam Horn Victoria Wheelers 6:51:17
15 Ryan Short Monton-TM 6:51:26
16 Mark Meuleman Monton-TM 6:52:07
17 Kevin Bradford-parish 6:52:25
18 Dylan Davies Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes 6:52:31
19 Ryan Golbeck 6:52:57
20 Sean Henry Hewdog Racing 6:54:56
21 Max Ritzow V.C. Cascade/Slocum Center 7:01:39
22 Ryan Kingsolver Stay Park City Cycling 7:04:10
23 Zhaolong Wu Team Oregon presented by Rodda Paint 7:04:32
24 Kyle Berg Holtey Brown p/b Peak Condition 7:04:45
25 Eric Cockrell Metier Racing & Coffee 7:11:27
26 Josiah Poler Bandit Elite Racing/Bandit Elite Racing 7:15:28
27 Felipe Nystrom 7:20:43
28 Waiben Wong 7:25:38
29 Clark Smithson Tenspeed Hero 7:30:26
30 Normand Richard Northcoast Lumber 1 p/d Giant White Rock 7:45:11
DNF Christopher Carter Monton-TM #VALUE!
DNF Seth Cowie #VALUE!
DNF Erik Diertens Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes #VALUE!
DNF Christian Gomes Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme #VALUE!
DNF Justin Homewood Langlois Brown Racing #VALUE!
DNF Zor Keeler Audi #VALUE!
DNF Andrew Austin Hedrick Racing #VALUE!
DNF Conor Martin TaG Cycling Club #VALUE!
DNF Scott Ofarrell Metier Racing & Coffee #VALUE!
DNF Cory Ostertag Langlois Brown Racing #VALUE!
DNF Sherwood Plant Langlois Brown Racing #VALUE!
DNF Wilson Tran Langlois Brown Racing #VALUE!
DNF David Vanbolt Audi #VALUE!
DNF Brian Venable Audi #VALUE!
DNF Justin Wagner TeamODZ #VALUE!
DNF Thomas Wallace Glotman Simpson Racing #VALUE!
DNF Scott Wannop Mighty Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Ayden Young Audi #VALUE!
DNF Kellen Viznaugh Applewood Garneau pb Smartsavvy #VALUE!
DNF Tyler Aquino Holtey Brown p/b Peak Condition #VALUE!
DNF Gregory Kell Holtey Brown p/b Peak Condition #VALUE!
DNF Colin Fowlow Trek Red-Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes #VALUE!
DNF Chris Macleod Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes #VALUE!
DNF Paul Bourcier #VALUE!
DNF Andrew Frank University of Montana Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Marc Dupuis Hewdog Racing #VALUE!
DNF Emmett Culp Hosmer Chiropractic-RPM Mortgage Cycling Team #VALUE!
DNF Sam Harbison Holtey Brown p/b Peak Condition #VALUE!
DNF Austin Arguello Union Bay Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Graham Lock Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy #VALUE!
DNF Nicholas Jones Langlois Brown Racing #VALUE!
DNF Patrick Riddell Hewdog Racing #VALUE!
DNF Adam Holcombe Hewdog Racing #VALUE!
DNF Brendan Cowley Hewdog Racing #VALUE!
DNF Emile De rosnay #VALUE!
DNF Jeremiah Arnold #VALUE!
DNF Jackson Bocksnick #VALUE!
DNF Travis Streb #VALUE!
DNF Branden Russell Metier Racing #VALUE!

Men Senior Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jacob Rubuliak red devils cycling academy 6:19:16
2 Erik Hammerquist TNCG Legal Pees 6:19:21
3 Grant Gill Steed 6:20:05
4 Andrew Haslem 6:20:20
5 Sean Richardson Cannondale pb Fortius 6:20:24
6 Baili Guidi 6:20:35
7 Jonathan Pittsford Tenspeed Hero 6:21:05
8 Will Harrison Apex Racing 6:21:12
9 Michael Ott 6:21:23
10 Benjamin Waters Holtey Brown p/b Peak Condition 6:21:25
11 Nathaniel Bean Apex Racing 6:21:43
12 Istvan Takacs Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b Pacific Office 6:21:58
13 Eric Inkster Cannondale p/b Fortius 6:22:14
14 Ethan Pauly TaG Cycling Race Team 6:22:23
15 Zachary Johnson Hagens Berman Cycling 6:22:25
16 Tamatea Westby Independent 6:22:39
17 Sean Wallace 6:24:33
18 Cristian Fuentes Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b Pacific Office 6:25:51
19 Scott Allen Eastern Washington University 6:27:11
20 Brennan Hodgins Apex Racing 6:34:16
21 George Romer Hagens Berman Cycling 6:38:31
22 Evan Halladay Chinook Cycling 6:48:16
23 Rocky White Apex Racing 7:23:11
DNF Adam Angert Holtey Brown p/b Peak Condition #VALUE!
DNF Bob Bautista Apex Racing #VALUE!
DNF Daniel Fealk Apex Racing #VALUE!
DNF Theo Floor WWU Cycling Team #VALUE!
DNF Austin Foxley Metier Racing & Coffee #VALUE!
DNF Philippe Gauthier Holtey Brown p/b Peak Condition #VALUE!
DNF Nathan Hakken Apex Racing #VALUE!
DNF Ian Hilts Glotman Simpson Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Jonathon Hinkle Therapeutic Associates Racing p/b Pacific Office #VALUE!
DNF Joel Lentz Apex Racing #VALUE!
DNF Nicholas Mendenhall Apex Racing #VALUE!
DNF David Mullen Hagens Berman Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Alec Osenbach Tenspeed Hero #VALUE!
DNF Kyle Peterek Apex Racing #VALUE!
DNF Travis Venable Audi #VALUE!
DNF Jason Whitley Team Oregon presented by Rodda Paint #VALUE!
DNF Chris Wilson Metier Racing & Coffee #VALUE!
DNF Brad Wiltfong Holtey Brown p/b Peak Condition #VALUE!
DNF Adam Worobec Liquid Velo #VALUE!
DNF Robert Breathet The Bike Barn #VALUE!
DNF Elliott Usher #VALUE!
DNF Kelsey Unger Independant #VALUE!
DNF Dee Patterson #VALUE!
DNF Matt Mcwhirter Metier Racing #VALUE!
DNF Evan Russell TaG Cycling Team #VALUE!
DNF Rian Rustvold Hagens Berman Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Nathaniel Sherrett #VALUE!
DNF Justin Tornow Bearded Monkey Racing #VALUE!
DNF Cole Glover Victoria Wheelers #VALUE!
DNF Steven Hewick Hewdog Racing #VALUE!
DNF Edward Rosenberg Audi #VALUE!
DNF Andrew Funamoto #VALUE!
DNF Lee Isaman #VALUE!
DNF Samuel O'brien #VALUE!

Men Senior Cat 4-5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
22 Jessie Wagman 2:36:33
23 Luis Orozco 2:36:42
24 Edgardo Hernandez OMG Racing 2:38:25
25 Peter Snoblin Hedrick Racing 2:38:50
26 Ross Antonsen Allegro Cyclery Racing 2:38:51
27 Chris Harbers Audi 2:39:11
28 Carson Hedrick Hedrick Racing 2:39:30
29 Ryan Smolinsky 2:39:34
30 Paul Young 2:39:35
31 Ian Williams 2:39:56
32 Andrew Arnold Bearded Monkey Racing 2:40:01
33 Lance Payne 2:40:23
34 Daniel Rossano Egencia 2:40:30
35 Jeremy Cucco Liquid Velo 2:40:37
36 Grant Gumina Apex Racing 2:42:20
37 Zach Juracich Liquid Velo 2:43:22
38 Zack Moss 2:43:24
39 Christopher Dennis VELOBODY / GERK'S 2:44:27
40 Jay Rainey Stay Park City Cycling 2:45:55
41 Ryan Kettleson TeamODZ 2:46:36
42 Neil Dezarn 2:46:57
43 Michael Alvarez 2:48:11
44 Steve Donaldson 2:49:22
45 Alex Aguinaldo Apex Racing 2:50:45
46 Evan Richardson 2:52:05
47 Colin Faint 2:52:56
48 Trevor Tweedy Two Wheeler/Specialized 2:55:05
49 Heikki Heinaro Taco Time Northwest Cycling Tea 2:55:25
50 Scott Carter 2:57:04
51 Scott Burger Liquid Velo 2:57:13
52 Thomas Catalina Liquid Velo 3:11:39
53 Jon Bumgardner 3:12:29
54 James Campbell-harris Hedrick Racing 3:16:10
DNF Chris Mills Taco Time Northwest Cycling Tea #VALUE!
DNF Nicholas Murphy WWU Cycling Team #VALUE!
DNF Jared Schmautz River City Red #VALUE!
DNF Chance Warren #VALUE!
DNF Jonathan Wood Metier Racing & Coffee #VALUE!
DNF Erik Haaheim Red Devils Cycling Academy #VALUE!
DNF Michael Zimmerman VELOBODY / GERK'S #VALUE!
DNF Trevor Haaheim Red Devils #VALUE!
DNF Trevor Bastian #VALUE!

Women Junior 13-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Angela Robertson DEVO pb Fortius 1:01:21
DNF Brooke Long #VALUE!

Women Junior 15-16

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Wuerr Astrid DEVO p/b Fortius 2:19:51
2 Kendra Shaw 2:23:36

Women Senior Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Megan Rathwell Broad St Cycles/Stuckylife 5:08:52
2 Callie Swan Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes 5:10:11
3 Claire Cameron Fluevogs Crit Nasty 5:10:56
4 Jasmine Soh V.C. Cascade/Slocum Center 5:11:10
5 Brooke Danaher 5:11:34
6 Sarah Macarthur Synergy Racing 5:11:39
7 Anna Talman Trek Red Truck 5:11:59
8 Joanie Caron Crit Nasty 5:12:01
9 Jennifer Gerth 5:13:27
10 Joelle Delhaes Fluevogs Crit Nasty 5:14:00
11 Jessica Daniels Glotman Simpson Cycling 5:14:21
12 Cara Machacek Keller Rohrback Cycling 5:16:11
13 Holly Simonson Trek Red Truck Racing 5:17:47
14 Erin Ruttan 5:19:50
15 Deborah Snell Victoria Wheelers 5:21:08
16 Lisa Eriksson Holtey Brown p/b Peak Condition 5:25:21
DNF Kara Hagedorn Watt Riot Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Anne Ouellet Fluevog #VALUE!
DNF Annemarije Rook Keller Rohrback Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Janna Gillick #VALUE!

Women Senior Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Elle Bush 5:12:10
2 Sonia Taylor Glotman Simpson Cycling Club 5:12:46
3 Anne-julie Dudemaine Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 5:12:53
4 Julie Strong Monton-TM 5:16:07
5 Stephanie Wood 5:17:24
6 Madeline Arpin Watt Riot Cycling 5:17:28
7 Alesha Miller Fresh Air Athena 5:18:30
8 Krista Matthews Glotman Simpson Cycling 5:20:40
9 Dierdre Douglas 5:22:09
10 Lauren Marshall 5:25:15
11 Kara Lily Peloton Racing p/b 5:32:50
12 Danita Dunlap 5:33:11
13 Kelsey Spiegel Team Digestive Health Clinic Boise VeloWomen 5:48:15
14 Nadine Carter Team Digestive Health Clinic Boise VeloWomen 5:56:38
DNF Emily Ball SIREN Racing #VALUE!
DNF Rebecca Cohen Glotman Simpson Cycling #VALUE!
DNF Katie Fitzmaurice Glotman Simpson #VALUE!
DNF Caitlim Wallin Cannondale pb Fortius #VALUE!

Women Senior Cat 4-5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Stephanie Arnold 2:40:43
2 Debra Parker Wildhorse Cycling Club 2:41:00
3 Meghan Henry Baddlands Cycling Club 2:41:04
4 Allie Foote Monton-TM 2:42:03
5 Nikki Mohrbacher Team Thrive p/b Kaiser Permanen 2:42:16
6 Chantalle Hansen 2:42:22
7 Rebecca Book 2:42:39
8 Lilly Ujfalusi 2:42:45
9 Jennifer Kuhns 2:42:49
10 Gemma Hamilton 2:42:57
11 Jessica Deneweth 2:43:12
12 Ana Large Red Devils Cycling Academy 2:43:22
13 Jaxon Slaney Independent 2:43:30
14 Carolyn Fealk Team Thrive p/b Kaiser Permanen 2:43:44
15 Keri Barnes Team Digestive Health Clinic Bo 2:47:48
16 Rachel Thody Hagens Berman Cycling 2:54:22
17 Carolyn Shaw 2:55:29
18 Caroline Okocha Team Thrive p/b Kaiser Permanen 2:59:16
19 Sarah Campbell-harris SIREN Racing 3:06:16
20 Ilon Logan Team Thrive p/b Kaiser Permanen 3:07:42
DNF Tonya Leroy Team Thrive p/b Kaiser Permanen #VALUE!