These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Logan Grace Donkey Label Racing 1:20:11
2 Darel Christopher East Point Track Club 1
3 Hugh Gill Dogfish/Team Noah s.t.
4 Jarrod Moroni Moronis Bikes Bendigo 14
5 Tyler Reynolds Above & Beyond Cancer Junior Cy s.t.
6 Cade Bickmore Marian University Cycling Team 16
7 Spencer Moavenzadeh Butcherbox Cycling s.t.
8 Joseph Emmons Matrix/Rbm s.t.
9 Andrew Hodges Snyder Cycles Elite Team s.t.
10 Dalton Walters Matrix/Rbm s.t.
11 Chase Wark Donkey Label s.t.
12 Cameron Hawk Oak Valley Community Bank Elite s.t.
13 Trevor Fine Tulsa Wheelmen s.t.
14 Said Assali Shama Cycles s.t.
15 Eames Bennett Blue Agave Racing s.t.
16 Christian Newton Voodoo Racing s.t.
17 Ben Craig City Title Cycling Team s.t.
18 Trey Hedgecock Above + Beyond Cancer s.t.
19 Matthew Mata-aguilar Nick Lopez Tailoring Cycling Te s.t.
20 Eric Franklin Oklahoma Bicycle Project s.t.
21 Nathan Harris Nick Lopez Tailoring Cycling Te s.t.
22 Olivier Lavigueur Visit Bentonville Racing s.t.
23 Chad Coccaro Hodges Bend Racing s.t.
24 Adam Tingler Oklahoma Bicycle Project s.t.
25 Justice Hudson Dallas Racing s.t.
26 Zachary Zionts s.t.
27 Wyatt Gaulke Stradalli/Reynolds Roofing s.t.
28 Aaron Wade VooDoo Racing s.t.
29 Ben Gramling City Title Cycling Team 24
30 Joseph Pardue Breakaway Cycling Team s.t.
31 Cailean Carlberg Soundpony Triad Bank 27
32 Bryce Fulton Soundpony-Triad Bank s.t.
33 Tyler Curtis Spin Racing 29
34 Andrew Farmer Dna Racing 31
35 Adam Biwan Bicycles Plus Racing 57
36 Bryan Burpee Matrix/Rbm s.t.
37 Jared Hall Visit Bentonville Racing s.t.
38 Blake Brown Breakaway Cycling Team s.t.
39 Charles Krouse Ride Away Cycling Club s.t.
40 Andrew E wheeler Full Send Racing s.t.
41 Will Frank City Title Cyling Team s.t.
42 Fredd Corpuz Full Send Racing 4:34
43 John Zanner Full Send Racing s.t.
44 Keith Strand Full Send Racing s.t.
45 Daryl Thomas Ful Send Racing s.t.
46 David Waples s.t.
47 Randy Lee Bicycles Plus Racing s.t.
48 Thomas Moritz Team Tom's Bicycles P/B Topeca s.t.
DNF Cole Johnson Move Up Development
DNF Robert Lemaster Soundpony P/B Triad Bank
DNF Matthew Shipman Soundpony Triad Bank
DNF Nicholas Penrod Air Assurance Devo P/B Spoke Ho
DNF Brian Lea Fayetteville Wheelmen
DNF Leo Hansen Dna Racing
DNF Luke Hall Visit Bentonville Racing

Men Cat3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Graham Barker-king Team Upland Brewing 46:59:00
2 Daniel Stein Dna Racing s.t.
3 Ashton Swartzfager Dallas Bike Works 3
4 Will Peterson Gp Velotek 12
5 Randall Fransen Mettle Cycling s.t.
6 Tanner Culbreath Air Assurance Devo P/b Spoke Ho s.t.
7 Frederick Wild Dna Racing s.t.
8 Patrick Breen Dallas Bike Works s.t.
9 Christian Culpepper Full Send Racing s.t.
10 Eric Loehle Butcherbox Cycling s.t.
11 Brandon Jackson s.t.
12 Nicholas Petrov Cadence Cyclery Pb Audi Of Mcki s.t.
13 Brad Schrag Experience Fayetteville Racing s.t.
14 Brandon Mckinney Voodoo Racing s.t.
15 Aaron Mcdaniel Okc Velo Bike Lab s.t.
16 Bryce Ward Breakaway Cycling s.t.
17 David Erwin Dallas Racing s.t.
18 Nicholas Blackwell Soundpony Triad Bank s.t.
19 Elvys Martinez Silcarbon Racing Team s.t.
20 Timothy Palyukh Bicycles Plus Racing s.t.
21 Michael Christian Team Tom's Bicycles P/B Topeca s.t.
22 Michael Gathers Transitions Lifecare P/B Insync s.t.
23 Ryan Ameen Hodges Bend Racing s.t.
24 Neil Simmons Pinnacle Velo s.t.
25 Jack Jarko Dna Racing s.t.
26 Paul Barnes Team Air Assurance P/B Avb Bank s.t.
27 Max Tucker Experience Fayetteville Cycling s.t.
28 Kyle Guinn Kcbc Racing 18
29 Austin Hess Kuat Trek P/B A&B Cycle 19
30 Chad Shanks 21
31 Bryan Fissel Team Tom's Bicycles P/B Topeca s.t.
32 Adam Barnes City Title & Closing Llc s.t.
33 Drew Cardoza Hodges Bend Racing 44
34 Rodolfo Arredondo 49
35 Kendall Wiebe Gp Velotek 51
36 Viet Hoang Gp Velotek 59
37 Beau Lee Dna 1:45
38 Austin Edgar Team Soundpony s.t.
39 Samuel Meullenet Breakaway Cycling s.t.
40 Keith Bassham Team Tom's Bicycles p/b Topeca 1:50
41 Andrew Escandon Velotek s.t.
42 Ryan Hobbs Rapha s.t.
43 Harrison Petre Air Assurance s.t.
44 Andrew Townsend Carve s.t.
45 Mike Patrick Team Tom's Bicycles p/b Topeca s.t.
46 Jordan Beever Kuat Trek P/B A&B Cycle s.t.
47 Ashton Lyle s.t.
48 Bradley Wright Springfield Brewing Company s.t.
49 Dustin Morris Team Air Assurance P/B Avb Bank s.t.
51 Chase Coffman Kuat Cycling Team P/B A&B Cycle
DNF Pablo Ramos bonilla
DNF Richard Hellberg Dallas Bike Works
DNF Joe Mccracken Cadence Cyclery
DNF Bryan Sunday Walmart/Acec Cycling Team

Men Cat4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Barkyoumb Air Assurance Devo P/b Spoke Ho 39:52:00
2 Jason Engelke Transitions LifeCare p/b InSync s.t.
3 Gerry Douglas Pacc Racing s.t.
4 Brent Hartsell Bicycles Plus Racing s.t.
5 Michael Wing Transitions Life Care P/B Insyn s.t.
6 Jason Evans Walmart/Acec Cycling Team s.t.
7 Chad Cook 3
8 Reid Hutchins Bike Lab Okc s.t.
9 Daniel Doherty Bike One Racing Team s.t.
10 Matt Shaner Weaver Technologies Racing s.t.
11 Paul Dawson Transitions Lifecare s.t.
12 Eric Alvarado Dallas Bike Works s.t.
13 Brent Grist Walmart/Acec Cycling Team s.t.
14 Chris Guidry Team Air Assurance p/b AVB Bank 6
15 Kyle Kusik Soundpony Triad Bank s.t.
16 Ryan Hulseberg Hodges Bend Racing s.t.
17 Tayton Parker Oklahoma Flyers s.t.
18 Kyle Sparks Tulsa Wheelmen s.t.
19 Aaron Carpenter Pacc Racing s.t.
20 Kyle Landrum Bell & Co. s.t.
21 Nicholas Stone Dallas Bike Works s.t.
22 Austin Dixon* Breakaway Cycling Team s.t.
23 Jim Timberlake Dna Racing s.t.
24 Brian Metz Primal Audi 10
25 Eric Monte Parkside Cycle s.t.
26 James Snodgrass Bike One Racing Team 14
27 Brian Bolton Team Soundpony -1 Lap
28 Rich Wu Bike Lab Racing Team -1 Lap
29 Shawn Gribble Bike One -3 Laps
30 Alan White Team Warmup Cycling Team -4 Laps
31 Brian Delmotte Renyolds Racing -5 Laps
DNF Alex Bowman Endurance House - Wichita Fall
DNF Andrew Dettmer SBC Cycling

Men Cat5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chad Goings Gp Velotek 29:12:00
2 Jeremy Baldwin Bike Lab Racing Team s.t.
3 Justin Hromadka Bike Lab Racing Team 3
4 Kye Cordes The Bike Lab Okc s.t.
5 Kevin Sloan Okc Velo Bike Lab s.t.
6 Loren Sharp s.t.
7 Jason Blose 6
8 Evan Ward DNA Racing 12
9 Vincent Rodriguez Team Tom's Bicycles p/b Topeca s.t.
10 Jeffrey Wolf STAPLEGUN 15
11 William Briggs Bixby Bicycle Works 1:10
12 Roger Johnson Staplegun s.t.
13 Rene Hernandez Bike Lab Race Team 1:27
14 Kris Stephens Bike Lab Racing s.t.
15 Daniel Journell 1:35
16 Chris Mikesell Gp Velotek s.t.
17 Jarred Manning STAPLEGUN 1:39
18 Pablo Ramos morales 1:49
19 Ronnie Thompson 1:51
20 Brandon Colantonio Bixby Bicycle Works/Cycling for -2 laps
21 Jonathan Clark -2 laps
22 Troy Manicom STAPLEGUN -2 laps
DNF Luke Reilly Oklahoma Flyers

Men Juniors 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Seth Lasley Team Soundpony 30:46:00
2 Pablo Ramos morales 26
3 Luke Reilly Oklahoma Flyers 28
4 Aven Hurwich Matrix/Rbm s.t.

Men Juniors 9-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Maximiliano Alvarez 31:11:00
2 Xapier Hunter 4
3 Ryan Drummond Soundpony Triad Bank s.t.
4 Malachi Jackson Oklahoma Flyers s.t.
5 Evan Coles Soundpony Triad Bank -1 Lap
6 Gabriel Engelke Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship -2 Laps

Men Masters 40+ Cat1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chad Cagle Throwback Racing 50:11:00
2 Hunter East Dna Racing s.t.
3 Warrick Spence s.t.
4 Jacob Lasley Team Soundpony Pb Triad Bank 2
5 Jason Waddell Throwback Racing s.t.
6 John Chu Windsor Door Racing P/B Bicycle 4
7 Aaron Highfill Dna Racing s.t.
8 Bret Crosby Team Ccr Roofing s.t.
9 Ben Beger Momentum Racing s.t.
10 Chad Hodges Dna Racing/Garneau s.t.
11 Pablo Ramos bonilla s.t.
12 William Plumlee Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb s.t.
13 Brian Leib C-N-W/ T$A/ Specialized s.t.
14 Mark Rawlings Gs Tenzing s.t.
15 Carter Johnston Dna Racing s.t.
16 Doug Zell Intelligentsia-Allied s.t.
17 Mark Horn Kcbc Racing / Kansas City Metro 9
18 Vince Hess Team Achieve Inc. 11
19 Joey Mesa Dna Racing / Garneau s.t.
20 Douglas Pedersen Team Cadence Cyclery s.t.
21 Terence Traughber Portland Bicycle Studio s.t.
22 Dan Schaeffer Cycling Kansas City 15
23 James Gillum DNA Racing 21
24 Joseph Jakofcich Dna Racing 25
25 Geremy Rowland Dna Racing 31
26 Troy Reynolds Stradalli/Reynolds Racing s.t.
27 Jay Hawkins Dna Racing 40
28 Dustin Smith Pro Bike Inc. 45
30 Micah Newell Throwback Racing 1:27
31 Brandon Thornton Dna Racing 1:43
32 Norman Bradsher Tulsa Wheelmen s.t.
33 Andrew Crater Supra Cycling Team 1:53
34 Todd Lafleur Windsor Door Racing 2:22
35 Jorge Merle Dallas Racing s.t.
36 Joel Hawks Windsor Door Racing P/B Bicycle -2 Laps
37 William Smith Kcbc Racing -4 Laps
DNF Darrell Hull A' Bloc
DNF Paul Bonds DNA Racing
DNF Jay Blankenship Tulsa Wheelmen
DNF John Lasorsa Dna Racing

Men Masters 40+ Cat3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Troy Cowin 39:32:00
2 Jason Engelke Transitions LifeCare p/b InSync 1
3 Chris Holliday Dna Racing s.t.
4 Steve Schlegel Schlegel Bicycles s.t.
5 Jason Williams Bike Lab Racing Team s.t.
6 Geremy Rowland Dna Racing s.t.
7 Joe Engel Walmart/Acec Cycling Team s.t.
8 Jason Evans Walmart/Acec Cycling Team s.t.
9 Nick Engel Walmart/Acec Cycling Team s.t.
10 Christopher Schmiedeke Gs Tenzing s.t.
11 Vince Hess Team Achieve Inc. s.t.
12 Pete Marrs s.t.
13 Ryan Day Tulsa Wheelmen s.t.
14 Thomas Bain Geri Atrix s.t.
15 Sheridan Marquardt OKCX p/b Celestial Cycles s.t.
16 Joel Shewry Mckinney Velo s.t.
17 Ryan Crissey MATRIX/RBM s.t.
18 Randy Mcintosh Walmart/Acec Cycling Team s.t.
19 Jim Timberlake Dna Racing s.t.
20 Brandon Cavnar Bike Lab s.t.
21 Rob Yates Matrix/Rbm s.t.
22 Stephen C. ibanez Athlete Octane Racing s.t.
23 Scott Morris Village VW Chattanooga Cycling s.t.
24 Edgar Vanlieshout Hagens Berman 8
25 Ryan Hobbs Rapha 1:10
26 Charles Givens Sbc Cycling -2 Laps
DNF Mike Abernathie Bixby Bicycle Works
DNF Steven Isaacs Bixby Bicycle Works/Cycling For
DNF Paul Barnes Team Air Assurance P/B Avb Bank
DNF Jason P holland Bixby Bicycle Works/Cycling For
DNF Benjamin Pitman Okcx P/B Celestial Cycles

Men Pro/Cat 1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Luis Lopez nolasco 1:13:26
2 John Purvis Dna Racing/Garneau s.t.
3 Kyle Swanson Elbowz Racing s.t.
4 Michael Hernandez Aevolo Pro Cycling s.t.
5 Miguel Bryon Holowesko|Citadel | Arapahoe 2
8 Anton Varabei Toronto Hustle s.t.
10 Eric Brunner 303 Project s.t.
11 Cesar Serna Oklahoma Bicycle Project s.t.
13 Nick Torraca Elevate-Khs s.t.
14 Hugo Scala Matrix/Rbm s.t.
16 Miguel Santillanes Support Clean Sport / Sea Sucke s.t.
18 Brandon Melott Dna Racing s.t.
19 Kent Ross Hedrick Racing s.t.
20 Cyrus Pearo Team Rio Grande 8
21 Fred Vincent Palmer Cycling s.t.
22 Zack Allison Team Clif Bar s.t.
23 Frank Travieso Eda / Evolution Cycling Team s.t.
24 Gabriel Baca 303 Project s.t.
25 Dillon Caldwell 303 Project s.t.
26 Brian Firle Roots Racing P/B Boulder Proper 10
27 David Gaona s.t.
28 John Ryan Matrix/Rbm 14
29 David Guttenplan Support Clean Sport / Guttenpla 19
30 Justin Meade Palmetto State Medical Elite Cy s.t.
31 Tyler Locke Support Clean Sport / Guttenpla s.t.
32 Rylee Field St George Continental Cycling T s.t.
33 Chaz Hogenauer Hedrick Racing s.t.
34 Dylan Postier Garneau-Easton p/b Transitions 22
35 Chris Carlson Matrix/Rbm s.t.
36 Sam Rosenholtz Toronto Hustle 25
37 Ryan Dupree Soundpony Triad Bank 27
38 Stefan Rothe Elbowz Racing s.t.
40 Lewis Whiley Hedrick Racing s.t.
41 Chris Tolley Elbowz Racing s.t.
42 Jake Magee Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team 29
43 Jayson Jacobs Fave s.t.
44 Kevin Mullervy Team Clif Bar 32
45 Andy Jobin Team Ccr Roofing s.t.
46 Morgan Schmitt Holowesko|Citadel | Arapahoe s.t.
47 Emiliano Morales Team Ccr Roofing 37
48 Cristhian Ravelo 303 Project 46
49 W Grant ellwood 303 Project 1:15
50 Andrew Dahlheim Holowesko|Citadel | Arapahoe 2:04
51 Evan Bybee Holowesko|Citadel | Arapahoe 2:11
52 Grayson Keppler Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb 2:36
54 Kevin Girkins s.t.
55 Michael Pincus Team Ccr Roofing s.t.
56 Ethan Batt Support Clean Sport/ Guttenplan s.t.
57 Chris Weddington Kelly Benefits Strategies s.t.
58 Scott Williamson Olathe Subaru s.t.
59 Erin Elliott Wheeler Dealer Racing s.t.
60 Ben Williams Giant Lakeside - Audi Pb Roka s.t.
61 Jordan Miller Olathe Subaru Cycling s.t.
62 Garrick Valverde Olathe Subaru s.t.
63 Daniel Crespo Fave s.t.
64 Michael Jacques Team Clif Bar Cycling s.t.
DNF Brendan Housler Dna Racing
DNF Miles Lamon Team Clif Bar Cycling
DNF Ryan Gabriel Throwback Racing
DNF Tyler Cloutier Matrix/Rbm
DNF Conor Mullervy Team Clif Bar
DNF Ricky Randall Cyclus Sports Starlight Factory

WoMen Cat3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Abigail Yates Matrix/RBM 37:22:00
2 Aubrey Drummond SPCX p/b R.K. BLACK s.t.
3 Esther Lee Team Isocentric s.t.
4 Leigh Ann fields Pandemonium Cycling P/B Hodges s.t.
5 Christin Stuschka Orion Racing s.t.
6 Finn Taylor City Title Cycling Team s.t.
7 Ava Hachmann Eliel Factory Team s.t.
8 Kirsten Chapman Tulsa Wheelmen s.t.
9 Unknown Rider s.t.
10 Maddie Woolley Mad Duck Cyclery 5
11 Caitlin Milne Supra Functional Food Bars Cycl s.t.
12 Lori Mccarty Team isocentric s.t.
13 Ariel Wyant Bixby Bicycle Works s.t.
14 Noni Bertagnoli Dallas Racing s.t.
15 Nancy Karrer Team isocentric s.t.
16 Marianne Melling GP Velotek s.t.
17 Leah Gifford s.t.
18 Kim Chance Matrix/Rbm s.t.
19 Portia Gonzalez Tulsa Wheelmen s.t.
20 Margaux Mcentire Team Isocentric s.t.
21 Emily West Bike One Racing Team s.t.
22 April Meyer Pandemonium Cycling 10
23 Sarah Shanks Team Al's Bicycles 13
24 Lauren Koon Cadence Cyclery 14
25 Casandra Dickerson Team Isocentric 24
26 Sheree Tomba Matrix/Rbm 36
27 Abby Biedenbach 2:05
28 Lisa Demarni cromer Team Isocentric -1 Lap
29 Marci Hamburger Pandemonium Cycling p/b Hodges -1 Lap
30 Sarah Davis Yoga Box Racing p/b Transitions -2 Laps
31 Cindy Bushnell Pandemonium Cycling p/b Hodges -3 Laps

Women Juniors 9-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
5 Giana Bertagnoli -1 Lap
6 Mackenzie Stinson -2 Laps

WoMen Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Samantha Schneider Iscorp Pro Cycling 50:16:00
2 Valentina Scandolara Roxsolt Attaquer s.t.
3 Lily Williams Hagens Berman | Supermint s.t.
4 Rachel Langdon Gray Goat Mobile/Bullseye Total s.t.
5 Yussely Mendevil soto Iscorp Cycling P/B Smartchoice s.t.
6 Josie Talbot ISCorp Pro Cycling s.t.
7 Peta Mullens Hagens Berman Supermint s.t.
8 Caroline Baur s.t.
9 Starla Teddergreen Hagens Berman | Supermint s.t.
10 Christina Smith Colavita/Bialetti Pro Cycling T s.t.
11 Carolyn Defoore Wolfpack P/B Hyperthreads s.t.
12 Hannah Shell Papa John;S Racing P/B Trek s.t.
14 Flora Yan Papa John;S Racing P/B Trek s.t.
15 Tina Pic Colavita/Bialetti Pro Cycling T s.t.
16 Sharlotte Lucas Roxsolt Attaquer 5
17 Jessica Mundy The Meteor // Intelligentsia 8
19 Alijah Beatty Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team s.t.
20 Kristen Arnold The Meteor // Intelligentsia s.t.
21 Rebecca Larson Tulsa Wheelmen 16
22 Nicole Pressprich Point S Nokian s.t.
23 Madison Kelly Papa John;S Racing P/B Trek 18
24 Jennifer Wagner Wolfpack P/B Hyperthreads 31
25 Whitney Allison Hagens Berman | Supermint 46
26 Jennifer Luebke Hagens Berman|Supermint 51
27 Liza Rachetto Hagens Berman|Supermint 1:08
28 Natalie Tapias The Meteor // Intelligentsia s.t.
29 Daphne Karagianis The Meteor // Intelligentsia s.t.
30 Marta Morris Stages Cycling s.t.
31 Grace Chappell Wolfpack P/B Hyperthreads s.t.
32 Jeannie Kuhajek Psimet Whisper s.t.
33 Samantha Verrill Roxsolt Attaquer s.t.
34 Samantha Goldenstein Bicycle Heaven s.t.
35 Amy Mcclintock Pastaria - Big Shark Racing s.t.
36 Jennifer Schook Pastaria - Big Shark Racing Tea s.t.
37 Christie Tracy Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team s.t.
38 Caroline Poole Leborne Womens Racing Fueled By s.t.
39 Chelsea Smith Atc Racing s.t.
40 Nina Wollaston Iscorp Cycling P/B Smartchoice s.t.
41 Elizabeth Kieffer Gray Goat Mobile/Bullseye Total s.t.
42 Sophie Russenberger Point S Nokian s.t.
43 Victoria Kanizer Cth Performance Project s.t.
44 Maria Danker Hicks Orthodontics Women's Raci s.t.
46 Melanie Beale La Sweat -1 Lap
47 Colleen Gulick Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team -1 Lap
DNF Leigh Ganzar Wolfpack P/B Hyperthreads
DNF Natalia Franco Colavita/Bialetti Pro Cycling T
DNF Faith Montreuil Gray Goat Mobile/Bullseye Total
DNF Briana Kovac Gray Goat Mobile/Bullseye Total