These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Spencer Moavenzadeh ButcherBox Cycling 02:08.4
2 Kevin Turchin Monster Media Racing 02:08.4
3 Matthew Turner Spry - Legacy Properties West 02:08.4
4 Taylor Edwards Zone Five Racing 02:08.4
5 James Lavelle Cicada Racing Inc. 02:08.4
6 Gabriel Keck Mercedes Benz p/b Insiduous Designs 02:08.4
7 Jonathan Youell Team 02:08.4
8 Jeevan Philip 02:08.4
9 Michael Black Natural Grocers Cycling 02:08.4
10 Chris Butler St. Luke's Sports Medicine/Lost River Cycling 02:08.5
11 Heriberto Frutos Team UpCycle Boise 02:08.5
12 Douglass Cook Team 02:09.0
13 Mark Yoder Team 02:09.0
14 Joshua Klein 02:09.0
15 Uhl Albert St. Luke's Sports Medicine 02:09.3
16 Todd Meier Mercedes Benz p/b Insiduous Designs 02:10.4
17 Brian Alba ButcherBox Cycling 02:14.3
18 Dave Gettle 02:14.5
19 Robert Hoene Team 02:14.6
20 Erik Knudsen Team 02:15.4
21 Matt Moncur Team Upcycle 02:20.3
22 Ian Skurnik 02:20.3
23 Jordan Chapman Vandal Cycling 02:22.0
24 Michael Giordanengo n/a 02:22.3
25 Gregg Lasher Team 02:23.0
26 Ken Louder FFKR ARCHITECTS RACING/VeloSportRacing 02:37.5
27 Charles Collins Cycling West Cycling Utah Magazine 02:45.6
DNF Erik Young Team UpCycle Boise
DNF Andrew Harris Team UpCycle Boise
DNF Ian Megale Team UpCycle Boise
DNF Adam Schepps ButcherBox Cycling
DNF Robert Van kirk CT Velo
DNF Ian Gonder
DNF Preston Weeks
DNF Brian Kohagen Rolling H Cycles

Men Pro/Cat 1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tyler Stites Aevolo 02:27.3
2 Serghei Tvecov United HealthCare Pro Cycling 02:27.3
3 Adrian Hegyvary United HealthCare Pro Cycling 02:29.4
4 Lucas Sebastian haedo United HealthCare Pro Cycling 02:29.4
5 Erik Slack Hangar 15 Bicycles 02:29.4
6 Michael Hernandez Aevolo 02:29.5
7 Eric Marcotte United HealthCare Pro Cycling 02:30.2
8 Luis Villalobos Aevolo Cycling 02:30.2
9 Zachary Carlson Texas Roadhouse Cycling 02:30.2
10 Kai Applequist Mercedes Benz p/b Insiduous Designs 02:30.2
11 Allan Schroeder Team 02:30.2
12 Chaz Hogenauer Hedrick Racing 02:30.3
13 Hugo Scala Matrix/RBM 02:30.5
14 Imeh Nsek Aevolo 02:31.0
15 Adam Farabaugh Support Clean Sport/ SeaSucker/ Guttenplan 02:31.3
16 Lachlan Norris United HealthCare Pro Cycling 02:31.4
17 Lewis Whiley Hedrick Racing 02:32.4
18 Gage Hect Aevolo Cycling 02:32.4
19 Evan Bausbacher Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek 02:36.5
20 Pierrebernard Thiffault Hedrick Racing 02:36.6
21 Nickolas Zukowsky Silber Pro Cycling 02:37.3
22 Tim Mcbirney Cycle Sport - Specialized p/b Muscle Milk 02:46.5
23 Brandon Lynch 02:47.4
DNF Josh Howard Mercedes Benz p/b Insiduous Designs
DNF Justin Rose Team
DNF Hugo Fregoso
DNF Laurent Gervais Aevolo cycling
DNF Will Hanson Ski City
DNF Charles Etienne chretien Silber Pro Cycling
DNF Kent Ross Hedrick Racing
DNF Elliot Salmon Team
DNF Jeremy Ward Mercedes Benz p/b Insiduous Designs
DNF Ama Nsek
DNF Kyle Thornton Hedrick Racing
DNF George Simpson Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling
DNF Johnny Mitchell Palmetto State Medical Elite Cycling Team
DNF Trevor Jackson Hangar 15 Bicycles
DNF Griffin Park Hangar 15 Bicycles
DNF Rob Smallman Hangar 15 Bicycles
DNF Ted Horwitz ButcherBox Cycling
DNF Adam Roberge Silber Pro Cycling
DNF Travis Samuel Silber Pro Cycling
DNF Scott Law Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling
DNF Spencer Downing

Women Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lily Williams Hagens Berman | supermint 02:54.1
2 Jasmin Glaesser TWENTY20 02:54.3
3 Emily Vandyken Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank 02:54.4
4 Jennifer Luebke Hagens Berman | Supermint 02:56.1
5 Hanna Muegge DNA Cycling Team 02:56.2
6 Amanda Coker 02:56.3
7 Amber Neben 02:56.3
8 Anna Magale Amy D Foundation 03:00.4
9 Manuela Escobar Amy D Foundation 03:00.4
10 Liza Rachetto Hagens Berman | supermint 03:03.1
11 Ryan Levering Amy D Foundation 03:03.3
12 Lindsey Stevenson Zone Five Racing 03:03.4
13 Ingrid Smallman Zone Five Racing 03:03.4
14 Melanie Wong Point S Nokian 03:03.5
15 Jessica Mundy THE METEOR // INTELLIGENTSIA 03:04.5
16 Marta Morris Amy D Foundation 03:14.1
DNF Tina Pic Colavita/Bialetti Pro Cycling Team
DNF Nicole Pressprich Point S Nokian
DNF Allie Dragoo TWENTY20
DNF Aliesha Larsen DNA Cycling Team
DNF Stephanie Roorda TWENTY20
DNF Abigail Youngwerth Sho-Air TWENTY20 Development
DNF Danielle Morshead TWENTY20
DNF Charlotte W backus Prestige Imports
DNF Jane Tullis Amy D Foundation
DNF Chloe Dygert TWENTY20
DNF Victoria Kanizer Amy D Foundation
DNF Adelaide Tillinghast Stages Cycling
DNF Esther Meisels Point S Nokian
DNF Brenna Wrye-simpson
DNF Beth Ann orton Point S Nokian
DNF Starla Teddergreen Hagens Berman | Supermint
DNF Natalia Franco Colavita/Bialetti Pro Cycling Team
DNF Caitlin Laroche Point S Nokian
DNF Peta Mullens Hagens Berman | Supermint
DNF Laurel Rathbun Colavita/Bialetti
DNF Jennifer Valente TWENTY20
DNF Gabrielle Lehnert V.C. Cascade p/b Slocum
DNF Harriet Owen Hagens Berman | supermint
DNF Lisa Eriksson Holtey Brown p/b Peak Condition
DNF Sophie Russenberger Point S Nokian
DNF Shayna Powless TWENTY20