These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

MEN PRO 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ethan Call NE Devo p/b Cadence Wealth Mgmt 1:22:00
2 Sam Rosenholtz TORONTO HUSTLE
3 Kale Wenczel JAM / NCC
4 Cory Jay Craftsman Construction
5 Breeze Keller Wheels n waves
6 Mike Morse Velocio Northeast
7 Derek Hughes Craftsman Construction Racing
8 Keith Mullaly NE Devo p/b Cadence Wealth Mgmt
9 Adam Myerson Cycle-Smart
10 Maximilian Jentzsch B2C2 p/b JRA Cycles
11 Alexander Grabau Boston Racing Independent
12 Kyle Kneabone Craftsman Construction
13 Anthony Giguere BMB RACING
14 Dominic Giampaolo Busytown Bikes
15 Erik Saunders Mad Alchemy | Zanconato
16 Fisher Curran ButcherBox Cycling
17 Alec Cunningham RACE CF | @racecf
18 Matthew Robinson
19 Eliot Pitney Downeast Racing
20 Peter Bradshaw Mad Alchemy | Zanconato
21 Matt Stordy ButcherBox Cycling
22 Travis Dixon Downeast Racing
23 Colin Edwards Craftsman Construction
24 Matt Moon Downeast Racing
25 Andrew Page Project 207 Racing
26 Kurt Schmid NE Devo p/b Cadence Wealth Mgmt
27 Zackery Weimer Barker Mountain Bikes
28 Patrick Ruane Sunapee/Continental Paving/Buch
29 Chris Dsida Downeast Racing
30 Kent Ryan Tall Sock Racing
31 Ron Dunn BMB RACING
32 Ethan Pfenninger NE Devo p/b Cadence Wealth Mgmt
33 Jack Greene NE Devo p/b Cadence Wealth Mgmt
34 Stephen Jette NE Devo p/b Cadence Wealth Mgmt
35 Regina Legge GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipca
36 Kenny Mcneill Velocio Northeast
37 Alex Cox Velocio Northeast
38 Patrick White B2C2 p/b JRA Cycles
39 Fred Thomas A-D Racing
40 Christopher Darling Portland Velo Club
41 Bruce Diehl Sunapee/Buchikas/Continental Pa
42 Andre Boudreau Craftsman Construction
43 Neal Coughlin Rainbow Bike Cycling
44 Eric Weinrich Momentum Barracuda
45 Tim Mitchell CCB Foundation - Sicleri
46 Alec Donahue JAM / NCC
47 Connor Jennings Velocio Northeast
48 Ben Ryan New England Devo p/b Cadence Wealth Management
49 Lucas Fortini Velocio Northeast
50 Travis Kroot Project 207 Racing
51 Dino Piskopanis ButcherBox Cycling
52 Alan Pimentel CCB
53 Sean Lamontagne Sunapee/Buchika's/Continental P Lapped
54 Scott White Maine Cycling Club / Rainbow Bi
55 Steve Cullen ButcherBox Cycling
DNF John Boucher
DNF John Grenier Rainbow Bicycle Racing
DNF Christopher Poulin Tall Sock Racing
DNF George Theall Portland Velo Club
DNF Michael Waldroup Tall Sock Racing


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ashlyn Woods
2 Kaia Schmid NE Devo p/b Cadence Wealth Mgmt
3 Danielle Ruane Sunapee//Buchikas/Continental P
4 Danielle Baron Sunapee/Buchikas/Continental Pa
5 Erin Faccone B2C2 p/b JRA Cycles
6 Leslie Lupien B2C2 p/b JRA Cycles
7 Lauren Leclaire Levine Law Group p/b
8 Laura Campbell Rainbow Bikes
9 Cathy Morton BMB Racing
10 Lydia Hausle B2C2/JRA Cycles
11 Julie Tracy Sunapee/Buchika's/Continental P
12 Katie Aman Middlebury College/BMB
13 Nicole Cyr
14 Emily Oseid
15 Ashley Stanton niehoff Portland Velo Club
16 Tanya Boulanova Butcherbox Cycling
17 Emily Boardman
18 Beth Everhart ButcherBox Cycling
DNF Melinda Barnes Keep it Tight
DNF Meredith Currier Bikeman
DNF Lillian Naimie Sunapee/Continental Paving/Buch