These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Fitzgerald CRCA/Rapha Cyling Club 7:01:01
2 Cullen Macdonald CRCA/To Be Determined s.t.
3 Robert Rutkowski Mineola bicycle racing team s.t.
4 Sean Hill CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
5 Erik Pfiffner Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
6 Vladimir Rabinovich CRCA/KruisCX s.t.
7 Matthew Hartsough CRCA/KruisCX s.t.
8 Patrick Taylor KING KOG / SUN AND AIR s.t.
9 Paul Mccarthy VELA SOCIETY s.t.
10 Henry O'kill E2Value s.t.
11 Joseph Lacey CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
12 Max Thorn s.t.
13 Patrick Grehan Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
14 David Rodriguez s.t.
15 Andrew Csencsits Mineola Bicycle Racing Team s.t.
16 Mark Von hof CRCA/Team s.t.
17 Ricky Cornetta Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
18 Jacob Borkowski Verrazano Team Racing s.t.
19 Julio Valero s.t.
20 Daniel Alicea s.t.
21 Rick Deman s.t.
22 Yves Allemann Pink Rhino Racing s.t.
23 Terrence Chioffi CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
24 Kyle Mcculloch Rapha Cycle Club s.t.
25 Simon Song Verrazano Team Racing s.t.
26 Caetano Machado calomino Ride Brooklyn s.t.
27 Brandon Villegas s.t.
28 Anthony Luna s.t.
29 Juan Cruz s.t.
30 Joseph Menniti Mineola Bicycle Racing Team s.t.
31 Luigi Idarraga 12
32 Dorian Spencer s.t.
33 Tun Khine CRCA/KruisCX 14
34 Scott Holliday Mineola Bicycle Racing Team s.t.
35 Tom Catherines Mineola Bicycle Racing Team s.t.
36 Byungkyun Kim s.t.
37 Brian Hansen CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
38 Eloy Anzola Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
39 John powell Voodoo racing s.t.
40 Richard Freeman s.t.
41 Stuart Hannon Ride Brooklyn 17
42 Ty Hatfield CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club 23
43 Alexander Klafehn CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partne 25
44 Alfonso Torres s.t.
45 Robert Mullen s.t.
46 Jason Baker Mineola Bicycle Racing Team 1:04
47 Christopher Connelly Mineola Bicycle Racing Team 1:05
48 Charles Macpherson Mineola Bicycle Racing Team 1:14
DNF Neil Black CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club (powered by Hall & Oates)
DNF George Charalambides CRCA/WYLD STALLYNS
DNF Juan Henriquez Crankworks Cycles
DNF Gustavo Ordonez Mineola Bicycle Racing Team
DNF Christopher Pulomena Merrick Bicycles Racing
DNF Kevin Valenski Merrick Bicycles Racing
DNF Carlos Walton MIneola Bicycle Racing Team
DNF Kevin Pascio

Men Cat5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paul-simon Djite Pink Rhino Racing 6:45:13
2 Zach Ferland NYCC s.t.
3 Chris Salucci Bad Luck Racing s.t.
4 Randy Agard s.t.
5 Emlen Harmon s.t.
6 Kevin Man s.t.
7 William Hacker s.t.
8 Justin Pak Healthy And Happy Racing s.t.
9 Joseph Trotman s.t.
10 Jose Cazales s.t.
11 Matthew Gefter s.t.
12 John Verrochi VELA s.t.
13 Tyrone Gravesande CIS Training Systems 4
14 Thomas Lloyd 10XBeta s.t.
15 Joshua Wilson s.t.
16 Naphat Chaiphet s.t.
17 Paolo Mastrangelo s.t.
18 Tyler Borza Rapha Cycling Club 7
19 David Ambrose s.t.
20 Simon Ellison s.t.
21 Giovanni Cafiso Dave Jordan Racing 10
22 Colin Stief s.t.
23 Said Fayad 12
24 Ryan Sutton 13
25 Jack Miroslaw 16
26 Emmitt Grossbard s.t.
27 Jonathan Tham s.t.
28 Matt Breuer 33
29 Jack Gazard s.t.
30 Leron Calistro s.t.
31 Christopher Ithurburn 1:57
DNF Roman Grinnell
DNF Perry Santos
DNF Jamie Thompson
DNF Jonathan Tom CRCA
DNF Devin Williams
DNF Michiaki Yamada Pink Rhino Racing

Men Pro/Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jermaine Burrowes 7:34:20
2 Greg Hruby CRCA/Rockstar Games 3
3 Ryan Johnston 5
4 Mynor Pineda Montclair Bikery Racing 12
5 Edison Marulanda s.t.
6 Allen Carr CRCA/e2Value p/b Verge Sport s.t.
7 Raphael Merp 25
8 Ralph Pahlmeyer CRCA/Foundation s.t.
9 Cesar Gallego s.t.
10 Stalin Quiterio cuello CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
11 Ismael Collado acosta Monclair Bikery Racing s.t.
12 Jimmy Loi God & Famous Racing s.t.
13 Stephen Alexander CRCA/Foundation s.t.
14 Jose Guzman CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
15 Louisgie Shoy Mineola Bicyle Racing Team s.t.
16 Matthew Mata-aguilar NICK LOPEZ TAILORING CYCLING TE s.t.
17 Samuel Torres Triangle cyclists s.t.
18 Anthony Taylor CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
19 Andres Jimenez Morris Velo Sports s.t.
20 John Durso Morris Velo Sports s.t.
21 Paskal Lamour CRCA/Blue Ribbon s.t.
22 Steph Biolosk s.t.
23 Eamonn Schnell s.t.
24 Luis Saavedra Yes.Racing! s.t.
25 Jason Gallacher Affinity Cycles s.t.
26 Danny Inoa CRCA/AXIS s.t.
27 Jerry Kapko s.t.
28 Rory O'neill CRCA/Maglia Rosa NYC s.t.
29 Richard Wolter s.t.
30 Edekson Pena Verrazano Team Racing s.t.
31 Mark Light s.t.
32 Kevin Yarde s.t.
33 Johann Burrowes s.t.
34 Andrew Walsh s.t.
35 Jaso Barislon s.t.
36 Kuria Njenga s.t.
37 Jonathan Lowenstein Clif Bar/Giordana s.t.
38 Pedro Arias CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
39 Jason Guzman CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
40 Boguslaw Wielgos CRCA/Foundation s.t.
41 John Briton s.t.
42 Dennis Hrehowsik Tri State Velo s.t.
43 J.p. Partland Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
44 Glenroy Griffith I AN I s.t.
45 Marc Bertucco s.t.
46 Paul Carbonara CRCA/AXIS s.t.
47 Romel Campbell WestWood Velo s.t.
48 Lynn Murray CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
49 David Vollbach Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport s.t.
50 Franklin Burgos Roy's Bikes s.t.
51 Jonathan Podwil Deno's Wonder Wheel s.t.
52 James Eichvalds Morris Velo Sports 36
53 Neil Isola Mineola Bicycle Racing Team s.t.
54 Scott Gregoire Deno's Wonder Wheel Cycling s.t.
55 Louis Schimmel Montclair Bikery Racing 38
56 Juan Pineda Montclair Bikery Racing s.t.
57 Marc Cesare CRCA/Deno's Wonder Wheel 40
58 Elliott Collins 49
59 Matthew Montesano Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport 51
60 Willie Payton CRCA/AXIS 54
61 Vlad Preoteasa INDUSTRY GIANT LLC s.t.
62 Jason Colon C6Racing 59
63 Alan Buday CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing 1:01
64 Jacek Boral s.t.
65 Marc Gagliano 1:16
66 Matthew Ohrberg 1:19
67 Paul Burrowes 2:16
68 Paul Lewis Artemis Racing -1 Lap
69 Dan Ciano Colavita Racing -2 Laps
DNF Cesar Marte Team Montclair
DNF Jesus Martinez CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
DNF Jeffrey Miller CRCA/Deno's Wonder Wheel
DNF Joseph Orgera Berroa Racing
DNF Michael Pincus Team CCR Roofing
DNF Marcello Rodio Montclair Bikery Racing
DNF Constantin Schreiber CRCA / Team VESELKA
DNF Ron Short Pro Pedals Racing
DNF Carlos Tejeda Verrazano Team Racing
DNF Patrick Wilson CRCA/Maglia Rosa NYC
DNF Gavin Robertson
DNF Alexander Buchmann