These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Grant Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite
2 Adam Baker Cheerbacks of Fat Frog Racing
3 Keith Johnson Rock 'N' Roll Lubrication
4 Dan Netzer Celerity/JRVS Racing
5 R Cameron holland Celerity/JRVS Racing
6 William Hickman East Coast Elite
7 Douglas Hight CHEERBACKS@ of Fat Frogs Racing
8 Frank Cundiff Velo Concepts
9 Michael Hosang Unattached
10 John Gray ECE
11 Frank Palmieri Steel Mountain
12 Robert Collins
13 Jeremiah Still Rogue Velo Racing
14 James Nicholson East Coast Elite
15 Jeffery Parker Virginia Beach Velo
DNF Steven Hendricks ECE Racing
DNF Jeff Craddock CHEERBACKS of Fat Frogs Racing
DNF Thomas Carey East Coast Elite
DNF Joshua Goyet CHEERBACKS of Fat Frogs Racing
DNF Brandon Davis Carytown
DNF Torrence Rogers Unattached

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brian Phipps Getting It In Cyclist
2 Joe Telford Fat Frogs Racing
3 Ahmed Zuhairy
4 Jared Leppert
5 Anthony Carter Getting it in Cyclist
6 Andrew Oliver Fat Frogs Racing
7 Brian Anderson Rogue Velo Racing
8 Ronald Kurney 700cYCLING
9 Kyle Watson Fat Frogs Racing
10 Chad Vincelette Fat Frogs Racing
11 Mike Ivancic US Military Endurance Sports - Team Chronos
12 Justin Bialas THR Cycling
13 Edgardo Hernandez OMG Racing
14 Orlandes Howard
15 David Turpin Rogue Velo
16 Jiawei Peng NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
17 Elgin Llanes THR Cycling
18 Brandon Chiat Fat Frogs Racing
19 Carl Pinkney Getting it in cyclists
20 Jeffrey Briggs Carytown Bicycle Company
21 David Cradduck Unattached
22 Jerome Guyon fat frog racing team
23 Aidan Bouden Unattached
24 Mark Auza THR Cycling
25 Clayton Ritter Fat Frogs Racing
26 Ryan Edwards Full Spectrum Racing p/b Coqui Cyclery
27 Oliver Dimalanta THR Cycling
28 Christopher Goyne Celerity Cycling
29 Ken Rahaim Getting It In Cyclists
30 Alban Guyon Fat Frog racing team
31 Nathaniel Humphries iii Getting It In
32 Richard Johnson 700cYCLING
33 Van Crain Fat Frogs
34 Eliut Donis
35 Brandon Newsome Sweet Spot Cycling
36 Ken Gordon
37 Frazier Jared East Coast Bicycles
DNF William Arison jr NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
DNF Angelo Battle DC Velo
DNF Terry Thomas DC Velo Limited
DNF Juan Fuentes vasquez Gii getting it in cyclist

Women Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mary Still Mermaid Winery p/b VA Asset Group
2 Marion Palmieri-nisseler Sweet Spot Cycling
3 Dixie House Sweet Spot Cycling
4 Gisela Bell Rock N Roll Lubrication
5 Mallory Macrostie Velo Concepts
6 Krista Townsend Rogue Velo Racing
7 Michele Cosel Sweet Spot
8 Maggie Hopkins Sweet Spot Cycling
9 Amy Ivancic Women's Free State Racing
10 Sharon Leary Sweet Spot Cycling