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Men Collegiate A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Josh Chu University of Vermont lapped
2 Patrick Frank University of Vermont lapped
3 Adam Schwendt Dartmouth College lapped
4 Christopher Welch Hamilton College lapped
5 Ethan Turner University of Vermont lapped
6 Shawn Alexander Clarkson University lapped
7 Tommy Servetas University of Massachusetts Amherst lapped
8 Clyde Sebastian Logue Dartmouth College lapped
9 Eric Loehle Massachusetts Institute of Technology lapped
9 Wells Willett Dartmouth College 0:55:42
10 Jacob Steinfeld University of Vermont lapped
DNF Daniel Svedberg Brandeis University DNF

Men Collegiate B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Spencer Weisgram US Military Academy 0:48:26
2 Hudson Marks University of Vermont 0:48:27
3 Lee Lopez Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:49:04
4 Jack Gazard New York University 0:49:05
5 Alex Bobroff Tufts University 0:49:05
6 Michael Peebles Hamilton College 0:49:07
7 Guillaume Leclerc Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:49:07
8 Eric Kulkarni US Military Academy 0:49:07
9 Nolan Rogers University of Vermont 0:49:17
10 Steven Andreen US Military Academy 0:49:17
11 Will Hileman Dartmouth College 0:49:18
12 Carlos Ohler garcía Dartmouth College 0:49:19
13 Matthew Reynolds Worcester Polytechnic Institute lapped
14 Raif Olson Dartmouth College lapped
15 Michael Cassese US Military Academy lapped
16 Alex Takoudes Middlebury College lapped
17 Derek Schaadt Massachusetts Institute of Technology lapped
18 Nolan Holmes Dartmouth College lapped
19 Chris Case University of Connecticut lapped
20 Benjamin Cordola Middlebury College lapped
21 Andrew Frey Hamilton College lapped
22 Nicolas Arango Massachusetts Institute of Technology lapped
23 London Warburton Dartmouth College lapped
24 Lukas De schepper University of Vermont lapped
25 Shane Johnson Whitman Hanson Regional HS lapped
26 Andrew Pike Dartmouth College lapped
27 Kieran Ahern Dartmouth College lapped
28 Alex Rishty Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute lapped
DNF Drew Bolotsky Middlebury College DNF
DNF Ethan Rowland University of Vermont DNF
DNF Nate Ryan University of Massachusetts Amherst DNF
DNF Ayden Carpenter University of Vermont DNF
DNF Patrick Dicus Hamilton College DNF

Men Collegiate C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Garrett Chrisman US Military Academy 0:36:20
2 Zuko Garagic Columbia University-NYC 0:36:20
3 Jonathan Adler New York University 0:36:20
4 Noah Rodney US Military Academy 0:36:20
5 Elliot Irving Worcester Polytechnic Institute 0:36:20
6 Robert Labarge Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 0:36:20
7 Mark Mazel Columbia University-NYC 0:36:31
8 Javier Hardoy Columbia University-NYC 0:36:31
9 Baird Newbern Columbia University-NYC 0:36:32
10 Gavin Smith University of New Hampshire 0:36:33
11 Cooper Yang New York University 0:36:34
12 Dee Whyte Brandeis University 0:36:34
13 Mason Cannon Columbia University-NYC 0:36:34
14 Michael Williams US Military Academy 0:36:34
15 Phillip Cass Worcester Polytechnic Institute 0:36:35
16 Marcus Cooley Columbia University-NYC 0:36:35
17 Kyle Welch US Military Academy 0:36:35
18 Roberto Cubillas University of Connecticut 0:36:35
19 Drew Smedley RHAM High School 0:36:36
20 Justin Mcnamara New York University 0:36:36
21 Michael Carroll University of New Hampshire 0:36:41
22 Connor White Tufts University 0:36:42
23 Spencer Meek Dartmouth College 0:36:52
24 Liam Mccarthy US Military Academy 0:36:53
25 Joshua Beaulieu University of New Hampshire lapped
26 Nicholas Rowberry University of Connecticut lapped
27 Alexander Wells Dartmouth College lapped
28 Samuel Call University of New Hampshire lapped
29 Maihao He Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute lapped
30 Stijn De graaf Yale University lapped
31 Michael Lance US Military Academy lapped
32 Bryan Kim Boston College lapped
33 Thomas Clark Dartmouth College lapped
34 Sean Reiners Boston College lapped
35 Henry Stanton University of Vermont lapped
36 Fabio Beneti costa Boston College lapped
37 Zihng Yhn Boston College lapped
38 Mason Vega Worcester Polytechnic Institute lapped
39 William Seguin University of New Hampshire lapped
40 Matthew Eckert University of New Hampshire lapped
41 Conor Richards Boston College lapped
DNF Dario Seyb Dartmouth College DNF
DNF Ely Driscoll University of Connecticut DNF
DNF Nathan Mcallister Dartmouth College DNF
DNF Ruben Gonzalez US Military Academy DNF
DNF Yuang Sun University of Connecticut DNF
DNF Frederico Levy New York University DNF

Men Collegiate Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gus Demerath Williams College 0:28:44
2 Mustafa Ozkoc New York University 0:28:44
3 Johnny Cao Northeastern University 0:29:17
4 Bennett Helfrich Northeastern University 0:29:22
5 Hengning Zhang New York University 0:29:23
6 Edgar Lei New York University 0:29:28
7 Thomas Gray Brandeis University 0:29:32
8 Zachary Connerty-marin Yale University lapped
9 David Tran Boston University lapped
10 Nicolas Chien New York University lapped
11 Peng Zhai Boston University lapped
12 Jack Madden University of Massachusetts Amherst lapped
13 Luke Hayes Hamilton College lapped
14 Patrick Taylor Northeastern University lapped
15 Yipeng Wang New York University lapped
16 John Cobin Northeastern University lapped
17 Mengze Qin Northeastern University lapped
18 Zifeng Tang New York University lapped
19 Hyun Bae Columbia University-NYC lapped

Men Collegiate Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
DNF Lucas Amodio Boston University DNF
DNF James Schure Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute DNF

Women Collegiate B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Francesca Leahy University of Vermont 0:31:33
2 Emily Adams University of Vermont 0:31:33
3 Celia Cote University of Vermont 0:31:33

Women Collegiate C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ella Goetze Dartmouth College 0:39:02
2 Delia Stephens Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:39:02
3 Sophia Degenova US Military Academy 0:39:03
4 Alexandra Gibbs US Military Academy 0:39:20
5 Zoe Canafax US Military Academy 0:39:20
6 Olivia Romo US Military Academy 0:39:21
7 Madeline Norris US Military Academy 0:39:21
8 Camille Malhotra University of Connecticut 0:39:53
9 Abigail Johnson Dartmouth College 0:40:11
10 Alicia Torres US Military Academy 0:40:24

Women Collegiate Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Hannah Varner Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:29:39
2 Phoebe Gelbard University of Massachusetts Amherst 0:29:43
3 Julia Peabody-harhigh Williams College 0:29:49
4 Janice Weldon University of Massachusetts Amherst 0:29:51
5 Mary Sheehan University of Massachusetts Amherst 0:29:59
6 Lucia Vilallonga Boston University 0:31:02
7 Molly Nora Columbia University-NYC lapped
8 Ada rose Wagar Brandeis University lapped