These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Master 40+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Shawn Harris PEYTON'S BIKES MIDLAND TX 2:53:55
2 Michael Homan Gear Monkey Bike Repair Racing s.t.
3 Kelley Grafton Team LaS'port s.t.
4 Paul Bonds The Meteor 2:54:14
DNF Bryan Goins FallsTown Racing DNF
DNF Grady Hodge DasWow Racing DNF

Master 50+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeffrey Skokan The Meteor 2:53:04
2 Jesper Skov Blue Agave Cycling 2:53:55
3 Gregg Ueckert The Meteor s.t.
4 Paul Waller Lyniate/Bike Mart s.t.
5 Ed Buenaventura Team Elevate Racing s.t.
6 Christopher Powers The Meteor s.t.
7 David Hinson The Meteor s.t.
8 David Cabe Team Elevate Racing s.t.
9 James Barnett Lyniate/Bike Mart Racing s.t.
10 Marc Coppedge The Meteor s.t.
11 Dan Foehner Moonshot Racing s.t.
12 Brian Schow Lyniate/Bike Mart s.t.
13 David Golden DNA Masters s.t.
14 Grant Harrell Reunion Racing s.t.
15 Thomas Bain Geri Atrix s.t.
16 Eric Warnsman Blur Racing p/b Blur Cycleworks s.t.
17 Francois Leroux USCBB Cyclisme s.t.
18 Adrian Campos Gear Monkey Bike Repair Racing s.t.
19 Gary Derheim LYNIATE / BIKE MART 2:54:00
20 Wolfgang Ruf Southwest Cycling Club and Race Team - SWCC 3:04:44
21 Todd Hurtubise The Meteor 2:38:36
DNF James Freeman Lyniate/Bike Mart DNF
DNF David Kim Lyniate/Bike Mart Racing DNF
DNF Jesse Devlyn Steiner Ranch Cycling DNF
DNF Guy Levassar Lyniate/RBM Racing DNF
DNF Kevin Pate Team Elevate Racing DNF

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kevin Lorinc Team Audi McKinney-Encore Wire p/b Cadence Cyclery 3:21:12
2 Mario Arroyave Team Elevate Racing s.t.
3 Douglas Frenchak United Cycling 3:22:38
4 Jaco Cronje Team Elevate Racing s.t.
5 Luke Pharis Team Elevate Racing 3:22:41
6 Christian Deschamps USA Cycling s.t.
7 Alex Wieseler Nashville Local Wolfpack s.t.
8 Tanner Ward Best Buddies Racing s.t.
9 Stefan Rothe ELBOWZ Racing 3:22:43
10 Gabriel Porterfield Torchy's Tacos/Bike Mart s.t.
11 Justin Greenfield Team Elevate Racing 3:22:45
12 Michael Hinds United Cycling s.t.
13 Donoven Francis CINCH Rise s.t.
14 Mark Baerd Team Elevate Racing s.t.
15 Guadalupe Ontiveros VITE RACING s.t.
16 Scott Boldt Team Elevate Racing s.t.
17 Daniel Altoran s.t.
18 Reggie Jonaitis Team Elevate Racing 3:22:52
19 Bryce Ward United Cycling 3:22:56
20 Gonzalo Rodriguez-zanetti 3:22:59
21 Spencer Jones ELBOWZ Racing 3:23:11
22 Mat Stephens Premier Racing Texas s.t.
23 Michael Anderson VITE RACING 3:34:44
24 Matthew Crawford United Cycling 3:08:05
25 Fred Vincent Team Elevate Racing 3:46:40
26 Will Ross Black Swift / Cycleton
DNF Christopher Sims DNF
DNF Robert Castor United Cycling DNF
DNF Zach Stein ELBOWZ Racing DNF

Men Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Stewart Night Owls p/b Hardwood Bargains 2:42:11
2 Jordan Wood Rockwall Racing 2:42:32
3 Cullen Darr Torchy's Tacos/Bike Mart s.t.
4 John Mcginnes Rockwall Racing s.t.
5 Kory Williams Violet Crown Sports Association 2:42:35
6 Juan Ortiz Night Owls p/b Harwood Bargains s.t.
7 Gabriel Odreman Southwest Cycling Club Racing s.t.
8 Gabriel Payne Williams Racing Academy s.t.
9 Shane Sirignano Griffen Bicycles s.t.
10 Hugo Lozano Southwest Cycling Club Racing s.t.
11 Cameron Lyman Night Owls s.t.
12 Daniel Davidson Kelly Benefits Strategies/LSV s.t.
13 Niels Meissner VIVIS Racing s.t.
14 Cole Randall VIVIS Racing s.t.
15 Samuel Manzanares Night Owls Racing p/b Hardwood Bargains s.t.
16 Erik Lee VIVIS Racing s.t.
17 Oscar Cruz diaz Los Despacitos s.t.
18 Brian Faure Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
19 Gregory Guardado Shama Cycles 2:42:40
20 Philip Heck PHENOM s.t.
21 Jeremy Wilson s.t.
22 Bryce Billing Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
23 Jose Perez VIVIS Racing 2:42:46
24 Voltaire Arradaza Karma Racing Team 2:42:49
25 Kevin Lynn Dallas bike works s.t.
26 Andrew Martin Night Owls p/b Hardwood Bargains s.t.
27 Brian Moynihan Night Owls p/b Hardwood Bargains 2:42:54
28 Cesar Dominguez Bay Area Cycling s.t.
29 Carlos Moreno Night Owls p/b Hardwood Bargains 2:42:56
30 David Martin 2:43:10
31 Jd Lee VIVIS Racing 2:52:41
32 Joseph Noack Southwest Cycling Club Racing/ SWCC 2:39:39
33 Seth Mcnaughton Rockwall Racing 2:38:20
34 Lee Mcgovern Rockwall Racing s.t.
35 Raul Luzardo Alpha Multisport
36 Sean Brown Fort bend KIA RACING
37 Daniel Shimanski FallsTown Racing
DNF Armando Saldivar Team Elevate Racing DNF
DNF Sydney Jim VIVIS Racing DNF

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tiburcio Sanchez Trinity Racing 1:55:30
2 Fidel Ruvalcaba PEYTONS s.t.
3 Erik Hensarling Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
4 Jake Boykin s.t.
5 Paul Franco Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
6 Jason West Fort Bend Kia Racing s.t.
7 Enoc Garza Shama Cycles s.t.
8 Carsten Cruse Lyniate/RBM racing s.t.
9 Lewis Roe Woolley gs 1:55:34
10 John Cornejo Peyton's Bikes s.t.
11 Javier Aguilar s.t.
12 Chris Tutt Fresh Racing s.t.
13 Jeffrey Walter Weaver Technologies Racing 1:55:40
14 Timothy Darbonne Mad Duck Racing s.t.
15 Mark Prado Blitz Racing s.t.
16 Dj Lee South West Cycling Club Racing 1:55:44
17 Jason Harper Reunion Racing s.t.
18 Gabriel Canal Fresh Racing 1:55:50
19 Lucas Rose Torchys Tacos/Bike Mart 1:55:58
20 Peter Tomlinson Southwest Cycling Club Racing (SWCC) 1:56:00
21 Jacob Pevehouse 1:56:03
22 Daniel Shimanski FallsTown Racing 1:56:53
23 Wil Mercado Team Cadence Cyclery 1:58:21
24 Olumide Oshin GMBR Racing 2:12:13
25 Jason Nardiello 2:12:27
26 Steven Pittman Cannonball Hub 2:12:32
27 Jay Raymund meca Gear Monkey Bike Repair Racing 2:12:34
28 Jason Corpuz PACC Racing s.t.
29 Scott Weismann Lyniate/Bike Mart Racing 2:12:54
30 Bill Viering Team Elevate Racing 2:19:01
31 George Nickson Mirage 2:23:58
32 Ron Brem Peytons Bikes 2:37:13
33 Julio C. chavarria 1:59:41
34 Robert Davis AXE CAPITAL 2:01:56
35 Trenton Magryta UNT
36 Aldo Trejo
DNF Andrey Marushkin DNF
DNF Steven Olvera Gear Monkey Bike Repair DNF
DNF Benjamin Champion DNF
DNF David Walker DNF
DNF Andre Watson DNF
DNF Jeffrey Burnett Trinity Racing DNF
DNF Justin Wendorf Blitz Racing DNF
DNF Armando Martinez DNF
DNF Eric Grant Violet Crown Sports Association DNF

Men Junior 11-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Samuel Homan Gear Monkey Bike Repair Racing 1:12:36

Women Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nicole Mertz Ultra Violet 3:05:48
2 Monica Merced LA Sweat s.t.
3 Sarah Guilbert Spinistry Racing s.t.
4 Sheree Tomba United Cycling s.t.
5 Melanie Clancy Ultra Violet 3:05:51
6 Veronika Redensek Spinistry Racing 3:07:07
7 Emily Slack PHENOM
DNF Sarah Startz United Cycling DNF

Women Cat 3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rosalina Barragan Blue Agave Cycling 2:10:05
2 Mya Dillon Fort Bend Kia Racing s.t.
3 Lydia Brough Phenom s.t.
4 Audrey Maness Shama Cycles 2:10:10
5 Kellie Nelson Lyniate/Bike Mart racing 2:15:10
6 Sydney Patton PHENOM 2:15:15
7 Kelci Molina LYNIATE/BIKE MART RACING 2:15:34
8 Irene Benavides perez Sanse 2:16:26
9 Myrna Ramirez Lyniate/RBM Racing 2:22:33
10 Samantha Bennett Mirage 2:46:07
11 Jeannette Harris LATITUDE RACING CLUB/ TROPICAL SNO 2:33:09
12 Emily Slack PHENOM
13 Ainsleigh Cardone