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Men Collegiate A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Daniel Uhranowsky University of Pittsburgh 1:04:23
2 Samuel Lear Pennsylvania State University 1:04:23
3 Spencer Weisgram US Military Academy 1:04:23
4 Wells Willett Dartmouth College 1:04:23
5 Christopher Welch Hamilton College 1:04:24
6 Sebastian Silberman Princeton University 1:04:25
7 Xavier Szigethy Pennsylvania State University 1:04:25
8 Ian Witkowski Pennsylvania State University 1:04:26
9 Jack Gazard New York University 1:04:26
10 Ethan Turner University of Vermont 1:04:26
11 Noah Koppenhaver Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania 1:04:29
12 Jacob Holt Dartmouth College P&P

Men Collegiate B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alec Smith Pennsylvania State University 0:48:07
2 Derek Schaadt Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:48:07
3 Garrett Chrisman US Military Academy 0:49:13
4 Will Hileman Dartmouth College 0:49:13
5 Ben St. pierre Pennsylvania State University 0:49:14
6 Raif Olson Dartmouth College 0:49:15
7 Samuel Lasher Bucknell University 0:49:16
8 Steven Andreen US Military Academy 0:49:16
9 Carlos Ohler garcía Dartmouth College 0:49:16
10 Matthew Reynolds Worcester Polytechnic Institute 0:49:17
11 Patrick Dicus Hamilton College 0:49:17
12 Eric Kulkarni US Military Academy 0:49:17
13 Guillaume Leclerc Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:49:18
14 Caleb Rudick University of Pennsylvania 0:49:18
15 Chris Case University of Connecticut 0:49:18
16 Nolan Holmes Dartmouth College 0:49:18
17 Frederico Levy New York University 0:49:19
18 Noah Rodney US Military Academy 0:49:19
19 Aidan O'dowd US Military Academy pulled
20 Michael Cassese US Military Academy pulled
21 Tommy Carey Bucknell University pulled

Men Collegiate C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Trevor Grohowski Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania 0:38:57
2 Liam Mccarthy US Military Academy 0:38:59
3 Kyle Welch US Military Academy 0:39:00
4 Cooper Yang New York University 0:39:00
5 David Tran Boston University 0:39:00
6 Nathan Mcallister Dartmouth College 0:39:13
7 Roberto Cubillas University of Connecticut lapped
8 Mustafa Ozkoc New York University lapped
9 Alejandro Palacio Pennsylvania State University lapped
10 Emlen Brown Cornell University lapped
11 Logan Hobbs Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania lapped
12 Nolan Wysong US Military Academy lapped
13 Bryan Kim Boston College lapped
14 Adam Gherardi Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania lapped
15 Noah Aran US Military Academy lapped
16 Aidan Wong Boston University lapped
17 Ziang Yan Boston College lapped
18 Nicholas Rowberry University of Connecticut lapped
19 Edgar Lei New York University lapped
20 Daniel Pichkar Boston University lapped
21 Peng Zhai Boston University lapped

Men Collegiate Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Genghe Zhu Dartmouth College 0:28:13
2 Patrick Magauran Juniata College 0:28:14
3 Peng Zhai Boston University lapped
4 Jahiem Williams Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania lapped
5 Fei Liu University of Pennsylvania lapped
6 Maxwell Battaglia Cornell University lapped
7 Sean Reiners Boston College lapped
8 Christopher Lee Boston University lapped

Women Collegiate B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ella Goetze Dartmouth College pulled

Women Collegiate C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Olivia Romo US Military Academy 0:36:26
2 Alexandra Gibbs US Military Academy 0:36:26
3 Zoe Canafax US Military Academy 0:36:27
4 Camille Malhotra University of Connecticut lapped
5 Sophia Degenova US Military Academy lapped
6 Alicia Torres US Military Academy lapped
7 Hannah Goldberg University of Pennsylvania lapped
8 Lucia Vilallonga Boston University lapped
DNF Madeline Norris US Military Academy DNF
DNF Astrid Snall Boston College DNF

Women Collegiate Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Maizy Troxell Bucknell University 0:37:52