These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

SM 1-23

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Bouwkamp Unattached 0:45:28
2 Connor Pulvidente Primal - Audi Denver
3 Aaron Miller Primal - Audi Denver 0:46:42
4 Robert Rutscher Unattached
5 Sean Burke Ardor Racing
6 Andrew Strohmeyer Kelly Benefits Strategies Elite Cycling
7 Daniel Swan Unattached
8 Fredd Corpuz Full Send Racing p/b Elevation Cycles
9 Kylen Solvik CU Cycling-Boulder
10 Ben Rasich Unattached
11 Caleb Schroder Unattached
12 Mason Lawrence Unattached
13 Michael Watkins Unattached
14 Brady Reed Unattached
15 Austin Venhuizen Unattached
16 Robert Deetz Full Send Racing p/b Elevation Cycles
17 Wyatt Gaulke Primal - Audi Denver
18 Gary Wiese CG Racing
19 Phillip Heyer Groove Subaru Excel Sports
20 Neil Bezdek Unattached
21 Christopher Dolan Unattached
22 Brian Hart Unattached
23 Michael De sena VR7 Colorado Cycling Team
24 Brent Dickinson Great Divide Brewing Company
25 Mark Gibson Sonic Boom Racing
26 John Mattingly Chalet/Celebrity Home Loans
27 Peter Gee Stem Ciders Racing
28 Nicholas Gilida Primal - Audi Denver
29 Luke Mcconnell Full Send Racing p/b Elevation Cycles
30 William Allen Feedback Sports LLC
31 Damon Brandt Stem Ciders Racing
32 Ben Jendrek Unattached
33 ? ? Unattached
34 Patrick Repasky Physio Racing
35 Gardner Desroberts Unattached
36 Andrew Escandon Unattached
37 Kevin-druis Merenda Primal - Audi Denver
38 Mike Swanson Primal - Audi Denver
39 Shannon Fox Hammer Racing Team p/b Thorne
40 Keith Hower Primal - Audi Denver
41 Andrew Schmidt Primal - Audi Denver
42 Deniz Warraich Full Send Racing p/b Elevation Cycles
43 Michael Migler Ardor Racing
44 Steven Lykens Physio Racing
45 Matthias Stehle Primal - Audi Denver
46 George Jordan Primal - Audi Denver
47 Keaten Kappes Unattached
48 Jonathan Spangle Primal - Audi Denver
DNF Andrew Fields Physio Racing DNF
DNF Tom Lawlor Physio Racing DNF
51 Jason Glenn Groove Subaru Excel Sports DNP
52 Tim Duggan Slipstream/Chipotle p/b H30 DNP

SM 4-5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gustave Manthey Unattached 0:41:13
2 Martin Osorio Reynolds Racing/R2
3 Connor Finley DBC Racing
4 Harry Glendinning Unattached
5 Steve Martino Unattached
6 Eric Coe Unattached
7 Avi Bulow Primal - Audi Denver
8 Andrew Mccarron CINCH Cycling
9 Richard Shall Reynolds Racing/R2
10 Kevin Man Unattached
11 Gary Deaguero Unattached
12 Nick Steiner DBC Racing
13 Devin Rhinehart VR7 Colorado Cycling Team
14 Eric Brodis VR7 Colorado Cycling Team
15 Henry May Unattached
16 Sam Scheurich Unattached
17 Quaine Day Reynolds Racing/R2
18 Lane Willer Unattached
19 Justin Andrews Physio Racing
20 John Goldsmith Team Evergreen Cycling
21 Greg Bjorkquist Unattached
22 Tim Blakemore DBC Racing
23 Bradley Rolf Racer X Cycling / ColoBikeLaw
24 Jacob Golberg UCI WTW: TEAM DSM
25 Matthew Knoedler Unattached
26 Robert Adams Stem Ciders Racing
27 Ethan Kennelly Unattached
28 Brian Mcmanus Unattached
29 Sam Walton Unattached
30 Brian Spencer Unattached
31 Heather Romenesko SQUARE1 Cycling
32 Alfonso Martinez Unattached
33 Sterling Boom Primal - Audi Denver
34 Steven Morgan Unattached
35 Christopher Dillis Unattached
36 Daniel Walters Unattached
37 Brett Hoopes Racer X Cycling / ColoBikeLaw
38 Kirby Kelly Stem Ciders Racing
39 Michelle Mjoen Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage Inc
40 Dylan Taylor Unattached
41 James Barnes Old School Industries
42 Chris Mcmanus Old School Industries
43 Juli White Velo Club La Grange
44 Jon Romenesko Unattached
45 Khem Suthiwan Stem Ciders Racing
46 Landon Brown Unattached
47 Micah Gruenwald Front Rangers Cycling Club - Denver
48 Hunter Hughes Unattached
49 Robert Shoemaker Unattached DNP