These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Open Pro/Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Evan Mcquirk United Cycling 57:20.70
2 Jacob Lasley Omnia 6.00
3 Pavle Kalaba MSU Cycling Team 15.80
4 Douglas Frenchak United Cycling s.t.
5 David Gaona Team Audi McKinney-Encore Wire s.t.
6 Seth Lasley Omnia s.t.
7 Eli Husted Super Squadra s.t.
8 Alex Wieseler Nashville Local Wolfpack s.t.
9 Dusan Kalaba MSU Cycling Team s.t.
10 Mat Stephens Premier Racing s.t.
11 Emerson Cifuentes DNA Racing/Capital Co-op s.t.
12 Patrick Breen Torchys Tacos/Bike Mart 4.80
13 Rye Christman Team Cycle Progression s.t.
14 John Whittington s.t.
15 Milus Clarke jr LOGISTICS 918 s.t.
16 Guadalupe Ontiveros Team Semper Fi s.t.
17 Dan Ajer Super Squadra 6.00
18 Michael Jones United Cycling s.t.
19 Dom Repucci Ardor Racing 2.60
20 Robert Castor United Cycling s.t.
21 Jose Aguilar Audi McKinney p/b Baylor Scott s.t.
22 Nathan Pierce Trinity Racing s.t.
23 Kevin Lorinc Team Audi McKinney-Encore Wire s.t.
24 William Plumlee Team Audi McKinney-Encore Wire s.t.
25 Jack Webb Torchy's Tacos/Bike Mart s.t.
26 Matthew Crawford United Cycling 6.30
28 Andrew Townsend Pinnacle Velo 10.20
29 Grayson Keppler United Cycling 3.60
DNF Jose Perez VIVIS Racing
DNF Sydney Jim VIVIS Racing
DNF Shawn Harris Latitude Racing
DNF Sebastian Salazar University of North Texas
DNF Juan Acosta Extreme Custom paint
DNF Mauri Maldonado Team Probikes
DNF David Golden Latitude Racing
DNF John Mcginnes Team Audi McKinney-Encore Wire
DNF Corbin Smith Torchy's Tacos/Bike Mart
DNF Trevor Kay United Cycling
DNF Matthew Hamsa Torchy's Tacos/Bike Mart
DNF Tice Porterfield Torchy's Tacos/Bike Mart
DNF James Slauson Bicycle-Heaven
DNF Cole Randall VIVIS Racing
DNF Niels Meissner VIVIS Racing
DNF Trenton Magryta University of North Texas
DNF Jacob Evans United Cycling
DNF Warren Head Weaver Technologies Racing
DNF Matt Kundo Night Owls p/b Hardwood Bargain
DNF Raul Luzardo Southern Elite Sun & Ski
DNF Stephen Borski United Cycling Team
DNF Calvin Buntin Battalion Racing
DNF Kyle Walker United Cycling
DNF Dennis Lastochkin Night Owls p/b Hardwood Bargain
DNF Spencer Jones ELBOWZ Racing
DNF Christopher Hattendorf MSU
DNF Evan Bybee DNA Racing / Capitol Co-Op

Women Open Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Emily Vandyken 1:00:08.80
2 Carolyn Defoore United Cycling -1 Lap
3 Linda Daniela menendez Seleccin Nacional de Honduras -1 Lap
4 Sheri Rothe United Cycling -1 Lap
5 Karyn Stern -1 Lap
6 Jennifer Real -1 Lap
7 Amber smolik Shama cycles Roxo Racing -1 Lap
8 Mya Dillon Team Abundance -1 Lap
9 Maggie Chan-roper Battalion Racing -1 Lap
10 Tamra Roberts United Cycling -1 Lap
11 Emily West Bike One Racing Team -3 Laps