These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Tomlinson University of Southern California
2 Charles Hutcheson California State University-Sacramento
3 Blake Anton California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
4 Keith Wong Stanford University
5 James Enright San Francisco State University
6 Elliot Hawkes Stanford University
7 Paul Summers Stanford University
8 Riley Majeune-fagan Stanford University
9 Andreas Freund University of California-Berkeley
10 Nicholas Jerabek California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
11 David Brookes University of California-Berkeley
12 Jeffrey Buscheck University of California-Davis
13 Connor Benton University of California-Berkeley
14 Jonathan Penaloza University of California-Davis
15 John Herr University of California-Santa Barbara
16 Chris Johnson University of California-San Diego
17 Brendan Larkin University of Southern California
18 Drew Lawyer University of California-San Diego
19 Bobby Lozoya University of California-Santa Barbara
20 Alexander Freund University of California-Berkeley
21 Mike Prentice University of California-Los Angeles
22 Adam Ocamb California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
23 Anthony Ferretti University of California-Davis
DNF Jason Ryan Stanford University
DNF Jeffrey Clause Santa Clara University
DNF David Quiros University of California-Los Angeles
DNF Ben Rudolph University of Southern California
DNF Karl Tingwald University of Southern California
DNF Sean Mulderig San Diego State University
DNF Jonathan Deguzman San Diego State University
DNF Colin Don University of Southern California
DNF Stewart Thompson California State University-Sacramento
DNF Brian Funk California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
DNF Ellis Anderson University of California-Davis
DNF Daniel Zitter University of California-San Diego
DNF Aaron Hall University of California-Berkeley
DNF Edwin Clement University of California-San Diego
DNF Jacob Aman University of California-Davis
DNF Stephen Murphy University of California-Santa Barbara
DNF Benjamin Sarno University of California-San Diego
DNF Daniel Kosykh University of California-Davis
DNF Kevin Vangundy University of California-Davis
DNF Alexander Yeh Stanford University
DNF Chris Yu Stanford University

Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Drew Thompson University of California-Berkeley
2 Matt Song University of California-Davis
3 Samuel Bolster University of Nevada-Reno
4 Christopher Rea University of California-Santa Barbara
5 Stephen Cabebe Santa Clara University
6 Richard Lo University of California-Santa Barbara
7 Miles Whedbee San Diego State University
8 Armando Fuentes University of California-Santa Barbara
9 Edward Yragui University of California-San Diego
10 Anthony Fryer California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
11 James Sears University of California-Davis
12 Jake Cohen University of California-Santa Barbara
13 Borys Aptekar University of California-Santa Barbara
14 Justin Russo California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
15 Daniel Corral University of California-Berkeley
16 Miles Soto University of California-Davis
17 Arthur Heredia University of California-Santa Cruz
18 Dave Vannette Stanford University
19 Aaron Michel Stanford University
20 Spencer Schiveley University of California-San Diego
21 Austin Grego University of California-Santa Barbara
22 Peter Keithly University of California-Santa Cruz
23 Sean Tomajan California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
24 Matthew Amicucci University of California-Davis
25 Reginald Trimingham University of California-Santa Cruz
26 Sam Riegel Santa Clara University
27 Edward Kronfli Santa Clara University
28 Alex Morishita University of California-Irvine
29 Simon Gertler University of California-Berkeley
30 Simon Gertler University of California-Berkeley
31 Terrence Davis University of California-Santa Barbara
32 Stephen Sehr University of California-Santa Barbara
33 Abel Fernandez University of California-Santa Barbara
34 Daniel Hertel University of California-Berkeley
35 Mike Betley Stanford University
36 Nathan Strong Stanford University
37 Blake Formanek University of California-Los Angeles
38 Ray Lee University of California-Los Angeles
39 David Molitor Stanford University
40 Connor Gilbert Stanford University

Men C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Harley Grandin University of California-Davis
2 Benjamin Johnson University of California-Davis
3 Christopher Hart University of California-Davis
4 Calvin Thigpen University of California-Davis
5 Riley Cressler University of California-Davis
6 Nicholas Terzakis University of California-Berkeley
7 Jake Lerma University of California-Davis
8 Emerson Glassey University of California-Santa Cruz
9 Christian Lam San Francisco State University
10 Kurt Sjoberg California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
11 Kyle Teague University of California-Irvine
12 David Krumwiede University of California-Berkeley
13 Andrew Roos Stanford University
14 Adrian Moy University of California-Berkeley
15 Yao Saetern San Francisco State University
16 Vincent Chiu University of California-Santa Barbara
17 William Pettus University of California-Berkeley
18 Jarvis Lee University of California-Berkeley
19 Austin Kruisheer San Diego State University
20 Drew Schleck University of California-Davis
21 Bryan Banducci San Francisco State University
22 Eddie Santos University of California-Santa Cruz
23 Mitchell Cooledge California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
24 Tadeh Issakhanian California State University-Fresno
25 Brent Adam University of California-Santa Cruz
26 Kris Kubota California State University-Fresno
27 Eric Gasmin San Francisco State University
28 Jared Casper Stanford University
29 Geoffrey Bishop University of California-Santa Barbara
30 Mark Roberts California State University-Sacramento
31 Tarun Singh Stanford University
32 Alexander Lerikos University of California-Davis
33 Jason Mehrens San Francisco State University
34 Nathan Berch University of Nevada-Reno
35 Aaron Anderson University of Nevada-Reno
36 Peiman Hadjian California State University-Fresno
37 Stefan Webster University of California-Los Angeles
38 Thomas Roos Stanford University
39 Ben Ewing University of California-Santa Cruz
40 Christopher Ha California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
41 Kyle Mccarty California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo
42 David Tomajan University of California-Los Angeles
43 Greg Nipper University of California-Davis
44 Kyle Felsman University of California-San Diego
45 James Donaldson San Francisco State University

Men D

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Dezubiria University of California-San Diego
2 Greg Allen Stanford University
3 Ian Boilard University of California-Davis
4 Gilbert Villegas California State University-Long Beach
5 Ye Lin San Jose State University
6 David Jantz San Diego State University
7 Christopher Moises California State University-Sacramento
8 Wei Yan University of California-Davis
9 Gregory Sarkiskelly University of California-Davis
10 Matthew Tran University of California-Irvine
11 Kyle Mccormick San Jose State University
12 Michael Nystrom Humboldt State University
13 David Berry University of California-San Diego
14 Gus Paras University of Southern California
15 Austin Rayford University of California-Berkeley
16 Gustavo Esquivel University of California-Santa Barbara
17 Ou Saechao California State University-Sacramento
18 Edward Duong California State University-Long Beach
19 Samuel Ginn San Francisco State University
20 Ryan Zolyomi University of California-Berkeley
21 Chris Gruenwald Stanford University
22 Richard Kuan California State University-Fresno
23 Andrew Lam University of California-Davis
24 Son Bui University of California-Davis
25 Adam Tolan #N/A
26 Jayme Junta California State University-Long Beach
27 Justin Gore Humboldt State University
28 Yu Serita University of California-San Diego
29 Chris Hahn University of Southern California
30 Joel Franklin University of California-San Diego
DNF Marcos Martinez University of Southern California
DNF Andrew Fouts #N/A
DNF Zachary Thompson Humboldt State University

Women A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joanna Dahl���� University of California-Berkeley
2 Kristen Fauria University of California-Davis
3 Erica Greif University of Nevada-Reno
4 Angharad Porteous Stanford University
5 Sara Bird Stanford University
6 Katharine Hall University of California-Berkeley
7 Naomi Hester University of California-Berkeley
8 Danielle Haulman University of California-Davis
9 Judith Wexler University of California-Davis
10 Breana Hill University of California-Davis
11 Eileen Mazzochette Stanford University
12 Kristin Parrinella University of California-San Diego
13 Christine Weir University of California-Santa Cruz
14 Diana Lin Stanford University
15 Kelly Rosencrans Stanford University
DNF Bridget Carlson University of California-Davis
DNF Diane Moug University of California-Davis
DNF Erika Erickson University of California-Berkeley

Women B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Erika Pearsons California State University-Sacramento
2 Denise Ramirez California State University-Fresno
3 Emily Seferovich University of California-Davis
4 Kirsten Pearsons University of California-Davis
5 Caroline Ackley University of California-Santa Barbara
6 Alicia Halpern University of California-Davis
7 Lauren Freudman University of California-Davis
8 Annelaure Cuvilliez Stanford University
9 Stacy Le University of California-San Diego
10 Kaitlin Benner University of California-Davis
11 Taylor Meilahn University of California-Davis
12 Jessica Luu University of California-San Diego

Women C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Elisma Botha University of California-Davis
2 Nia Ransom San Francisco State University
3 Nancy Vargas Humboldt State University
4 Sara Schneider Humboldt State University
5 Jacqueline Thomas University of California-Irvine
6 Ariel Crandell University of California-Davis
7 Kristen Deberdt University of California-Davis
8 Denise Piekutonski Stanford University
9 Audra Johnston California State University-Fresno
10 Marina Marcroft Humboldt State University
11 Michelle Angeli University of California-Berkeley
DNF Katrina Suariez Humboldt State University