These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 5 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrej Vogel Century Road Club Assoc
2 Joseph Grgic Century Road Club Assoc
3 Billy Wherley Setanta
4 Jovica Ivetic Siggi's/nyvelocity
5 Miguel Sosa Manpower Bike Long Island
6 Robert Constantino Century Road Club Assoc
7 Ragnar Alne Century Road Club Assoc
8 Henrik Andersson Empire Tri Club
9 Justin Sweeney Century Road Club Assoc
10 Chris Peck Century Road Club Assoc
11 Vasco Ivanov Empire Tri Club
12 Cameron Smith Empire Tri Club
13 Daniel Diaz Manpower Bike Long Island
14 Kathryn Cumming
15 Kevin Kennedy VELORIGIN Performance
16 Paul O'donnell Century Road Club Assoc
17 Andrew Reimann
18 Michael Cain Century Road Club Assoc
19 Alexis Kraft Siggi's/nyvelocity
20 William Allen
21 Kevin Mccullough Siggi's/nyvelocity
22 Eric Brown Century Road Club Assoc
23 Santiago Lyon Dave Jordan Racing
24 Michael Granato
25 Robert Trafford
26 Michael Britvan Siggi's/nyvelocity
27 David Moss Siggi's/nyvelocity
28 ? Bryan Siggi's/nyvelocity
29 Brendan Cyr Kissena Cycling Club
30 Joseph Bachana Century Road Club Assoc
31 Andy Wong Siggi's/nyvelocity
32 Luis Gutierrez Century Road Club Assoc
33 Matthew Jiang Siggi's/nyvelocity
34 Julio Castillo Siggi's/nyvelocity
35 Ryan Seher Empire Tri Club
36 Alexis Herrera Manpower Bike Long Island
37 Kevin Hsieh Century Road Club Assoc
38 Nathan Gilmore
39 Eduardo Luna Manpower Bike Long Island
40 Matt Wardle Siggi's/nyvelocity
41 Richard Sberlati enduranceWERX
42 Richard Soffar
43 William Van zee

Men cat 34 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mihael Ginghina TARGETRAINING
2 Noah Gellner Team Body Sync
3 Samuel Frias Montecci Cycling
4 Samuel Torres We Stand United (W.S.)
5 George Schroeder Bicycle Planet Racing
6 Lance Sniadowski Flying Ace Cycling Club
7 William Lopez Team Cosmic-Carve Systems
8 Benjamin Fackler Sixcycle-RK&O
9 Justin Inglis Century Road Club Assoc
10 Edekson Pena Montecci Cycling
11 Anthony Gizzi Houlihan Lokey
12 Mark Petimezas Foundation
13 Ramon Melian ISF Global Textile Solutions/Indigo
14 Egor Astakhov Brooklyn Velo Force
15 Manuel Frias Montecci Cycling
16 Craig London Kissena Cycling Club
17 Christopher Zaverdas East End/Kreb Cycle
18 George Vafiades Dave Jordan Racing
19 Armand Wilhelm Siggi's/nyvelocity
20 Owen Caprell Sids Bikes NYC
21 David Torres RBNY Racing
22 Philip Gerbasi
23 Robert Kowal Somerset Wheelmen
24 Blaine Hurty Black Tie Sports/Spine
25 John Wolkiewicz Mineola Bikes
26 James Horn W&D Racing-NY Velo
27 Oliver Carbonell Dave Jordan Racing
28 Todd Royal W&D Racing-NY Velo
29 Miguel Flores Chelsea Bicycles Team
30 Robert Kahn Dave Jordan Racing
31 Keith Goldman Bicycle Planet Racing
32 Jason Brown Blue
33 Eduardo Luna Manpower Bike Long Island
34 Brett Halpern Dave Jordan Racing
35 Edward Liborius Manpower Bike Long Island
36 Jorge Augustin
37 Laurent Gras Foundation
38 John Alvarez Montecci Cycling
39 Erick Fernandez Dave Jordan Racing
40 David Nayor Dave Jordan Racing
41 Raymond Dewire Kissena Cycling Club
42 Jeremy Sie Century Road Club Assoc
43 Unknown Rider Rockstar Games/Signature Cycles
44 Jesus Espitia Blue
45 Andrew Sheeley W&D Racing-NY Velo
46 Scott Teresi
47 Christopher Deluco Black Tie Sports/Spine
48 Anna Mumford Dave Jordan Racing
49 Ryan Siebert
50 Daniel Hubbard Kissena Cycling Club
51 Alex Cooper
53 Michael Kuehn FGX Racing
56 Misha Chiporukha CIS: First Team

Men Masters Open 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paul Carbonara AXIS
2 Gregory Fowlkes Rapha Racing
3 Gregory Lee Bicycle Planet Racing
4 Nathan Archibald Deno's Wonder Wheel Cycling
6 Joseph Zaverdas East End/Kreb Cycle
7 Thomas Cipolla Bicycle Planet Racing
8 Rick Spear
9 Eutimio Quintero Foundation
10 John Raheb Century Road Club Assoc
11 Matt Seaton Rapha Racing
12 Jeff Gottesman Deno's Wonder Wheel Cycling
13 John Landino DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL
14 Oleksiy Ivanov
15 Samuel Martinez We Stand United (W.S.)
16 Saul Jacobson
17 Marc Cesare Deno's Wonder Wheel Cycling
18 Jordan Jan Brooklyn Velo Force
19 Russell Bogin Eumaeus Asset Management - Fuoriclasse
20 Jeff Johnson DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL
21 Danny Inoa AXIS
22 Peter Mccormick Century Road Club Assoc
23 Maria Rosenfeld Dave Jordan Racing
24 Michael Monastero GBSC/Bialostok Chiropractic CT
25 Maria Rosenfeld Dave Jordan Racing
26 Michael Monastero GBSC/Bialostok Chiropractic CT
27 Tony Markovina Bicycle Planet Racing
28 Joseph Brennan Century Road Club Of America
29 Jon Orcutt AXIS
30 Dusan Strika Kissena Cycling Club
31 Scott Gregoire Major Taylor Iron Racing Racing Team
32 Oscar Rosales FinKraft Cycling

Men pro123 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Strumolo Dave Jordan Racing
2 Chase Goldstein Stan's NoTubes P/b Proferrin
3 Marcus Dahllof Century Road Club Assoc
4 Gorgi Popstefanov Metra/Cycles 54 Cycling Team
5 Alejandro Guzman Foundation
6 Stalin Quiterio cuello
7 John Loehner
8 Zach Koop Blue
9 Jermaine Burrowes We Stand United (W.S.)
10 Gregory Lafiura FGX Racing
11 Lynn Murray Dave Jordan Racing
12 Abraham Soler Foundation
13 Chris Loehner Bicycle Planet Racing
14 Karl michael Rahn Stan's NoTubes P/b Proferrin
15 Mitchell Jacaruso Champion System p/b Stan's NoTubes
16 Roger Montes Cycle Logic
17 Alan Buday Dave Jordan Racing
18 J.p. Partland Kissena Cycling Club
19 James Stevens Stan's NoTubes P/b Proferrin
20 Anthony Taylor Dave Jordan Racing
21 Ramphy Zorrilla
22 Evan Cooper Century Road Club Assoc
23 Lance Leener Dave Jordan Racing
24 Chris Chesebro Liberty Cycle
25 Michael Margarite Stan's NoTubes P/b Proferrin
26 Richard Wolter Sids Bikes NYC
27 Scott Savory We Stand United (W.S.)
28 Will Schneider Team Danbury Audi
29 Vinicius Tavares Century Road Club Assoc
30 R Scott snyder
31 Inson Wood Century Road Club Assoc
32 Fabienne Gerard Team Kenda presented by RACC
33 Chas Berckmann BH/Comedy Central
34 Paul Debartolo FinKraft Cycling
35 Haig Marino Deno's Wonder Wheel Cycling
36 Robert Mecea Brooklyn Velo Force
37 Kevin Molloy Century Road Club Assoc
38 Richard Gonzalez MAMBO Kings Racing
39 Edward Zimmermann We Stand United (W.S.)
40 Tom Bencivengo We Stand United (W.S.)
41 Richard Gonzalez MAMBO Kings Racing
42 Aaron Katin BH/Comedy Central
43 Vlad Preoteasa Kissena Cycling Club
44 Nicholas Van winkle Hudson Furniture Cyclocross
45 Matthew Howard FinKraft Cycling
46 Cliff Saper CycleLifeUSA GF Capital
47 Jose Collado
48 Franklin Burgos James Vincent Bicycles/JV Racing
49 Roselvert Marte quezada G.S. Mengoni U.S.A.
50 Jeff Cline Century Road Club Assoc
51 Leigh Sorrells
52 Timothy Spence AXIS