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Men A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Wesley Kline Pennsylvania State University 0:59:47
2 Eran Preble University of Delaware 0:59:47
3 Dylan Lowe Columbia University-NYC 0:59:47
4 Samson Mchugh University of Pittsburgh 0:59:47
5 Taylor Smith University of New Hampshire 0:59:47
6 Andrers Newbury University of Vermont 0:59:47
7 Jacob Warshaw University of Vermont 0:59:47
8 Thomas Barnett Providence College 0:59:47
9 Harry Chen Bucknell University 0:59:47
10 Daniel Holmdahl Dartmouth College 0:59:47
11 Nathan Dugan Columbia University-NYC 0:59:47
12 Joseph Near Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:59:47
13 James Kennedy University of New Hampshire 0:59:47
14 Alan Royek Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania 0:59:47
15 Benjamin Grass Dartmouth College 0:59:47
16 Steven Francisco University of Delaware 0:59:47
17 Maximilian Jentzsch Dartmouth College 0:59:57
18 Jacob Lapenna Princeton University 1:00:03
19 Wyatt Stoup Pennsylvania State University 1:00:34
20 Jeremy Shirock Pennsylvania State University 1:00:34
21 Joseph Reis University of Vermont P&P
22 Dominic Caiazzo Northeastern University P&P
23 Michael Garretson Pennsylvania State University P&P
24 Greg Disanto University of New Hampshire P&P
25 Steven Rusnak US Military Academy P&P
26 Joseph Halo Pennsylvania State University P&P
27 Benjamin Woolston Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&P
28 Zachary Ulissi Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&P
29 Andrew Cornelia University of Vermont P&P
30 Kenny Mcneill Northeastern University P&P
31 Kuat Yessenov Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&P
32 Daniel Lazier Bucknell University P&P
33 John Kavouris University of Pittsburgh P&P
34 Colin Mckenna Pennsylvania State University P&P
35 Kevin Ordons University of Pittsburgh P&P
36 Greg Mcelravy University of Vermont P&P
37 Ross Creed Temple University P&P
DNF ? Max Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
DNF Samuel Cowans Bucknell University
DNF Brett Wachtendorf Pennsylvania State University
DNF John Herrick University of Vermont

Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 R. Wilson tarbox iv New York University 0:41:45
2 Jules Goguely Rhode Island School of Design 0:41:45
3 Benjamin Reddy Columbia University-NYC 0:41:45
4 Zheren Yang Columbia University-NYC 0:41:45
5 Jonathan Lange University of Vermont 0:41:45
6 Timothy Schaffer Columbia University-NYC 0:41:45
7 Ben Civiletti University of Vermont 0:41:45
8 Ian Bensco Pennsylvania State University 0:41:45
9 Andrew Baker University of Delaware 0:41:45
10 Kenneth Dailey US Military Academy 0:41:45
11 David Koppstein Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:41:45
12 Brian Markman Pennsylvania State University 0:41:45
13 Byron Hood Harvard University 0:41:45
14 Forrest Parsons University of Vermont 0:41:45
15 Sean Mcintyre Pennsylvania State University 0:41:45
16 Luke Thomas Rochester Institute of Technology 0:41:45
17 Ian Kola University of Vermont 0:41:45
18 Jason Ceresoli Rochester Institute of Technology 0:41:45
19 Adam Trexler Yale University 0:41:45
20 Tanner Haskins University of Vermont 0:41:45
21 Alex Lambi Temple University 0:41:45
22 Michael Carroll Columbia University-NYC 0:41:45
23 David Migl Harvard University 0:41:45
24 David Villari Boston University 0:42:04
25 Micah Douglas US Military Academy 0:42:04
26 Paul Lamarche University of Vermont 0:42:15
27 David Hocker Princeton University P&P
28 Zachary Parker Dartmouth College P&P
29 Drew Kogon New York University P&P
30 Benjamin Calvert New York University P&P
31 David Reich Pennsylvania State University P&P
32 Ryan Cummings Dartmouth College P&P
33 John Knisely Pennsylvania State University P&P
34 Andrew Haggerty Millersville University-Pennsylvania P&P
35 William Hoff University of Delaware P&P
36 Jacob Rubin University of Delaware P&P
37 Isaiah Levy US Military Academy P&P
38 Joseph Lee Columbia University-NYC P&P
39 Tyler Fitzgerald University of Vermont P&P
40 Tanner Devoe Princeton University P&P
41 Paul Strein US Military Academy P&P
42 Kevin Curran Lehigh University P&P
43 Jonathan Tang Pennsylvania State University P&P
DNF Charles Spanjers Pennsylvania State University
DNF Alec Rudd Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Men C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Berg Dartmouth College 0:33:57
2 Conor Madison University of New Hampshire 0:33:57
3 Jeremiah White Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania 0:33:57
4 Andrew Dudle Pennsylvania State University 0:33:57
5 Andrew Wong Dartmouth College 0:33:57
6 David Hopper Pennsylvania State University 0:33:57
7 Edgar Costa New York University 0:33:57
8 Matthew Li Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:33:57
9 Kyle Irwin Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania 0:33:57
10 Joseph Yacono Drexel University 0:33:57
11 Daniel Gray Drexel University 0:33:57
12 Nick Smith Boston University 0:33:57
13 Gregory Harkay Pennsylvania State University 0:33:57
14 Joshua Feltner University of New Hampshire 0:34:20
15 Kamal Ndousse Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:34:25
16 Ryan Campbell Millersville University-Pennsylvania 0:34:44
17 Ian Gielar Rochester Institute of Technology 0:34:44
18 Stephen Shum Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:34:44
19 Jack Graham US Military Academy 0:34:54
20 Bryan Berman Temple University 0:35:45
21 Sean Burger Temple University 0:35:45
22 Luke Barbour University of New Hampshire 0:35:50
23 Russell Grindstaff New York University P&P
24 Breton Minneham Rochester Institute of Technology P&P
25 Daniel Schlingman Yale University P&P
26 Tyler Gold University of Vermont P&P
27 Thomas Calcagni Drexel University P&P
28 Cheng Li Pennsylvania State University P&P
29 Benjamin Rittenhouse Pennsylvania State University P&P
30 P&P
31 Dillon Durinick Pennsylvania State University P&P
32 Ernie Lehman Pennsylvania State University P&P
33 George Emanuel Harvard University P&P
34 Jacob Perlmutter University of Pittsburgh P&P
35 Matt Redmond Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&P
36 Gregory Wesolowich Millersville University-Pennsylvania P&P
37 Andrew Markiewicz Pennsylvania State University P&P
38 Trevor Burke University of Vermont P&P
39 Santino Petrocelli University of Pittsburgh P&P
40 Alberto Castro US Military Academy P&P
41 David Singerman Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&P
42 Andrew Walker University of Delaware P&P
43 Benjamin Conley Hamilton College P&P
44 Joseph Rich University of New Hampshire P&P
45 Brandon Wilson Hamilton College P&P
46 Hunter Dansin Hamilton College P&P
47 Derek Wladyka Drexel University P&P
48 Zachary Taylor US Military Academy P&P
49 Ethan Pfenninger University of New Hampshire P&P
50 Matt Stanton Dartmouth College P&P
51 James Poland Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania P&P
52 Brendan Diener Drexel University P&P
53 Robert Walker US Military Academy P&P
DNF Scott Kapelewski Northeastern University
DNF Hunter Vanadelsberg Dartmouth College
DNF Benjamin Frye University of Vermont
DNF Simon Vidal New York University
DNF Maxwell Nagel Northeastern University
DNF Jeekang Choi Pennsylvania State University
DNF Devon Jasinski University of New Hampshire
DNF Forest Trimble Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
DNF Connor Reardon Rochester Institute of Technology
DNF Nathaniel Dixon Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Men D1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Travis Mattison University of New Hampshire 0:28:10
2 Andrew Artz Pennsylvania State University 0:28:41
3 Sheldon Hurst University of New Hampshire 0:28:53
4 Matthew Sherman Columbia University-NYC 0:28:53
5 Sidharth Gajapatiraju New York University 0:28:53
6 Eric Luck Northeastern University 0:28:53
7 Vincent Crossley Columbia University-NYC 0:28:53
8 Chris Conwell Temple University 0:28:53
9 Adam Peffer Pennsylvania State University 0:28:53
10 Samuel Carroll Pennsylvania State University 0:28:53
11 Nickolas Kirkner Drexel University 0:28:53
12 Jeff Meyerlorentson University of Vermont 0:28:53
13 Mark Mcshane Pennsylvania State University 0:28:53
14 Johnrobin Mccrery New York University 0:28:53
15 Austin Bradley University of Pittsburgh P&P
16 Daniel Marasco Columbia University-NYC P&P
17 Christian Anderson New York University P&P
18 Kevin Schiavone University of New Hampshire P&P
19 Jeffrey Miller Pennsylvania State University P&P
20 Paul Girgis Pennsylvania State University P&P
21 Alexander Sousa Northeastern University P&P
22 Jonathan Gallis Pennsylvania State University P&P
23 Joseph Clark Pennsylvania State University P&P
24 Richard Stern New York University P&P
25 Joseph Slamm Northeastern University P&P
26 Benjamin Ratvasky University of Pittsburgh P&P
27 Jordan Brennan Pennsylvania State University P&P
28 Brandon Masterman New York University P&P
29 William Pellegrini Boston University P&P
30 Jorge Pino New York University P&P
31 Christopher Wall University of New Hampshire P&P
32 Theodore Feldman Harvard University P&P
DNF Jordan Thompson Pennsylvania State University

Men D2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anton Hunt Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:28:08
2 Joshau Lewis Slippery Rock University 0:28:22
3 Xingda Zhai Swarthmore College 0:28:22
4 Adam Jones Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:28:22
5 Jeffrey Musher Slippery Rock University 0:28:22
6 Andrew Isherwood Stevens Institute of Technology 0:28:22
7 Benjamin Parker Dartmouth College 0:28:22
8 Theodore Mclean Hamilton College 0:28:22
9 Devon Koch Dartmouth College 0:28:22
10 Kevin Griffin Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania 0:28:22
11 Mike Yalch Millersville University-Pennsylvania 0:28:22
12 Tom Ogrady Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:28:22
13 John Malcovitch Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 0:28:22
14 Peter Skaggs Hamilton College P&P
15 Matthew Schullman Yale University P&P
16 Tyler Lee Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania P&P
17 Jacob Lewis Slippery Rock University P&P
DNF John Wen Yale University

Men Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tycho Tromp University of New Hampshire 0:11:03
2 Dylan Hoffman Stevens Institute of Technology 0:11:44
3 Jannik Hercksen Northeastern University 0:12:00
4 Brian Pomerantz Cornell University 0:12:03
5 Andres Paez Stevens Institute of Technology 0:12:55

Women A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Leslie Lupien Dartmouth College 0:49:13
2 Michelle Khare Dartmouth College 0:49:13
3 Shaena Berlin Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:49:13
4 Jessica Kutz Pennsylvania State University 0:49:18
5 Elspeth Huyett Kutztown University of Pennsylvania 0:49:18
6 Lucie Vagnerova Columbia University-NYC 0:49:18
7 Katherine Wymbs Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:49:18
8 Rugile Kaladyte Rochester Institute of Technology 0:49:18
9 Molly Bulger University of New Hampshire 0:49:18
10 Carolyn Carlstrom Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 0:49:18
11 Gabriella Allong US Military Academy 0:49:18
12 Hayley Wickstrom University of Pittsburgh 0:49:18
13 Emily Paxson University of Vermont 0:49:18
14 Amy Mausser University of Connecticut 0:49:30
15 Yuri Matsumoto Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:50:36
16 Jasmine Hansen US Military Academy P&P
17 Heather Mclaughlin Harvard University P&P
18 Amanda Swords Millersville University-Pennsylvania P&P
19 Lydia Hausle Boston University P&P
20 Erica Blom Yale University P&P
DNF Carren Stika Pennsylvania State University

Women B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Marisa Rorabaugh University of Vermont 0:49:18
2 Jane Rossi Rhode Island School of Design 0:49:18
3 Erin Spaulding University of New Hampshire 0:49:18
4 Megan Schindler University of Vermont 0:49:18
5 Karen Lam New York University 0:49:18
6 Elizabeth White University of Vermont 0:49:18
7 Jennifer Wilson Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:49:49
8 Isabelle Cote Columbia University-NYC P&P
9 Hanna Lauterbach Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute P&P
10 Anna Janas Columbia University-NYC P&P
11 Anastasia Yanchilina Columbia University-NYC P&P
12 Jennifer Webster US Military Academy P&P
13 Rebecca Gripp University of Delaware P&P
14 Maureen Gribb Drexel University P&P

Women C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Katie Maass Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:32:10
2 Victoria Gates Fitchburg High School 0:32:10
3 Emma Collins University of New Hampshire 0:32:10
4 Georgia Lagoudas Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:32:10
5 Julia Schlesinger Yale University 0:33:20
6 Lisa Thompson Northeastern University 1 Lap
7 Bridgette Beagen University of New Hampshire 1 Lap
8 Danielle Smith Dartmouth College 1 Lap
9 Caitlin Bartkus Boston University 1 Lap
10 Brie Timm University of Vermont 1 Lap
11 Kasinee Gehring Pennsylvania State University 1 Lap
12 Hannah Cole University of New Hampshire P&P
13 Amy Hoagland New York University P&P
14 Courtney Anderson Hamilton College P&P
15 Elizabeth Deshaies Northeastern University P&P
16 Lori Incitti Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania P&P
17 Erin Spiller Harvard University P&P

Women Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sarah Weir Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:12:00
2 Marianna Sofman Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:12:00
3 Megan Earley Pennsylvania State University 0:12:03
4 Elizabeth Mcshane Pennsylvania State University 0:13:14