These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christopher Shaw CRCA / FGX Racing 1:00:10
2 Brian Evans Gotham Cyclists
3 Michael Black - QCW Cycling
4 James Martin
5 Vincent Reydams World Cup Ski & Cycle Racing Team
6 Zachary Hutchins TorcUP/Cycle Fitters
7 Jeff Godfrey Thru It All Body Shop
8 John Wilson Thru It All
9 Mark Allain Shirks Racing Masters Team
10 Eric Noonan Team Marty's
11 Matthew Dishart Thru It All Body Shop
12 Robert Mecea Brooklyn Velo Force
13 Joshua Cantor QCW Cycling
15 Scott Steele Gotham Cyclists
16 Josh Carter Philadelphia Ciclismo
17 Tim j Hancock Main Line Cycling - BiKyle
18 Stephen Sambrano Main Line Cycling - BiKyle
19 Rick Beuttel GS Simmeria
20 Byron Horgash Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
21 George Sherman Gotham Cyclists
22 Gerald Burkett World Cup Ski & Cycle Racing Team
23 Rob Price Ruud racing/ TVC
24 Kristofer Moore TorcUP / Cycle Fitters
25 Charles Arensberg Equipe Vitesse
26 Eric Fredericks Mainline Cycling
27 Araron Miller Thru It All Body Shop
28 Robert Kowal Somerset Wheelmen
29 Joe Murphy bikeline/lwa
30 Jeff Moore Tri-State Velo
31 Mark Kline Equipe Vitesse
32 David Lowe Philadelphia Ciclismo
33 Patrick Gellineau Team Somerset
34 James Best Cycledrome
35 Vlad Preoteasa Kissena Cycling Club
36 Christopher Newport Philadelphia Ciclismo
37 Scott Farmer Cycle Fitters
DNF Seth Houston Doylestown Bike Works
DNF James Moffett

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Pete Rovtar Liberty Cycle 1:04:12
2 Bryan Stottlemyer Team Integrity Cycling p/b Insight A/V
3 Samuel Margolis Team Vortex
4 Eric Baum
5 Thomas Bartolacci BUCKS COUNTY CYCLING
6 Myles Lund Philadelphia Ciclismo
7 Tom Lausch
8 Brian Hazenski Upstate Velo
9 Benjamin Strine Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
10 Eric Greenberg Sunnybrook Trek/Limerick Chiropractic
11 Bill Viereck C C Evesham
12 Michael Graback Liberty Cycle
13 Kevin Summers C.C.S.
14 Geoff Brunner n/a
15 David Mcginn Bicycle Therapy
16 Michael Lane Zimmerman Racing
17 Michael Malavarca Liberty Cycle
18 Justin Kast Fitness Central Bike Shop
19 Joe Gaziano liberty cycle
20 Karl Turek Team Alliance Environmental
21 Michael Bowman Blue Mountain Velo
22 Paul Rinkenberg Team Fluid
23 Matthew Bunting Team Integrity p/b Insight Audio/Visual
24 Brian Murphy Summit Cycling Club 1 Laps
25 John Miller Breakaway Racing-PA 1 Laps
26 Calvin Troxell Tri-State Velo 1 Laps
27 Max Knee Team Independence p/b 2 Laps

Men Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Theodore Inoue Liberty Cycle 1:01:26
2 Patrick Gellineau Team Somerset
3 Martin Mrugal PA Masters RC
4 David Bonser Gotham Cyclists
5 John Spittal Thru It All Body Shop inc.
6 Eric Anderson Somerset Wheelmen
7 Mark Light Liberty Cycle
8 Greg Cordasco Liberty Cycle
9 Joe Hamilton PA Masters RC
10 Rick Beuttel GS Simmeria
11 Robert Grimwood World Cup Ski & Cycle Racing Team
12 Brad Ober Thru It All Body Shop
13 Gordon Stone
14 Bryan Stahley Cycledrome Bicycling Team
15 Paul Pearson Tru-Brew/BCRC
16 Matt Perry PA Masters RC
17 Scott Farmer Cycle Fitters
18 Stephen Sambrano Main Line Cycling - BiKyle
19 Robert Kowal Team Somerset
20 Jeffrey Toth SPINTECK CYCLING TEAM 2 Laps
21 Patrik Dyberg Liberty Cycle
22 Larry Detris Cycledrome Bicycling Team
23 Michael Holub Cycledrome Bicycling Team
24 Jeff Moore Tri-State Velo
25 Edward Figaniak BOSS Racing
26 William Gentile Thru-It-All Body Shop
27 Chuck Crocco Team Somerset
28 Bob Turner Thru It All Body Shop
29 Curt Hurst Liberty Cycle
30 Joe Gaziano liberty cycle
31 Thomas Bowmaster Liberty Cycle
32 Bruce Donaghy Morgan Stanley/Market Edge Cycling Team
33 Aubrey Gordon liberty cycle
34 Bill Strickland Kapelmuur Independent
35 Kenneth Wareham Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
36 David West 2 Laps
DNF Michael Shapanka Watchung Wheelmen
DNF Thomas Bartolacci Bucks County Racing Club
DNF David Lowe Philadelphia Ciclismo
DNF Brian Murphy Summit Cycling Club