These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cesar Marte GS Mengoni U.S.A.
2 Euris Vidal Foundation
3 Alessandro Matteucci BH/Comedy Central
4 Wilson Vasquez Lupus Racing Team
5 Allan Rego Champion System p/b Stan's NoTubes
6 Stefan Singer FGX Racing
7 Roger Montes Brooklyn Velo Force
8 Gregory Lee Bicycle Planet Racing
9 Andrew Mitstifer Arc Racing
10 Daniel Cleiman Sixcycle-RK&O
11 Joaquin Cruz ASODOCI
12 Unknown Rider
13 Unknown Rider
14 Jayson Jacobs W&D Racing-NY Velo
15 Edward Zimmermann We Stand United (W.S.)
16 Allen Carr Ride Brooklyn
17 Tom Bencivengo We Stand United (W.S.)
18 Christopher Shaw FGX Racing
19 Michael Beckerman FGX Racing
20 John Buenaventura Sixcycle-RK&O
21 Brian Milligan FGX Racing
22 Robert Lattanzi Lupus Racing Team
23 Evan Cooper Century Road Club Assoc
24 Stalin Quiterio cuello Echelon Cycles
25 Juan carlos Polanco GS Mengoni U.S.A.
26 Erin Korff AXIS
27 Brian Breach GS Mengoni U.S.A.
28 Alexander Barouh GS Mengoni U.S.A.
29 Anthony Lowe We Stand United (W.S.)

Men Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Armand Wilhelm Siggi's/nyvelocity
2 Paul Carbonara AXIS
3 Miguel Estrada CIS: First Team
4 Ernesto Paredes RBNY Racing
5 Lance Sniadowski Flying Ace Cycling Club
6 Samuel Frias Montecci Cycling
7 Christopher Castaldi Deno's Wonder Wheel Cycling
8 Egor Astakhov Brooklyn Velo Force
9 Carl Nelson Flying Ace Cycling Club
10 Danny Inoa AXIS
11 Chris Young Ride Brooklyn
12 Joseph Tutt Sids Bikes NYC
13 Sean Hourigan Century Road Club Assoc
14 Nathan Brauer Foundation
15 Christopher Shea RBNY Racing
16 Misha Chiporukha CIS: First Team
17 Ian Lieberman Arc Racing
18 Harryedmund Bolick Kissena Cycling Club
19 Jacob Baty W&D Racing-NY Velo
20 Nicolas Carnevale Arc Racing
21 Peter Rup MBCR mineola bike club racing
22 Edekson Pena Montecci Cycling
23 Andreas Katehis CRCA Junior Development
24 Malcolm Mitchell CIS: Training Systems
25 Jose Soriano FGX Racing
26 Spiridon Katehis
27 ? Bryan Siggi's/nyvelocity
28 Todd Brilliant Century Road Club Assoc
29 Kenneth Luna Century Road Club Assoc
30 Kenneth Hochman Deno's Wonder Wheel Cycling
31 Matthew Rossi Arc Racing
32 Adel Sarhan Arc Racing
33 Carlos Guerrero Montecci Cycling
34 Robert Stern DieHard-Think Racing
35 Unknown Rider
36 Johnny Hsu CRCA / W&D RACING / NYC VELO
37 David Lipscomb CIS: First Team
38 Manuel Mainardi Arc Racing
40 Vincent Cintron GS Gotham/TOGA Bikes

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 James Hyatt 0:26:53
2 Kris Broekaert 0:26:53
3 Unknown Rider Ride Brooklyn 0:26:53
4 Chris Pino W&D Racing-NY Velo 0:26:53
5 Nikolay Koblov Ride Brooklyn 0:26:53
6 Omar Villafane
7 William Van zee
8 Richard Soffar
9 John Sweeney Arc Racing
10 Eddie Venegas Mineola Bikes
11 Moshe Bressler Kosher Cyclists
12 Horace Kalphat Kissena Cycling Club
13 Adam Fabian Kissena Cycling Club
14 Melissa Sotelo White Mountain Road Club/ Landis/Trek
15 Robert Vaccarino
16 Jonathan Mann
17 Aaron Blum Kissena Cycling Club
18 Stanton Campbell
19 Zachary Jacobs W&D Racing-NY Velo