These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kip Taylor Sport Systems MountainTop Cycling
2 Mark Aasmundstad Landis/Trek
3 ? Edmund Specialized
4 Fortunato Ferrara Sports Systems Mountaintop Cycling
5 David Carey Sport Systems Mountain Top Cycling
6 David Vaughn ZiaVelo Cycling
7 Drew Miller Landis/Trek
8 Damian Calvert Sport Systems MountainTop Cycling
9 Marcel Berger ZiaVelo Cycling
10 Santiago Chavez Zia Velo
11 Cameron Brenneman NM Bike 'n' Sport
12 Chris Abbott Scalo Veloce
13 Justin Laue University of Texas
14 Kyle Martinez Zia Velo
15 John Verheul Scalo Veloce
16 Salvador Marrufo Crazy Cat Cyclery
17 Eugene Dougherty High Desert Bicycles
18 Christian Schlabach ZiaVelo
19 Travis Glysson flagstaff cycling
20 Shawn Kingrey Team Body Sync
21 Thomas Jones Scalo Veloce
22 William Hilsman ZENBERRYMIX.COM
23 Tchad Leeds Sport Systems MountainTop Cycling
24 Chris Eckstein Sport Systems Mountaintop Cycling
25 Gavin Kennard High Desert Masters
26 Juan Ruacho Crazy Cat Cyclery
27 Patrick Holland Team El Paso
28 Jonathan Schreiner Scalo Veloce
29 Silvio Menezes Sport Systems MountainTop Cycling
31 Michael Archibeck Sport Systems MountainTop Cycling
32 David Ubinger Crazy Cat Cyclery
33 Hans Joseph whitefield Sport Systems Mountain Top Cycling
DNF Nicholas Lemke Scalo Veloce

Men 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Earl Gage Scalo Veloce
3 Greg Albright Carlsbad Velo Cycling Team
4 Kaden Murdock Zia Velo
5 Eric Fernandez sports systems mountain top cycling
6 Randall Bradford Olev Rapido/Kickstand
7 Roy Cuoco sports systems mountain top cycling
8 Tim Mcgrew unattached
9 Scott Steffen NMVS Sport Systems Cycling Team
10 Jake Contos Texas Tech Cycling
11 Robert Kyper Robert Kyper
12 Ruben Mendez Frankie Flats Cycling Team
13 David Mount Team FIT
14 Jonathan Williams FI Taos
15 Jean Paul fontana Bike n Sport Racing
16 Kevin Ledwith The Bicycle Company
17 David Rodriguez Bike n Sport Racing
18 Marco Quintana HDB Racing
19 Charles Shanks Crazy Cat Cyclery
20 Michael Abdalla Kickstand/Olev Rapido
21 Mike Hunter Nob Hill Velo
DNF Johnny Bargeron High Desert Bicycles
DNF Josh Buehner solo
DNF Samuel Mendez Kickstand/ Olev Rapido

Men 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Peter Doane Stoton Velo Club
2 Eli Torgeson Monsters in the Basement
3 Kari Babinski Sports Systems Mountaintop cycling
4 Derek De palma Sports Sysytems Mountaintop Cycling
5 Todd Ringler unattached
6 Lee Brinkerhoff unattached
7 Matt Patton Sports Sysytems Mountaintop Cycling
8 Emil Kadlec Doug is MAN
9 Nathan Masek MasekClan
10 Saul Gomez Frankie Flats
11 Benjamin Corona unattached
12 Philip Neis The Kickstand/Olev Rapido
13 Oscar Ostos Crazy Cat Cyclery
14 Parmenides Orpinel Get Out! NM
15 Brad Howard Runnin with the Dogs
16 David Deyoung unattached
17 Noah Jacobson unattached
18 Warren Hire Nob Hill
19 Taylor Squillaci Get Out! NM
20 Anthony Torres GP VELOTEK
21 Jim Chiasson High Peaks Masters
22 Leroy Lovato gp velo tek///
23 Andrew Padilla The Kickstand/Olev Rapido
24 Oscar Nova unattached
25 Malin Friess unattached
26 Kurt Stritzl unattached
27 Tom Ambrogio unattached
28 Eric Collins unattached
29 Angel Chavez The Kickstand/Olev Rapido
30 Scott Mason PBK
31 Joseph Giannotto GP Velotek
32 Antonio Simental VeloTek
33 Stephen Hartsfield unattached
DNF Jose Ogushi Power Shots
DNF Brandon Rodriguez unattached
DNF Alex Ramos HDB
DNF Daniel Flynn High Desert Bikes

Men JM17/18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Taylor Squillaci Get Out! NM

Men Jr 16

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Samuel Medina GP Velotek 02:14:20
2 Solomon Barsun 02:53:23
3 Mason Calvert Sport Systems MTC Jr. Devo Team 03:09:45

Men Master 50+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Todd Gogulski Universal Sports Network 01:51:45
2 Charlie Drysdale Bike-N-Sport Racing 01:52:35
3 Bill Dahl Sports Systems Mountain Top Cycling 01:54:16
4 Mark Cuoccio Mark Cuoccio 01:55:14
5 Mike Slattery SportSystems MTC 01:56:59
6 Dan Armijo Squadra Della Pista 01:57:39
7 Jimmy Day Bike N Sport 01:58:00
8 Tony Farrar Bike n Sport Racing 01:59:43
9 Frank Welker unattached 02:03:21
10 Tony Pachelli Sports Systems Mountain Top Cycling 02:09:16
11 D K sager Bike n Sport Racing 02:10:30
12 Calvin Ridgeway RGRT/CSI 02:20:01
13 Hector Leyba SoCo Velo 02:23:58
14 Frank Sanchez GP Velotek 03:04:13
DNF Mark De pree NMVS/Sport Systems Cycling Club DNF

Women 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mindy Caruso Scalo Veloce 01:58:30
2 Maria Santiago Naked women racing 02:04:35
3 Sarah Lough NM Spokettes Racing Team 02:07:00
4 Jennifer Buntz Duke City Wheelmen 02:14:01
5 Melissa Velarde NM Spokettes Racing Team 02:26:34
6 Samantha Rynas NCVC/UnitedHealthcare 02:46:59
7 Tove Shere Sport Systems MTC 03:08:05

Women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nadezhda Mitelman Crazy Cat Cyclery 02:07:55
2 Susan Rice Sport Systems Mountain Top Cycling 02:10:18
3 Sheena Carswell Durango Wheel Club 02:18:06
4 Brooke Connell unattached 02:18:30
5 Rachel Chavez The Kickstand/Olev Rapido 02:19:06
6 Kelly Fitzpatrick NM Spokettes Racing Team 02:21:30
7 Olga Sanchez Sports Systems Mountain Top Cycling 02:21:47
8 Dot Philp High Desert Bicycles 02:29:57
9 Becky Strommen High Desert Bicycles 02:31:37
10 Laura Hoevel Team Body Sync 02:33:26
11 Nancy Fortin unattached 04:12:39
DNF Rachel Zollinger FCS Cycling p/b Zngine + Mr. Restore DNF

Women JR Women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Morgan Fortin High Desert Bicycles 04:12:39