These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men CAT 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jake Morman Lifetime Bikes Loganville
2 Brice Brookshire
3 Luke Broadwell Junior Flyers
4 Daudi Cobb Peachtree Bikes
5 Jacob Tubbs Donohoo-Infinity Racing
6 Tomas Petit Frazier Cycling
7 John Tousignant Low Country Cycling Team
8 Ian Garrison Junior Flyers
9 Ezra Wardpackard Team Novo Nordisk Development
10 Kellen Goodell Low Country Racing Elite Team
11 Ryan Pumpian Team Mission Source-NGCA
12 Matt Corse Round Here Racing
13 Joshua Fuller
14 Gregg Palaian Round Here Racing
15 Nick Oestreich Junior Flyers
16 Brad Harman
17 Nathaniel Rowe SkyBlu Smart Fuels Cycling Team
18 Brian Coll Team Mission Source-NGCA
19 Robby Bryant L5Flyers p/b Maxxis
20 Christian Dicenso Drummond Racing
21 Zack Kratche Low Country Racing
22 Artem Uraitor
23 Travis Neumuller Team Mission Source-NGCA
24 Unknown Rider
25 Christopher Mosier Toyota Forklifts/Sport Factory
26 Jon Woodroof Faster Mustache
27 Matt Stahl Rome Velo
28 Charlie Putnal Big Ring Racing, Inc.
29 Ben Rothschild Frazier Cycling
30 Gregory Smith
31 Scott Williamson Bike Surgeon/Continental Tire
32 Olbap Rojas Union Ciclistica Latino Americana LLC

Men CAT 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Collins
2 David Vargas
3 Liam Ainslie
4 Chad Conley
5 Brad Jacobs Round Here Racing
6 George Valentine North Georgia Cycling Association, Inc.
7 Crispin Del nero
8 Haegan Altizer Junior Flyers
9 Adam Hewitt Atomic Cycles
10 Star Bridges SkyBlu Smart Fuels Cycling Team
11 Robbin Rahman L5Flyers p/b Maxxis
12 James Buckingham Hub Endurance Chattanooga
13 Kenneth Fischer Reality Bikes
14 Ian Cramer
15 Duncan Mcguire
16 John Wilkes
17 Willem Kaiser Junior Flyers
18 Travis Tindle Team Mission Source-NGCA
19 Devin Vernick L5Flyers p/b Maxxis
20 Shawn Shields
21 Todd Gould Rome Velo
22 Marc Wong L5Flyers p/b Maxxis
23 Chad Hayes SkyBlu Smart Fuels Cycling Team
24 Benjamin Spangler L5Flyers p/b Maxxis
25 Matthew Dalke
26 Heber Cristino
27 Daniel Thorogood
28 Chris Arriaza Frazier Cycling Juniors
29 David Heath Frazier Cycling
30 Scott May Rome Velo
31 Kareem Maddox
32 Davis Branyon Frazier Cycling Juniors
33 James Todd Frazier Cycling
34 Blake Wilson Frazier Cycling
35 Lino Asiatico Team Mission Source-NGCA

Men CAT 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeffrey Firestone L5Flyers p/b Maxxis
2 Darel Christopher
3 Conor Mcnally L5Flyers p/b Maxxis
4 Jeremy Spafard
5 Aaron Budsock
6 Ben Braxley
7 Nick Groebner
8 Michael Brierley
9 Daniel Varnado Rome Velo
10 Paul Deaver
11 Tony Scarpero Reality Bikes
12 Mike Surgen L5Flyers p/b Maxxis
13 Ben Callaway
14 Trey Hair southern crescent cycling
15 Michael Love
16 Joshua Frank
17 Jared Thornhill Morgan Stanley - Georgia
18 Marcus Lostracco
19 Adrian Ooi
20 Chase Bohannon Rome Velo
21 Vincent Parham
22 Kyle Schultz
23 Carlton Wheatley
24 Christopher Rhodes

Men JUNIORS 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Davis Branyon Frazier Cycling Juniors
2 Blake Wilson Frazier Cycling
3 Arvin Jansen Trace Bikes
4 Gabriel Mendez Frazier Cycling
5 Ian Schirmer FC Roswell
6 David Heath Frazier Cycling
7 Luciano Hasko Frazier Cycling
8 W. Harrison nguy Frazier Cycling
9 Thomas Cross jr Junior Flyers
10 Sam Tullis Frazier Cycling
11 Eli Hoppenfeld Frazier Cycling
12 Troy Waine Junior Flyers
13 Leon Waine Junior Flyers
14 Michael Garrison Junior Flyers
15 Reece Latham Junior Flyers
16 Grant Fuller
17 Elias Dietrich Junior Flyers
18 Owen Braunecker Junior Flyers
19 Ryan Garvey

Men JUNIORS 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mikey Waine Junior Flyers
2 Parker Goodson Trace Bikes
3 Jonas Wood Trace Bikes
4 Rishi Teja mocherla Frazier Cycling
5 Ethan Sanders


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Robinson Electric City Endurance
2 Christopher Brown Litespeed-BMW
3 Damien Dunn Peachtree Bikes
4 Michael Burns Ridley Masters' Team p/b Reality Bikes
5 Marek Lipold
6 Gregory Brown Ridley Masters' Team p/b Reality Bikes
7 Paul Duffy Team Mission Source-NGCA
8 Brian Derose Ridley Masters' Team p/b Reality Bikes
9 Aaron Budsock
10 Justin Meschler Big Ring Racing, Inc.
11 Mike Buechel
12 Charlie Putnal Big Ring Racing, Inc.
13 Dan Klapheke Team Mission Source-NGCA
14 Kenneth Fischer Reality Bikes
15 Brady Rogers
16 Jason Spruill Peachtree Bikes
17 Steven Tarry Toyota Forklifts/Sport Factory
18 John Wilkes


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andy Lougher Lupus Racing Team
2 Kirk Corsello Lupus Racing Team
3 Greg Fink Homesmart Cycling
4 James T gotsick Lupus Racing Team
5 Jeff Marshall Ryobi Outdoor Products
6 Ty Tagami L5Flyers p/b Maxxis
7 Jeffrey Licciardello Team Mission Source-NGCA
8 Michael Johnson Team Mission Source-NGCA
9 Robert Conatser
10 Andy Bailie L5Flyers p/b Maxxis
11 Jang Lee Team Share The Road

Men PRO/1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joey Rosskopf UCI CT: Hincapie Sportswear Development Team
2 Ty Magner UCI CT: Hincapie Sportswear Development Team
3 Emile Abraham Predator Cycling
4 Thomas Brown UCI CT: Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis
5 Oscar Clark UCI CT: Hincapie Sportswear Development Team
6 Daniel Holt UCI PCT: Team Novo Nordisk
7 Dustin Cottle Team Novo Nordisk Development
8 Nicolas Lefrancois
9 Igor Rudalev Lupus Racing Team
10 Dylan Degan
11 Brendan Cornett Team United Healthcare Georgia/The 706 P
12 Philip O'donnell Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team, Inc.
13 David Gearhart Litespeed-BMW
14 Broderick Hartley D3DEVO
15 Fletcher Lydick Frazier Cycling
16 Gerd Dekeijzer
17 Robert Loomis SkyBlu Smart Fuels Cycling Team
18 Brandon Pruett Hincapie Development team
19 Brais Dacal
20 Hank Beaver Litespeed-BMW
21 Jonathan Bowerman Pioneer Mortgage pb
22 Charles Planet
23 David Goodman The 706 Project
24 Amos Harvey Round Here Racing
25 Austin Ulich Prima Tappa Cycling
26 Ruud Cremers
27 Thomas Wrona UCI CT: Hincapie Sportswear Development Team
28 Nicholas Van winkle Litespeed-BMW
29 Benjamin Bryant
30 Matthew Miller
31 Christopher Brown Litespeed-BMW
32 Andrew Hodges Round Here Racing
33 Frank Marrs North Georgia Cycling Association, Inc.
34 Brian Arne Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team
35 Corentin Cherhal
36 Benjamin Dilley Team Novo Nordisk Development
37 Douglas Ollerenshaw Litespeed-BMW
38 Peter Eckel Team Novo Nordisk Development
39 Matthew Brooks Team Novo Nordisk Development
40 Tim Henry Litespeed-BMW
41 Boyd Johnson Team Athletix Benefitting Globalbike
42 Brian Teipen
43 Rob Evans Team Mission Source-NGCA
44 Neil Kopitsky Litespeed-BMW
45 Jason Smitherman Round Here Racing
46 Eric Kirk North Georgia Cycling Association, Inc.
47 Zachary Hoover Hub Endurance Chattanooga

Women CAT 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Salma Huque Junior Flyers
2 Megan Heath Frazier Cycling
3 Anna Zuver Frazier Cycling
4 Angela Lucero
5 Ana Bailie
6 Sophia Broadwell Junior Flyers
7 Beth Gearhart Sorella Cycling
8 Kimberly Campione Lifetime Bikes Loganville
9 Stephanie Lin
10 Mackenzie Collins Orlando Road Club
11 Jane Tullis Frazier Cycling
12 Viola Hasko Frazier Cycling
13 Kimberly Fuller

Women JUNIORS 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sophia Broadwell Junior Flyers
2 Isabella Nguy Frazier Cycling

Women PRO/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jacquelyn Crowell UCI WPT: Exergy TWENTY16
2 Morgan Patton Team Novo Nordisk
3 Cheryl Fuller-muller Louis Garneau Factory Team p/b Fuji
4 Kira Maicke
5 Abigail Aldridge PCP Race Team
6 Debbie Prouty PCP Race Team
7 Elizabeth Lee Louis Garneau Factory Team
8 Dominique Shore Frazier Cycling