These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paul Martin Panther
2 Rob Thompson Panther
3 Aaron Cruikshank WAS Labs Cycling
4 Jeffrey Pendlebury Panther
5 Matt Bole Team Dayton Bicycling
6 Daniel Quinlan WAS Labs Cycling
7 Joseph Holmes Ride On Wooster
8 David Chernosky RGF Cleveland Clinic
9 Zachary Lewis Zephyr Wheel Sports
10 Craig Hofer Boulder Orthopedics
11 Niles Vaivars
12 David Neis Team Dayton Bicycling
13 Robert Martin RGF Cleveland Clinic
14 Brent Goetz Revolution Racing
15 Erik Lesco Ride On
16 Ray Huang Spin
17 Samuel Wright ZWS Bertoli
18 Todd Howman Ride On
19 Thomas Dominic Spin
20 Andy Prickett Team Dayton
21 Chad Clemons Zephyr Wheel Sports
22 Ryan Good Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
23 Tym Tyler New Hampshire Cycling Club
24 Robert Stumpf GPOA
25 David Steiner Spin
26 Jeremy Grimm Pure Endurance
27 Stefan Kadar RGF Cleveland Clinic
28 Brent Evans
29 Craig Merritts
30 Cameron Jackson WAS Labs Cycling
31 Gregory Halter
32 Russell Dryer Allegheny Cycling Association
33 Giuliano Maddamma Pista Elite
34 Larry Kilbane RGF Cleveland Clinic
35 Elgar Vaivars

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brent Bachman
2 Jacob Henningsen University of Cincinnati
3 William Gleason Central Ohio Bicycle Club
4 Kyle Stewart Darkhorse Racing
5 Chris Neag
6 Michael Chifala Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
7 Derek Wilford Spin
8 Jeff Kompa Spin
9 Adam Downs Team Dayton Bicycling
10 Mike Quigley
11 Ian Broadhead Team Lake Effect
12 Dylan Hayda WAS Labs Cycling
13 Spencer Hackett Cap City
14 Jeff Grzybowski Cleveland Clinic Sports Health
15 Patrick Conneely Koeles
16 David Rich Team Dayton Bicycling
17 Doug Carraway Team Six One Four
18 Nathaniel Allen University of Cincinnati
19 Troy Chipka Ride On Wooster
20 Joseph Pallotto Team Lake Effect
21 Billy Mathys Allied Health
22 Zachary Chappell Snake Bite Racing
23 Daniel Rhule Olympus Homes Cycling Team
24 Craig Hannibal Team Lake Effect
25 Tom Keller Spin
26 Francis Gradisher WAS Labs Cycling
27 Chase Howard WAS Labs
28 Gary Burkholder Snake Bite
29 John Ehrlinger Spin
30 Robert Vogt Stark Velo
31 Joel Cockley Cuyahoga River Velo
32 Jim Gilmore Cuyahoga River Velo
33 Addison Smith Central Ohio Bicycle Club

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nick Perhala
2 Mark Sobb Red Bike
3 Daniel Brown Team Athens
4 Benjamin Bachman
5 Nathan Cebula Pure 121 Endurance LLC
6 Ryan Comeau Lake Effect Cycling Team
7 Nick Mossing Maumee Valley Wheelmen
8 Mike Janeiro
9 Michael Clevidence Team Athens
10 Evan Sneath
11 Jay Karpinski
12 Brian Sharp WAS Labs Cycling
13 Nelson Gaker Miami University
14 Stephen Herman Team Dayton Bicycling
15 James Carey Ride On Wooster
16 Bart Anatra jr Mox Multisport
17 Michael Chapman WAS Labs
18 David Cox Team Dayton Bicycling
19 Mike Peiffer Red Bike
20 Joel Schmidt Ride On
21 Patrick Mcconnell
22 Oleg Shalygin Snake Bite
23 Edward Doughty Beaver Valley Velo
24 John Sternen Spin
25 Joshua Ebert Team Dayton Bicycling
26 David Benner Team Dayton Bicycling
27 Cameron Schmidt Ride On
28 Jeffrey Youngs Team Dayton Bicycling
29 Willis Brown Buckeye Cycling Club
DNF Unknown Rider
31 Jay Salge
32 Steve Quelette Broken Spoke Cycling
33 William Buckwalter Ride On
34 Scott Hunter Maumee Valley Wheelmen
35 Jeffrey Warner Maumee Valley Wheelmen

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Helmuth Orrville Cycling
2 Joe Lautzenheiser Team Lake Effect
3 Aaron Troxel Ride On
4 Alexander Epifanov
5 Paul Mcclain
6 Maxwell Sailing
7 Timothy Trentel Spin
8 Chad Marn Bike Ohio
9 Matthew Hochstetler Ride On Wooster
10 Brian Rybak Spin
11 Edward Wright Scum City Racing
12 Jeffrey L lanzer
13 Bob Chipka
14 John Dowler Team Athens
15 Mark Chapman Summit Freewheelers
16 Alexander Winkfield Ride On
17 Anthony Colleta
18 Dan Rapp Headwind Cycling
19 Neil Wengerd Headwind Cycling
20 Cameron O'neal
21 Evan Shaw Team Athens
22 Mitch Schrader
23 Owen Wengerd Orrville Cycling Club
24 Adam Burns
25 Mark D'anniballe Ghisallo Cycling Club
26 Mark Erzen Summit Freewheelers
27 Marion Hochstetler
28 Christopher Hicks
29 Anson Brooks
30 Michael Buckner Headwind Cycling
31 Unknown Rider
32 Aaron Patterson Summit Freewheelers
33 Unknown Rider
34 Brian Steiner Ride On Wooster
35 Alex Kloss Case Western Reserve University
36 Matt Walraven
37 Michael Ladrach Orrville Cycling Club
38 Garrett Bialosky
39 Paul Provencher
40 Michael Bargas Summit Freewheelers
41 Kevin Pietrzyk
42 Eddie Steiner Comercial & Savings Bank
43 Milt Allen Backroom Coffee Roasters / Echelon Cycling Team
44 Albert Adams Heavy Pedal Velo Club
45 Mike Keiper
46 Mathew Mcvicker
47 Kevin Geiger
48 Michael Campana Summit Freewheelers
49 Michael Salinger
50 Buzz Chewning
51 Scott Sinick
52 Daniel Tokarczyk

Women Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Daniela Mehech Case Western Reserve University
2 Anneke Frankemolle Cleveland Clinic
3 Lorena Brown Team Wells Fargo
4 Laura Webb Spin
5 Marie Rote Snake Bite Racing
6 Jane Geisse Spin

Women Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Pamela Semanik Summit Freewheelers
2 Angela Ridgel Snake Bite Racing
3 Lisa Chipka
4 Susan Andersson Summit Freewheelers
5 Megan Amling Orrville Cycling Club
6 Kim Cory Backroom Coffee Roasters / Echelon Cycling Team
7 Kelly Baker Snake Bite Racing
8 Teresa Ladrach Orrville Cycling Club
9 Olivia Wenger Ride On
10 Kim Schad Summit Freewheelers
11 Kym Lee
12 Rebecca Schur
13 Jamie Chipka Ride On
14 Elizabeth Mathews
15 Sarah Gati