These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Master 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Louis Schimmel DNK Cycling
2 Rafal Urzedowski Team Somerville Bicycle Shop
3 Stephan Dioslaki Five Four Sports
4 Steven Ward Colavita Racing
5 Edward Bennett
6 David Martin Team Metra / Cycles 54
7 Edwin Bull Van Dessel Factory Team
8 Michael Goret Watchung Wheelmen
10 Shawn Teske Pro Pedals Bike Shop
11 David Gardner TorcUp/Cycle Fitters
12 Jason Urbanczyk
13 Michael Degeorge Watchung Wheelmen
14 David Walker Liberty Cycle
15 Christian Young Five Four Sports
16 Brandy Boyle Liberty Cycle
17 Tim Borsetti Five Four Sports
18 Michael Borda Heart House/CADV/CC Evesham
19 Todd Giese Pro Pedals Bike Shop
20 Richard Wolter Sids Bikes NYC
21 David Beaudry Pro Pedals Bike Shop
22 William Wisse DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL
23 Daniel Hauber MAMBO Kings Racing
24 Greg Cordasco Liberty Cycle
25 Darin Bedle Team Metra / Cycles 54
26 David Hussey Five Four Sports
27 Michael Novemsky DNK Cycling
28 David Wilson Central Jersey Cycling Team
29 William Brunner
30 Juan Aracena
31 Joseph Carew TorcUp/Cycle Fitters
32 Andrew Singson Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org

Men Master 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Novemsky DNK Cycling
2 Mark Light Liberty Cycle
3 Scott Steward Liberty Cycle
4 Rich Ross MAMBO Kings Racing
5 Greg Cordasco Liberty Cycle
6 Eric Anderson Somerset Wheelmen
7 Darin Bedle Team Metra / Cycles 54
8 William Brunner
9 Sean Mooney Viking Yachts/Action Wheels/CC Evesham
10 Wayne Lumkong Skylands Cycling
11 Christian Kaefer Brauer - Mick Management
12 William Lopez Team Cosmic-Carve Systems
13 Stephen Cochrane MAMBO Kings Racing
14 Christopher Foster PSR-Peddlers Shop Racing
15 John Durso Colavita Racing Inc.
16 John Mcleod Cycles 54
17 Jeff Johnson DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL
18 Tim Borsetti Five Four Sports
19 Craig Blake Skylands Cycling
20 Ilya Cantor
21 John Muoio Westwood Velo
22 Ron Short Pro Pedals Bike Shop
23 Greg Campi 3D Racing Team
24 Scott Hodder SignatureCycles/Rockstar Games
25 Richard Gonzalez MAMBO Kings Racing
26 Curtis Lightburn Liberty Cycle
27 Scott Cullen PSCC-Peddler's Shop Cycling Club
28 David Margolin Colavita Racing Inc.
29 Paul Rosica Team Marty's
30 Daniel Coleman
31 Ronald Koller Somerset Wheelmen
32 Scott Demarzio Heart House/CADV/CC Evesham
33 Thomas Bowmaster Liberty Cycle
34 Christopher Hope PSR-Peddlers Shop Racing
35 Romel Campbell Westwood Velo
36 Michael Graback Liberty Cycle
37 Eric Schlauch Somerset Wheelmen
38 Robert Kaempfen Liberty Cycle
39 Eric Wallenburg Pro Pedals Bike Shop
40 Raul Galliano DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL
41 Andrew Singson Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org
42 Dusan Strika Kissena Cycling Club

Men Master 55+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Richard Kazimir Pete's Bike & Fitness
2 Andrew Buchanan Skylands Cycling
3 Michael Shapanka Watchung Wheelmen
4 Lee Mestres Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org
5 Michael Maclaga Colavita Racing Inc.
6 Stephen Gerard Atlantic Bicycle Club
7 Brian Gristick Cycle Craft Inc
8 Joseph Zuppa Colavita Racing Inc.
9 Robert Kowal Somerset Wheelmen
10 Earl Perretti Team Montclair Bikery
11 Nate Morgenstern Team Montclair Bikery
12 Brian Murphy Summit Cycling Club
13 Vince Moran Westwood Velo
14 Sebaj Adele
15 Robert Jaggard Pro Pedals Bike Shop
16 Edward Bertucio Heart House/CADV/CC Evesham
17 Michael Karr
18 Jim Kaeli NJ/NY Colavita Racing Regional Team
19 Douglas O'neill Century Road Club Assoc
20 Barrie Drabble Colavita Racing
21 Herman Storms Somerset Wheelmen

Men Master 65+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Perlee Jaeger Wheelmen
2 Donald Hard Summit Cycling Club
3 Neal Grobman Summit Cycling Club
4 Richard Bradley Team Atlantic
5 Lewis Fischman

Women Master 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Caryl Gale Century Road Club Assoc
2 Jacqueline Paull Watchung Wheelmen
3 Elizabeth Tyrell Somerset Wheelmen