These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 3/4 B Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jesse Gould KLM / Cold Stone
2 Nathan Frazier
3 Jeremy Zeigler
4 James Bonnell Cycletherapy
5 Jeremy Meyersieck Cadieux / Team O2
6 Brad Lako KLM / Cold Stone
7 Matthew Hepp Revolution Racing
8 Peter * relegate vajda Cadieux / Team O2
9 Tim Panagis Ann Arbor Velo Club
10 Ernie Riley Revolution Racing
11 Keith Davis Cycletherapy
12 Jim Robertson Wolverine Sports Club
13 Alex Gonzalez KLM / Cold Stone
14 Mark Gryn East Side Riders
15 John Wurts U of M
16 Dave Rieland Cadieux / Team O2
17 Mark Caffyn KLM / Cold Stone
18 Pete Thompson Team Specialized
19 Briggs Pille KLM / Cold Stone
20 Daniel Tierney Maumee Valley Wheelmen
21 Edwin Ho Wolverine Sports Club
22 Nigel Mullis Cadieux / Team O2
23 Thomas Dijulio Cadieux / Team O2
24 Joseph Mcgivern Revolution Racing
25 Corey Derop Revolution Racing

Men Cat 5 C Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mick Jones Ann Arbor Velo Club
2 Rhone Eppelheimer Kids Race Sports
3 Chuck Morgan Cadieux Bicycle Club / Team O2
4 Dave Ladomer
5 Shaun Welch Belle Tire
6 Hubertus Schweins Flying Rhino Cycling Club
7 Christopher Bertoia KLM / Cold Stone
8 Jeffrey Johnson Freewheeler Bike Shop
9 Justin Sackett Cadieux Bicycle Club / Team O2
10 Jay Adams Cadieux Bicycle Club / Team O2
11 Scott Patterson Cadieux Bicycle Club / Team O2
12 Martin Tulashie Wolverine Sports Club
13 Matthew Gorski Fraiser
14 Luke Cruff Flying Rhino Cycling Club
15 Phil Schiller
16 Mark Olin RBS Cycling
17 Charles Lo Cadieux Bicycle Club / Team O2
18 Ryan Harris
19 Mike Westra Flying Rhino Cycling Club
20 Edwin Fabre Cadieux Bicycle Club / Team O2
21 John Sohn

Men Pro / Cat 1/2/3 A Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Daniel Yankus OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors
2 Martin Vecchio Netherland Rubber
3 Scott Hoffner OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors
4 Sven Baumann Wolverine Sports Club
5 Chris Johnson Northstar Mentors
6 Don Cameron Team Specialized
7 Jason Hess Michigan NeuroSport
8 John Loncke Tower International
9 Thomas Frueh WAS Labs
10 Bruce Rivera Lathrup Industries
11 Dylan Lanspeary Tower International
12 Rich Russell Lathrup Industries / Sweet Bikes
13 Blaine Benson Michigan Youth Cycling
14 Rick Snow Northstar Mentors
15 Ray Dybowski Wolverine Sports Club
16 Robert Selle RBS Cycling
17 Anthony Bruley Cadieux / Team O2
18 Jerry Gase ii Cadieux / Team O2
19 Mark Wolowiec Flying Rhino Cycling Club
20 Matt Moussean Tower International
21 Brian Wachlarz Cadieux / Team O2
22 Michael Gardynik Flying Rhino Cycling Club
23 Greg Allen Maple Leaf CC
24 Bob Hockin
25 Steven Hetfield CFT / Sinas Dramis Law
26 Max Staran Wolverine Sports Club
27 Greg Kuhn RBS Cycling
28 Eric Leene
29 Cory Stange OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors
30 Andrew Fedewa Flying Rhino Cycling Club
31 Alex Huyghe Cadieux / Team O2

Women Cat 3/4 B Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Erin Fitzgibbon Wolverine Sports Club
2 Danielle Mullis Machine Star

Women Cat 5 C Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sandie Domagalski Flying Rhino Cycling Club
2 Lois Ann fulton Flying Rhino Cycling Club