These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Charlie Brown
2 Matt Botting Carolina Cycling Team
3 Michael Hosang Steel Mountain Cycling
4 Bryan Hoy Crosstown Velo
5 Chris Emory Crosstown Velo
6 Shane Martin Classic Cycling/Dolce Vita Wines
7 Kerry Humphrey Carolina Cycling Team
8 Gordon Stiel Standard Pacific Homes Cycling Team
9 Ryan Jenkins
10 Erik Peterson Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team
11 Sean Philyaw Prima Tappa Cycling p/b Mansfield Oil
12 James Barker Carolina Cycling Team
13 Bret Busby Classic Cycling P/B Cloninger and Dr. Roy
14 Tim Tobbe Crosstown Velo
15 Christopher Sheehan Classic Cycling/Dolce Vita
16 Tommy Jones Carolina Cycling Team
17 Gregory Thompson Classic Cycling / Dolce Vita Wines
18 Mark Hill Carolina Masters
19 Larry Waters Prima Tappa Cycling p/b Mansfield Oil
20 Ted Hopkins Revolution Cycle Sports
21 Kenneth Poole Velosports Racing
22 Andrew Kimble Velosports Racing
23 Charlie Putnal Crosstown Velo
24 Santana Wilkinson Giordana-Charlotte Sports Timing
25 Yuans Halaixt TGCR Team Greenville Cycling Racing
26 Jeff Gunn SC Masters Cycling Team
27 Stephen Kefer E3 Cycling Team
28 Brad Harman Safe Harbor p/b Technico Inc.
29 Joe Hathcock carolina cycling team
DNF Aaron Burleson Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team p/b GCB
DNF Frank Obusek VeloSports Racing
DNF Robert Watkins Myrtle Beach Bicycle Fix
DNF Darin Marhanka Trappe Door Cycling Team p/b POA
DNF Bryan Schoeffler Greenlife-Subaru Benefitting Globalbike
DNF Charles Eller
DNF Marcus Jones Crosstown Velo
DNF Scott Latell CZ Velo
DNF David Curran Team Trappe Door p/b POA
DNF Christopher Vigna Team Rize
DNF Chris Knetsche The Trappe Door Cycling Team
DNF Scott Staley
DNF Glen Allison Ms.Roses p/b J.Brown Contractors

Men Cat 1 50+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Steele Modry Evergreen Racing
2 Carl Woodworth Modry/Evergreen Racing
3 Bob Sisson Globalbike
4 Lee Reavis Modry/Evergreen Partners
5 David Moore Modry/Evergreen Partners
6 Barry Woosley Clemmons Bicycle Racing
7 Greg Morgan Spinx Bike Race Team
8 James Mead Giordana Clif Bar
9 Peter Leousis Revolution Cycle Sport p/b Lonerider Brewing Co.
10 Michael Berry Modry/Evergreen Partners
11 Chris Dietrich Modry/Evergreen Partners
12 Thomas Ratajczak ABRC
13 James Berry Sphinx Racing
14 Joe Lehner RTO National
15 Douglas Engel Modry Evergreen Racing
16 Daryl Rains Modry Evergreen
17 Andrew Danfy Spinx Bike Race Team
18 Daniel Pawlicki
19 Darrell Farlow Team Mission Source - NGCA
21 David Kyzer Spinx
22 Tom Fenig
23 Scott Miner
24 Thomas Evans na
DNF Terry Wilson ABRC
DNF Jay Beam Modry/Evergreen Partners

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeremy Mcdaniel Cyclus Sports
2 Mike Lifshotz
3 Mike Helman RTO National
4 Sebastian York AYC Junior Development Team
5 Charkie Huegel Revolting Cogs
6 Ives Vanheule RTO National
7 Kellen Goodell Ms. Roses pb J. Brown-ChampSys
8 Matthew Chisholm Tumult Racing
9 Michael Potter Velosports Racing
10 John Croom Revolve Residential p/b
11 Paul Gregory Cyclus Sports
12 Andrew Fairman ABRC/AYC JR Devo p/b DIY Music
13 Gabe Hipps Vork
14 Mike Nelson Hilton Head Cycling - Bike Dr.
15 Mathew York Asheville Youth Cycling Club Team
16 K.c. Brechnitz Modry/Evergreen Partners
17 Matthew Cross Tumult Racing
18 Conor Schunk
19 Chris Wooten Modry/Evergreen Partners
20 Dariusz Tyborowski Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
21 Andrew Udinsky Globalbike Savannah
22 Louis Turra
23 Chris Sugar Civitas Track Cycling
24 Alan Starnes Clemmons Bicycle Racing
25 Matthew Mcnees Cyclus Sports
26 Neil Ostenfeld Massage Envy Cycling p/b
27 Aidan Pounder AYC Junior Development Race Team
28 David Walls AYC Junior Development Race Team
29 Kevin Sigrist Gulf Coast Velo
30 Zachary King Safe Harbor p/b Technico Inc.
31 Jim Payne Tumult Racing
32 Marc Buxbaum Team Spoke Cycles pb Carolina Ale House
33 Micah Milne Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team p/b GCB
34 Camilo Restrepo Les Amis/Calder Brothers Development
35 Michael Ventola Revolve Residential p/b
36 Andrew Weaver Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team p/b GCB
37 Samuel Kophazi Les Amis / Calder Brothers Devo
DNF Michael Schneider Hawleys Bicycle World Race Team
DNF Lars Tonnesen Modry/Evergreen Partners
DNF David Fowley Mojo Cycles Racing
DNF Shaun Walsh Myrtle Beach Bicycle Racing
DNF Franklin Deese Cyclus Sports
DNF John Hain Tumult Racing

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rand Allison Asheville Youth cycling
2 Jared Grubbs Unattached
3 Chris Conley Plan X Cycling
4 Willie Fowlkes RTO National
5 Luis Bedoya Finish Strong Endurance Team p/b GCBpart
6 Jonathan Crawford
7 Ken Beaudry Modry/Evergreen Partners
8 Cal Ford Massage Envy Cycling p/b
9 Kendal James The Spirited Cyclist Cycling Club
10 Robert Mobley
11 Chad Rochester Massage Envy Cycling p/b
12 Colin Cavaliere OrthoCarolina/Energy Cafe
13 Sean Mckeever Charlotte Sports Timing - Giordana
14 Kenneth Ingersoll Ms. Roses p/b J. Brown Construction-ChampSys
15 Wojtek Dyszkiewicz OrthoCarolina/Energy Cafe
16 Robert Bennett Ms. Roses p/b J. Brown Contractors
17 Beatty Wolverton Les Amis/Up State Junior Cycling/Calder Brothers D
18 Patrick Carr
19 Robert Carter Celerity Cycling
20 Greg Campbell RTO National
21 Alvin Frias catUP Coaching
22 Russell Weaver catUP Coaching
23 Brian Lafranchi OrthoCarolina/Energy Cafe
24 Timmy Supplee Massage Envy Cycling
25 Cade Bennett Ms. Roses p/b J. Brown Contractors
26 Eric Calder Up State Junior Cycling-Les Amis/Calder Brothers D
27 Matthew Capps Starlight Custom Apparel/Go!
28 Gary Smythe Hilton Head Cycling - Bike Dr.
29 Andrew Reynolds Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club/ Greenville Spinn
30 Christopher Smith AtOmic Cycles
31 Kristopher Sally Les Amis / Upstate Junior Cycling / Calder Brother
32 Peter Vanderhoeven Plan X Cycling
33 Thomas Mcguire Modry/Evergreen Partners
34 Kevin Pergerson RTO National Cycling
35 Daniel Keefer Plan X Cycling
36 Kyle Danner Greenville Spinners Racing Team
37 Chip Larkby TEAM GB RACING
38 Thomas Fleckenstein RTO National
DNF Jesse Klennon Crosstown Velo
DNF Alec Whyte Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team p/b GCB

Men Cat 4 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeff Nunnaley
2 James Brigman South Main Cycles Racing
3 Jonathan Gibson Myrtle Beach Bicycle Racing
4 Kevin Brazell Massage Envy p/b
5 Chris Guella SV/BikeSource Racing
6 Stephen Guidry Globalbike Charlotte
7 Jed Young Globalbike Savannah
8 James Carroll Globalbike Charlotte
9 Peter Jasnoch
10 Walter Montoya TGCR Team Greenville Cycling Racing
11 Kelly Edwards Outspokin' Augusta
12 Clayton Griffin
13 Ziyu Jin catUP Coaching
14 Randy Cress SV/BikeSource Racing
15 Joey Lee Globalbike Savannah
16 Tory Barbisan Mojo Cycles Racing
17 Chad Crocker RTO National
18 Mark Harden RTO National
19 Michael Coats Global Bike
20 Wes Kessenich South Mountain Velo Club
21 Greg Rogers Catup Coaching
22 Kevin Tacheny Boone Area Cyclists Race Team
23 Shawn Mccarter Global Bike Charlotte
24 Alan Wages Cycle-Smart Grassroots Team
25 Richard Kirkman
26 Peter Cassidy Globalbike Club Team
27 Aaron Atwater Myrtle Beach Bicycle Racing
28 Chuck Sowers Illy coffee
29 Joseph Poskie Globalbike Charlotte
30 Brian Nunn Veloshine Cycling
31 Juan Montoya
DNF John Stewart Myrtle Beach Bicycle Racing
DNF Mike King

Men Cat 4 50+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jim Palmer Outspokin' Augusta
2 Dean Pennypacker Globalbike Charlotte
3 Michael Grigat Rome Velo
4 Robert Kerns Rocky River Road Club
5 Mark Bidstrup
6 Rip Major Greenville Spinners Racing Team
7 William Goley Modry Evergreen Racing
8 David Peed Globalbike Charlotte
9 Joe Nix Robson Forensic
10 Philip Fisher Crosstown Velo
11 Andrew Gamble Modry Evergreen Racing
12 Jim Palistrant catUP Coaching
13 Charles Rouse GlobalBike Charlotte
14 Stephen Duncan Velosports Racing Asheville
15 Bill Brewer Hilton Head Cycling - Robson Forensic p/b Subaru o
16 Willard Renner
17 Daniel Shelbo
18 Delacy Chavis jr. n/a
DNF Jim Brown Spinx Bike Race Team
DNF Charlie Fullwood Myrtle Beach Bicycle Racing
DNF Jed Young Globalbike Savannah

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Pratt Bike Depot
2 Sean Allen Cushman & Wakefield Racing
3 Eddie Languidey
4 Paul Deaver SBR Racing
5 Forest Britt
6 Ziyu Jin catUP Coaching
7 Donald Briggs Finish Strong Endurance Team p/b GCBpart
8 Paul Vulcan OrthoCarolina/Energy Cafe
9 Paul Deaver SBR Racing
10 Boyd Safrit
11 Taylor Glenn
12 Jason Labonte OrthoCarolina/Energy Cafe
13 Bob Burdon International Christian Cycling Club
14 Charles Richey
15 Ronan Cleary
16 David Fischer Global Bike
17 Brent Hawkins
18 Sylvain Lefebvre
19 Stephen Lee
20 John Kines
21 Charlie Fullwood Myrtle Beach Bicycle Racing
22 Jose Soto Massage Envy Cycling p/b
23 Robert Potter ABRC
24 Yefferson Espitia
25 Steven Mcglothlin Cool Breeze Race Team
26 Keith Demma
27 Eric Rood CatUP Coaching
28 Steve Noiret
29 Greg Rogers Catup Coaching
30 Stephano Porter Capital Cycling Club
31 Justin Barnes
32 Ryan Mccarthy Unaffiliated
33 Kevin Heniford Myrtle Beach Bicycle Racing
34 Stephen Gannon
35 Charles Martino
36 Alastair Pounder AYC Junior Development Race Team
37 Michael Solomon
38 James Taylor Greenville Spinners Club
DNF Joe Nix Robson Forensic
DNF Sylvain Lefebvre
DNF Scott Bowman
DNF Nick Heniford Myrtle Beach Bicycle Racing
DNF Clint Holmes Carolina Brotherhood

Men Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Thaddeus Dulin Greenlife-Subaru Benefitting globalbike
2 David Flynn Kens Bike Shop - HRC
3 William Guillen Happy tooth racing
4 David Forkner Greenlife-Subaru Benefitting Globalbike
5 Isaac Enderline Hincapie Cycling
6 Robert O'gorman jr Happy tooth racing
7 Andrew Raab CCB
8 Hank Booth Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team p/b GCB
9 Peter Morse OCTTO-Cervelo
10 Timothy Mccollum Revolve Residential p/b
11 Patrick Beeson Cycletherapy / VoMax
12 Rich Harper Kens Bike Shop - HRC
13 Frank Cundiff Celerity Cycling p/b Brooks Systems
14 Matthew Tebbetts Trappe door cycling team
15 Boyd Johnson Globalbike Racing
16 Patrick Raines Kens Bike Shop - HRC
17 Casey Vedder Hearts Racing Club
18 Alan Tripp
19 Stephen Wagstaff Happy tooth racing
20 Chris Zieman Happy tooth racing
21 Ryan Robinson Safe Harbor p/b Technico Inc.
22 John Jay Happy tooth racing
23 Michael Lahm Velosports Racing Asheville
24 Marc Williams Greenlife-Subaru Benefitting Globalbike
25 Connor Ardrey Outspokin Augusta
26 Chris Harkey
27 Reid Beloni Greenlife-Subaru Benefiting Globalbike
28 Joshua Whitmore Greenlife-Subaru Benefiting Globalbike
29 Christopher Calder Greenlife-Subaru Cycling Team benefiting Globalbik
30 Justin Meade Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team p/b GCB
DNF Richard Kirby Revolve Residential p/b
DNF R Maitland jones
DNF Luis Luis flores Happy tooth racing
DNF Keegan Gilder greenlife subaru benefiting globalbike

Women Cat 1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ashlyn Woods Carolina Cycling Team
2 Samantha Bendt Carolina cycling
3 Sarah Matchett CoolBreezeTrek
4 Marianna Williams Outspokin Augusta
5 Susan Jones - morgan Team Zoom
6 Marianne Holt PainPathways Cycling Team
7 Jennifer Wakeman Team Zoom
8 Anne Moore Team Zoom
9 Kathleen Mitchell
10 Catherine James Team Zoom
DNF Sarah Kraxberger Carolina Cycling Team
DNF Haggith Montoya PainPathways Cycling Team
DNF Lauren Beastall PainPathways Cycling Team

Women Cat3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gabriele Hauck Team Alderman
2 Danielle Nelson Ortho Carolina/Energy Cafe
3 Karen Muehl Giordana - Clif Bar
4 Bethan Eynon SpokesWomen Syndicate Inc.
5 Amy Alexander Team Zoom
6 Megan Archer Cycle-Smart
7 Lara Cassidy Fiets Maan Racing p/b Luna Cycles
8 Melissa Mcdonald Global Bike
9 Amy Wise Out Spoken
10 Carolyn Altman SwimBikeRunBoro Racing
11 Jean Toth Alderman - OSP
12 Marlena Crovatt bagwell
13 Melissa Leto Alderman/OSP
14 Annette Johnston Alderman - OSP
15 Stephanie Cole Globalbike Charlotte
16 Sara Doermann Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club/ Greenville Spinn
DNF Stacie Ricciardi Alderman-OSP
DNF Neela Fleckenstein GHS Every Women
DNF Trudi Franzel Alderman/OSP
DNF Jeannie Gibson Myrtle Beach Bicycle Racing