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Men Category Class Age

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 First name Last name Team Name Time

Men Collegiate A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Oltman University of Pittsburgh 0:55:26
2 Wesley Kline Pennsylvania State University 0:55:26
3 Jules Goguely Rhode Island School of Design 0:55:26
4 Daniel Holmdahl Dartmouth College 0:55:26
5 Cory Small University of Vermont 0:55:30
6 Julian Georg Syracuse University 0:55:30
7 Jonah Meadvancort Killington Mountain School 0:55:30
8 Dominic Caiazzo Northeastern University 0:55:30
9 Samuel Cowans Bucknell University 0:55:30
10 Kenny Mcneill Northeastern University 0:55:30
11 Zachary Ulissi Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:55:34
12 Brett Wachtendorf Pennsylvania State University 0:55:34
13 Arnaud Borner Pennsylvania State University 0:55:34
14 Gavin Murray Columbia University-NYC 0:55:34
15 Alan Royek Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania 0:55:34
16 Daniel Lazier Bucknell University 0:55:34
17 Sam Damphousse University of Vermont 7:38:00
18 ? Max Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 0:55:42
19 Joseph Halo Pennsylvania State University 0:55:45
20 Brian Case Bucknell University 0:56:11
21 Benjamin Woolston Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&P
22 David Villari Boston University P&P
23 Colin Mckenna Pennsylvania State University P&P
24 David Berg Dartmouth College P&P
25 Connor Ryan University of Pennsylvania P&P
26 Corey Anderson Pennsylvania State University P&P
27 Alex Breakstone Bucknell University P&P
28 Sean Mcintyre Pennsylvania State University P&P
29 Brian Alba Northeastern University P&P
30 Andrew Baker University of Delaware P&P
31 Nathan Dugan Columbia University-NYC P&P
32 Ford Murphy Northeastern University DNF

Men Collegiate B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alec Cunningham University of New Hampshire 0:48:17
2 Kamal Ndousse Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:48:40
3 Vince Dunne Drexel University 0:48:45
4 Kenny Dailey US Military Academy 0:48:45
5 Brian Markman Pennsylvania State University 0:48:45
6 Jimmi Hayes University of Vermont 0:48:45
7 Luke Thomas Rochester Institute of Technology 0:48:45
8 Dean Zeffer Lehigh University 0:48:45
9 Patrick Murphy University of Vermont 0:48:45
10 Connor Reardon Rochester Institute of Technology 0:48:45
11 Emory Kuo University of Pennsylvania 0:48:45
12 Jason Hammond University of Delaware 0:48:45
13 Ian Gielar Rochester Institute of Technology 0:48:45
14 Christopher Barr University of New Hampshire 0:48:45
15 Paul Lamarche University of Vermont 0:48:45
16 Noah Barrow Killington Mountain School 0:48:45
17 Ian Kola University of Vermont 0:48:45
18 Joseph Yacono Drexel University 0:48:45
19 Scott Kapelewski Northeastern University 0:48:45
20 Micah Douglas US Military Academy 0:48:45
21 Jonathan Lange University of Vermont 0:48:45
22 Matthew Fischel University of Delaware 0:48:45
23 Randy Lee D'Youville College P&P
24 Alexander Gaidis Brown University P&P
25 Neal Overbeck Drexel University P&P
26 Benjamin Kramer University of New Hampshire P&P
27 Christopher Welch Killington Mountain School P&P
28 Kevin Curran Lehigh University P&P
29 Derek Wladyka Drexel University P&P
30 Robert Walker US Military Academy P&P

Men Collegiate C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Adam Ruff US Military Academy 0:39:48
2 Christopher Baccash Drexel University 0:40:40
3 Ethan Sokol Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:40:43
4 Daniel Serrano US Military Academy 0:40:45
5 Alberto Amaral US Military Academy 0:40:45
6 Samuel Carroll Pennsylvania State University 0:40:45
7 William Goodness Johnson & Wales College 0:40:45
8 Andrea Tacchetti Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:40:45
9 Phil Learmonth Northeastern University 0:40:45
10 Thomas Calcagni Drexel University 0:40:45
11 David Neider University of New Hampshire 0:40:45
12 Andrew Artz Pennsylvania State University 0:40:45
13 Kevin Carringer US Military Academy 0:40:45
14 Forest Trimble Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 0:40:45
15 Andrew Perez University of Vermont 0:40:57
16 Andrew Nicholas Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute P&P
17 James Read Pennsylvania State University P&P
18 Edward Prescott Bucknell University P&P
19 Tom Ogrady Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&P
20 Sam Konstantinov Temple University P&P
21 Michael Eck Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&P
22 Brandon Onopa Lehigh University P&P
23 David Hopper Pennsylvania State University P&P
24 John Wen Yale University P&P
25 Steven Robare Bucknell University P&P
26 Michael Poland Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania P&P
27 Andrew Black University of Delaware P&P
28 Cheng Li Pennsylvania State University P&P
29 Alberto Castro US Military Academy DNF
30 Kevin Griffin Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania DNF
31 Sean Gribbin University of New Hampshire DNF
32 Andrew Hess Pennsylvania State University DNF
33 Brian Barringer University of Delaware DNF

Men Collegiate D

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Arthur Anderson Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:28:35
2 Nolan Amos Pennsylvania State University 0:28:37
3 Thomas Hendrickson US Military Academy 0:29:12
4 Chad Wisnowski US Military Academy 0:29:12
5 Andrew Reslewic Lehigh University 0:29:12
6 Thomas Huxtable US Military Academy 0:29:12
7 Stephen Jaeger Pennsylvania State University 0:29:12
8 Ian Lengel Rochester Institute of Technology 0:29:12
9 Jack Rector US Military Academy 0:29:12
10 Collin Mccloy US Military Academy 0:29:12
11 Christopher Conwell Temple University 0:29:12
12 Benjamin Judge SUTD 0:29:12
13 Jeff Meyerlorentson University of Vermont 0:29:12
14 Jacob Haines D'Youville College 0:29:28
15 Paul Girgis Pennsylvania State University 0:29:28
16 Tianle Chen Pennsylvania State University 0:30:00
17 Brendan Diener Drexel University P&P
18 Jeffrey Miller Pennsylvania State University P&P
19 David Dewitt Yale University P&P
20 David Schell Bucknell University P&P
21 Michael Sanchez University of New Hampshire P&P
22 Nik Beimler University of New Hampshire P&P
23 Darin Alleman Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania P&P
24 Brandon Masterman New York University P&P
25 Matthew Buell Lehigh University P&P
26 Brennan Lied Drexel University P&P
27 Brian Pomerantz Pennsylvania State University P&P
28 Joseph Slamm Northeastern University DNF
29 Andrew Keenan Drexel University DNF
30 Matt Mackenzie Pennsylvania State University DNF

Women Collegiate A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cecilia Davis-hayes Columbia University-NYC 0:45:06
2 Elspeth Huyett Kutztown University of Pennsylvania 0:46:25
3 Monica Volk Penn State-Lehigh Valley 0:46:25
4 Shaena Berlin Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:46:25
5 Travis Rabbit Yale University 1L
6 Hanna Lauterbach Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1L
7 Marisa Rorabaugh University of Vermont 1L
8 Megan Northey University of Delaware 1L
9 Anastasia Yanchilina Columbia University-NYC 1L

Women Collegiate B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anne Raymond Boston University 1L
2 Corey Tucker Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1L
3 Turner Ramsay Killington Mountain School 2L
4 Danielle Smith Dartmouth College 4L
5 Lily Rogers Columbia University-NYC DNF

Women Collegiate C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rachel Diaz granados Northeastern University 0:31:52
2 Emma Collins University of New Hampshire 0:31:52
3 Simone Bailey University of Vermont 1L

Women Collegiate D

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Merrill Oakley Yale University 1L
2 Jinny Yan US Military Academy 1L
3 Samantha Fox Drexel University 1L
4 Samantha Downey University of Pennsylvania 2L
5 Alejandra Solares US Military Academy 3L
6 Erin Spiller Harvard University 3L
7 Victoria Jiang Pennsylvania State University 4L
8 Lisa Delacey US Military Academy DNF

Women Collegiate Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Maegan Ferry Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania 0:05:15
2 Coretta scott Sime Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania 0:05:15