These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Josh Flexman CycleLife/Raw Talent Ranch Racing
2 Jesse Leifert Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
3 Eric Boone Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
4 Jason Hall Squadra Coppi
5 Ewin Williams HypoActive
6 Joseph Rudolph Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo
7 Christopher Harshman
8 Sean Smith Champion System Racing
9 Owen Hassig Squadra Coppi
10 Brigham Lumm Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
11 Bruno Neto Bike Doctor
12 Andrew Walsh Foundation/CRCA
14 Steve Fife Bike Doctor
15 R Keith maclaughlin eastern mobile cycling team
16 Ryan Hardy C3 - Twenty20 Cycles
17 Samuel Mccadney District Velocity Racing p/b The Bike Rack
18 Robert Grimwood Eastern Mobile Cycling Team
19 Levi Renno Kelly Benefit Strategies / LSV
20 Keith Hatton Elite Bicycle Inc
21 Todd Bickling Bike Doctor/Bayside Velo
22 Daniel Villaflor-drumwright Route1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
23 Jose Nunez Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
24 Brian Sacawa District Velocity Racing p/b The Bike Rack
25 Nessim Mezrahi All American Bicycle Club
26 Shaw Fici Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo
27 Thomas Dreyer Eastern Mobile Cycling Team
28 John Kern Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
29 Martin Austermuhle District Velocity Racing p/b The Bike Rack
30 Ben Reynolds CycleLife/Raw Talent Ranch Racing
31 Daryl Grissom GamJams/ p/b Cutaway Clothing
32 Christopher Price C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
33 Kyle Murphy GamJams/ p/b Cutaway Clothing
34 Anthony Abate District Velocity Racing p/b The Bike Rack
35 Brandon Lumm Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
36 Jeffrey Sanders AVC/Team Hagerstown-Washington Co
37 Joel Steen Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle

Men 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Cohen Kelly Benefit Strategies / LSV
2 Keith Parker Team BBC
3 Victor Pradel CycleLife USA Club
4 William Morris CycleLife/Raw Talent Ranch Raci
5 Paul Varga Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Vo
6 Derek Hill CycleLife/Raw Talent Ranch Raci
7 Jeff Erler Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long
8 Lukasz Majewski Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long
9 Andrey Doroshenko Adventures For the Cure
10 Jeffrey Trinh Squadra Coppi
11 Nicholas Taylor WWVC Racing
12 Nathan Gazzetta District Velocity Racing p/b Th
13 Chad Bartlett Bicycle Haus Racing
14 Steven Erlemeier Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Am
15 Patrick Dolan Squadra Coppi
16 David Bodkin NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
17 Shaun Galang Winchester Wheelmen
18 Dennis Turbeville NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
19 David Brookes NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
20 Nick Sachanda NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
21 Clint Guerra Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
22 Jonathan Moncton
23 Rider Ukknown
24 Matt Rosier NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
25 Michael Ahlers WWVC Racing
26 Darren Hartman Eastern Mobile Cycling Team
27 Kyle Drummond King Pawn/Chesapeake Wheelmen
28 Christopher Grengs Squadra Coppi
29 Justin Mauch NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
30 Brett Katzen Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
31 John Rohrer Team BBC
32 Matthew Ringer District Velocity Racing p/b Th
33 Avery Wilson NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
34 Curtis Cook Patuxent Velo
35 Corey Dipietro District Velocity Racing p/b Th
36 Trevor Shattuck Tri-speed Multisport/Powered by
37 Matthew Davis NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
38 Michael Epshteyn NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
39 Brian Cheung Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long
40 M Ted dorsey Artemis
41 Christopher Crowther Squadra Coppi
42 Grayson Church District Velocity Racing p/b Th

Men 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mykel Nahorniak Charm City Cycling
2 Andres Correal Team BBC
3 Paul Montanus Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo
4 Jason Lins Adventures For the Cure
5 Patrick Green Bicycle Outfitters
6 Evan Remington
7 Lance Johnson Kelly Benefits Strategies/LSV
8 Eric Schopf
9 James Saintrossy NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
10 David Officer HPC
11 Sean Hogan Revolution Cycles
12 Matthew Bartlett Kind Human Sports
13 Michael Whittington Artemis
14 Mark Mehlinger Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
15 Eduardo Maeyama District Velocity Racing p/b The Bike Rack
16 Tim Walker NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
17 Douglas Bishop Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
18 Marty Mccormick NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
19 David Levy Artemis Club
20 Gregory Edwards NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
21 Jay Mulholland adventures for the cure
22 Peter Brown
23 Bruce Enger Evolution Cycling p/b Long & Foster
24 Richard Kennedy
25 Trevor Kolego Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
26 Carl Phelps Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
27 Cesar Picco Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle

Men Junior 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Shane Scoggin National Capital Velo Club/Spokes Etc.
2 Samuel Bell International Christian Cycling Club
3 Shaner Lebauer Artemis
4 Scott Mcgill Fast Forward Racing
5 Nathan Lebauer Artemis
6 Sophie Mittelstadt Artemis
7 Brett Saunders Henrys
8 Emma Wilcox Artemis
9 Benjamin Wilcox Artemis
10 Svetlana Mack Artemis

Men Junior 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Steven Kendall NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
2 Barry Wilcox iii Artemis
3 Justin Mauch NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
4 Andy Mount
5 Jacob Miller Syn-Fit
6 James Lim NCVC
7 Joshua Wilcox Artemis
8 Rider Uknown
9 Patrick Mckeegan
10 Avery Wilson NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
11 Isaac Kaplan Artemis
12 Aidan Palmer ABRT
13 Nick Caddenhead ABRT
14 Andrew Schindler ABRT
15 Michael Dillon ABRT
16 Samuel Judson NCVC/UnitedHealth Group

Men Masters 35-39

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nima Ebrahimnejad Kelly Benefits Strategies/LSV a
2 Joshua Frick Clean Currents P/O Don Beyer
3 Charles Hutcheson Battley Harley
4 Rick Norton Kelly Benefits Strategies/LSV a
5 Arthur Brown Battley Harley-Davidson/Sonoma
6 Warren Holzman Alliance Environment
7 Stephen Robinson Squadra Coppi
8 Yanni Papadopoulos ABRT
9 Craig Snydal Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Cy
10 William Scanlon Team Nature's Path/3 Sports
11 Ralph Muoio Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Cy
12 Alexander Butterfield Clean Currents P/O Don Beyer
13 Ramon Benitez Battley Harley
14 Eli Hengst Battley Harley-Davidson/Sonoma
15 Keith Reeder Atlantic Fitness

Men Masters 45-49

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Blair Saunders Ben's Performance Bike's/Ridley
2 Arthur Brown Battley Harley
3 Ramon Benitez Battley Harley
4 Michael Brown ABRT
5 Randy Thrasher Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo
6 Ray Manyoky Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo
7 Harry Fang NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
8 Paul Mittelstadt Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo
9 David Scharff Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
10 Gregory Smith Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo
11 David Osborne Artemis
12 Ronne Irvine T.E.A.M. Fuji
13 Denny Boyle TREK Mountain CO-OP
14 Pleasant Lewis Atlantic Shores VElo/Gold's Gym
16 George Branyan Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
17 Craig Guensch Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster
18 James Bronson Patapsco Bike and Sport
19 Jerry Mccalop Artemis
20 Jack Gardner AVC/Team Hagerstown-Washington Co
21 Dwayne Lewis Artemis
22 Lawrence Ruggiero Squadra Coppi

Men Masters 55-59

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bernard Sanders East Coasters Bike Shop
2 Charles Carnila Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org
3 Thomas Bain Geri Atrix
4 Richard Steele Chester County Velo
5 Andrew Hepburn Unattached
6 Robert Lea Sports TEAM The
7 Bruce Petrovick Main Line Cycling
8 Kerry Scanlon DC Velo Limited
9 Howard Tyndle Dream Racing
10 Stuart Ross DC Velo Limited
11 Myron Segal Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle

Men Masters Cat 3-4 35-39

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matthew Braughler Saroff Racing
2 Michael Birner Ben's Performance Bikes/BMC
3 Walter Risse Bikyle
4 Todd Lippin 3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic C
5 Brandon Lumm Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
6 Bryan Burns Haymarket Bicycles
7 Eric Boone Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV

Men Pro 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Luke Keough unitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team present
2 Eric Barlevav UnitedHealthcare Professional C
3 Luca Damiani Kenda p/b Geargrinder
4 ? Ignacio Trek-Livestrong
5 Shane Kline BISSELL Pro Cycling
6 Daniel Bowman Kelly Benefit Strategies Pro Cy
7 William Elliston Van Dessel Factory Team
8 Keck Baker Battley Harley-Davidson/Sonoma
9 Brian Butts Battley Harley-Davidson/Sonoma
10 Jermaine Burrowes CRCA / Dave Jordan Coaching - Z
11 Michael Chauner Pelotonia Cycling Team p/b roll
12 Charles Hutcheson US Military
13 Jeff Buckles Richmond Pro Cycling
14 Jamie Kimberley Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
15 Jeff Brandon Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV El
16 Curtis Winsor NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
17 Craig Dodson Richmond Pro Cycling
18 Cheyne Hoag Kelly Benefit Strategies Pro Cy
19 Jacob Mueller Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV El
20 Jared Nieters Haymarket Bicycles / HomeVisit
21 Paul Mica NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
22 Ryan Dewald MainLine - BiKyle/MazurCoaching
23 Brian Cornelius Trisports/Eclipse Racing
24 Rodney Santiago Champion System Racing
25 Matthew Spohn Richmond Pro Cycling
26 Tony Taylor CRCA / Dave Jordan Coaching - Z
27 Todd Hesel Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV El
28 Edwin Bull Van Dessel Factory Team
29 Timothy Rugg Battley Harley-Davidson/Sonoma
30 Zachary Felpel Team Alliance Environmental
31 Giancarlo Bianchi GS Mengoni USA
32 John Minturn AXA Equitable - CRCA
33 Marsh Cooper Kelly Benefit Strategies Pro Cy
34 Russell Brown Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
35 Andrew Shaw NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
36 David Hoyle CCNS
37 Matthew Neigh ABRT
38 Allan Wallace Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
39 Sean Melcher Champion System Racing
40 Jonathan Clarke UnitedHealthcare Professional C
41 Igor Volshteyn Champion System Racing
42 Jacob Brewer US Military Cycling Team
43 Sean Coleman US Military Cycling Team
44 Matthew Baranoski Team Alliance Environmental
45 J Gabriel lloyd MetLife p/b groSolar
46 Steven Grant Haymarket Bicycles / HomeVisit
47 Jorge Marccenaro Artemis
48 Cory Scott Richmond Pro Cycling
49 Andrew Baker Ion-United Healthcare
50 Blair Berbert Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV El
51 Kevin Gottlieb Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
52 David Bozak Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Vo
53 Sean Barrie Battley Harley-Davidson/Sonoma/
54 Nathaniel Wilson Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV El
55 Chad Hartley Kenda p/b Geargrinder
56 Greg Abbott NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
57 Austin Roach MetLife p/b groSolar
58 Zach Garrett US Military
59 Charles Hoover Haymarket Bicycles / HomeVisit
60 Aidan Charles CCNS -
61 Evan Fader Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV El
62 Andrew Bajadali Kelly Benefit Strategies Pro Cy
63 Jared Bunde GS Mengoni USA
64 Roberto Torres-aguier Champion System Racing
65 Romero Jorge Champion System Racing
66 Wilson Vasquez GS Mengoni USA
67 Sergio Atocha Champion System Racing

Women 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Laurel Larsen Syn-Fit Race Team
2 Sara Clafferty ABRT
3 Jessica Berry Artemis
4 Catherine Freck Syn-Fit Racing Team
5 Heidi Reijm Kissena
6 Margit Jochmann Syn-Fit Race Team
7 Antonina Esposto Team Alliance Environmental
8 Tania Steinschneider HPC/List
9 Christine Stpierre Squadra Coppi
10 Kelley Bethoney Cannondale/Cadence Women's Racing Team
11 Sally Poliwoda Sturdy Girl Cycling
12 Bonnie Fletcher-price Artemis
13 Christina Briseno CAWES Powered By Specialized
14 Jennifer Rhodes Sturdy Girl Cycling
15 Dana Cuomo Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
16 Evelyn Egizi Artemis

Women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Julia Lonchar Chester County Velo - Smedley/IronHill
2 Bailey Semian Team Alliance Environmental
3 Renee Roth Artemis
4 Lisa Bowerman Sturdy Girl Cycling
5 Lindsay Mcapline
6 Meg Schiffman Squadra Coppi
7 Patricia George Steel City Endurance
8 Adele Fenwick Freshbikes p/b Skanska
9 Doron Petersan Artemis
10 Amanda Gilbert Unattached
11 Rachel Weaver Steel City Endurance
12 Diane Harris Artemis
13 Helene Roth Kissena
14 Lisa Jancy Artemis Silver Spring MD
15 Sara Brams-miller Sturdy Girl Cycling
16 Julie Wright Sturdy Girl Cycling
17 Judi Rivera Sturdy Girl Cycling
18 Rebecca Wilson Artemis

Women Pro 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Laura Van gilder Twenty-Twenty C3
2 Nichole Wangsgard Roosters p/b Edge Composite Whe
3 Anna Lang Vanderkitten Racing p/b Kenda
4 Emma Petersen 7thgroove/RE:FORM Body Clinic
5 Jennifer Purcell MSU/HHH
6 Jenette Williams Team CARD
7 Amy Mcguire Wheelworks Racing
8 Colleen Hayduk Verducci/Breakaway Racing
9 Ali Ingram Vanderkitten Racing
10 Mary Costelloe Verducci
11 Erin Silliman Fruit 66/Artemis
12 Unknown Rider Team Kenda
13 Sarah Maguire Priority Health
14 Jessie Maclean Verducci
15 Kimberly Geist Team Alliance Environmental
16 Emily Joyner TWR/VA Asset Group
17 Colleen Gulick Team Kenda
18 Anna Barensfeld LadiesFirst Racing
19 Thea Parent Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon
20 Tricia Carnila verducci/breakaway racing
21 Ainhoa Perez-diez Performance Racing Team
22 Lisa Jellett Verducci/Breakaway
23 Kacey Manderfield Vanderkitten Racing Presented b
24 Lenore Pipes Fruit 66/Artemis
25 Laura Cook Vanderkitten Racing
26 Melissa Ross Team Kenda
27 Heidi Goldberg Kenda
28 Sara Clafferty ABRT
29 Sarah Iepson CAWES Powered By Specialized
30 Patricia Buerkle Fruit 66/Artemis
31 Ryan Bronwyn Verducci
32 Julie Kuliecza Fruit 66/Artemis
33 Leslie Jennings Unattached
34 Mary "evie" boswell-vilt Performance Racing Team
35 Jennifer Maxwell Team Kenda