These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brendon Gallant Guinness Cycling Team
2 Andrew Boone
3 Steven Wright HPC/Scott's Cycles
4 Aaron Tuckerman Rubicon-ORBEA Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Found
5 Mark Blackwelder Gentle Lovers
6 Cliff Heaberlin Guinness Cycling Team
7 Brant Buchholz Cyclesoles/Sagebrush Cycles
8 Duncan Oliphant Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
9 Anders Newbury Hot Tubes
10 Christopher Hamilton Rapha Racing
11 Tony Kic Gentle Lovers
12 Jeff Harwood Ironclad Performance Wear
13 Eddie French Guinness Cycling Team
14 Mark Crawford Ironclad Performance Wear
15 Benjamin Miller
16 Jason Riffle HPC/Scott's Cycles
17 Mitch Denham NoMad Sports Club
18 Mitch Lee Portland Velo
19 Andrew Barrett Rapha Racing
20 Cort Buchholz Cyclesoles/Sagebrush Cycles
21 Ian Boswell Bissell
22 Jerry Inscoe Cyclesoles/Sagebrush Cycles
23 Zachary Utz Ruckus Test Team
24 Ryan Thomson
25 Nate Magaret Rapha Racing
26 Justin Serna Guinness Cycling Team
27 Daryl Hemenway BRIHOP
28 Brent Casady Existential Velo
29 Zach Bowden Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
30 Al Vannoy Rapha Racing
31 James Ralston Hammer Velo
32 Ryan Brannin Ryan Branin
33 Alexander Clemens Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
34 Brian Gerow Ironclad Performance Wear
35 Greg Valentin Gentle Lovers
36 Colin O'brady Unattached
37 Phil De la motte Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
38 Tommy Tuite Team Bike Tires Direct
39 Bret Berner River City Bicycles
40 Craig Hamilton Rapha Racing
41 Chris Ward CAPA Cycling Team
42 Joseph King Team Bike Tires Direct
43 Scott Willson Gentle Lovers
44 Jonathan Irick Rapha Racing
45 Dennis Petross Ten Guys Named Alex
46 David Root Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
47 Chris Wright Rapha Racing
48 David Hemming Rapha Racing
49 Carl Hoefer Cyclesoles/Sagebrush Cycles
50 Chris Alling Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
51 Steven Getsiv Sagebrush Cycles
52 George Gardner Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
53 Austin Arguello Team Exergy
54 Drew Russell RRHOMES.COM
55 Robert Vigeant Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
56 Spencer Bushnell Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
57 Dan Vrijmoet SLOCUM Rebound Racing
58 Casey Patton Unattached
59 James Bender Beaverton Bicycle Club
60 Mindy Simmons Hammer Velo
61 Mark Gyulafia Guinness Cycling Team
62 Scott Wagnon Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
63 Mindy Simmons Hammer Velo
64 Christopher Dubois Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
65 Tim Coffey Rapha Racing
66 Lawson Craddock Hot Tubes

Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kurt Haas Capitol Velo p/b Lifesource
2 Kyle Brown Team Bike Tires Direct
3 Daniel Penner Unattached
4 Richard Ensworth Sunset Cycles
5 Aaron Leritz Team S+M
6 Tony Dirks Mountain View Cycles
7 Anna Christiansen Ironclad Performance Wear
8 David Masuda Team Bike Tires Direct
9 Kyle Bush Beaverton Bicycle Club
10 Cliff Thompson Beaverton Bicycle Club
11 Jesse Finch gnehm Capitol Velo p/b Lifesource
12 Alex Wentz Pilots Cycling
13 Lincoln Wettenhall Hammer Velo
14 Lance Nelson Unattached
15 Chris Deardorff BRIHOP
16 Dave Aldersebaes Ironclad Performance Wear
17 Brian Schiller Guinness Cycling Team
18 Nick Blacklock Team Bike Tires Direct
19 Christian Deaton Unattached
20 Larry Hiday Liberty Cycle
21 John Siwinski Unattached
22 Andrew Hayes Mountain View Cycles
23 Alexander Birman Beaverton Bicycle Club
24 Brianna Walle Ironclad Performance Wear
25 Joe Rozanek Unattached
26 Tony Curtis Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
27 James Ramey
28 Nathan Pesacretta
29 Chad Smeltzer Team Bike Tires Direct
30 David Smith Showers Pass
31 Jeff Laviolette Unattached
32 Ted Gresh Portland Velo
33 Kevin Williams Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
34 Matthew Rider Team Bike Tires Direct
35 Anna Clark Ironclad Performance Wear
36 Greg Sanders Ironclad Performance Wear
37 Mary Ross NoMad Sports Club
38 Joe Cipale North River Racing
39 John Forbes BRIHOP

Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bradley Whetstone
2 Mike Selinger Unattached
3 Matthew Rider Team Bike Tires Direct
4 Jack Rising Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
5 Grant Mcelroy Beaverton Bicycle Club
6 Kelly Cumiskey Unattached
7 Matthew Studer
8 Evan Koenig Pilots Cycling
9 Joe Rozanek Unattached
10 Christopher Kessler Ruckus Test Team
11 Matteri Chris Middlebury College
12 Nathan Briggs Team Bike Tires Direct
13 Jesse Trigg Unattached
14 Ian Mastenbrook
15 Eric Meier Unattached
16 Prettyman Walker Beaverton Bicycle Club
17 Seth Daniels BRIHOP
18 James Webb Beaverton Bicycle Club
19 Mark Armstrong
20 Emerson Webb Beaverton Bicycle Club
21 Duane Nelson Close2myart
22 Austin Alling Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
23 Kevin Williams Team Oregon presented by Laurelwood Brewing
24 Scott Mcknight Team Bike Tires Direct